Written by Graham

26 Jun 2018

I had arranged to meet Averil in the secret garden during a party at my friend's large country house. I arrived in the garden at the appointed time and found her there waiting for me.

She smiled, stood and came over to me. She flung her arm around my neck and began kissing me. I cupped her small breast with one hand and began to squeeze her nipple through the thin cotton of her dress.

I heard her groan through her kiss and felt her grind her pelvis against my rising cock. I slipped my hand downwards and lifted the hem of her skirt and ran my hand up her thigh. Her panties were already wet with her juices. I slipped them to one side and ran my finger between her labia and found her clitoris. It hardened to my touch and Averil groaned once more and I felt her shake to a climax, warm juices ran from her cunt.

She broke the kiss and pulled away from me. She lifted her skirt and slid off her panties and showed me her reddened juicy cunt.

I dropped my trousers and bent her over an iron table. She squealed as I slid my rock hard cock into her warm velvety wetness. I rode her hard and we both climaxed together.

I stood back and watdhed our love juices run from her. She stood, took some tissues from handbag cleaned herself up, replaced her panties, gave me a quick kiss and left. Not a word was spoken between us the whole time.

Next time it's in her bed as her husband will be away. I can hardly wait for the next six days to pass.