Written by A girl

25 Jan 2018

I’ve been in a relationship with my bloke for a year now he’s heavily in to swinging and has introduced me to it. I was taken to a club for the first time at the weekend not knowing what to expect . We entreated a room with a window for others to watch he stripped me off and ordered me on the bed. He took out some ties from his pocket and tied my hands something he had never done before but kind of excited me as I lay there wondering he stroked my body. With no warning he leaned over and sucked my nipple pulling back drawing his teeth into my breast his hand gripping my other nipple like a vice a squealed in pain but he took no notice and bit down harder he told me he was going to show me what he wants not our normal boring sex I was stunned to silence by this. His hand wandered to my Pusey forcing my legs open and his rough fingers into my clit jabbing at me as I cried in pain he told me to shut up and behave I was going to be taught how to behave. His fingers roughly rubbing at my clit and slipping 2 fingers inside he kissed my lips and moved himself between my legs. He licked my clit and then sucked it hard as he slipped 2 fingers inside he started to suck and chew my clit his teeth dragging my skin he was chewing at me like a peice of meat and I started to enjoy this more and more. He could see this was exciting me and pulled back my clit still in his teeth he let go and reached in his pocked for some gel with the words get ready to be my bitch. He dribbled the gel over my pussy it was a cold feeling and then his fingers started to work my pussy harder and harder until his hand slipped inside and I let out a scream of pain once more I was told to shut up and behave. He looked towards the window and then opened the door letting 2 men inside he spoke to them and they then took up positions on either side of me and quickly started sucking my breasts he told them to bite me and they did as he went back to my pussy forcing his hand back inside. As they held my legs to stop me closing them my partners hald thrusting in to my vagina faster and faster for the first time I squirted and my partner let go inviting the 2 men to have a go as he stood back. Eagerly the first guy took the position between my legs and tasted my juices his soft tongue licked my swollen clit he then started to fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before this went on for 15 or so min until he came then the other took up his turn his cock eagerly waiting to enter my pussy. The second guy fucked and fucked my pussy getting very sore but carried on almost an hour passed before he finished my pussy acheing from the 2 guys. I looked at my partner and asked is this what you wanted as he looked at me he said nothing opening the door and inviting a young lady in he kissed her so gentle and soft and carefully caressed her body like I wanted him to do to me. He gently laid her down and passionately kissed her stoking her body he went down between her legs her moans of delight as he gently licked her. After a few minutes I spoke as by now I was upset listening to her moans of delight I was told to shut up. He started to fuck her he looked over at me telling me how tight her pussy was and how much better it felt then mine I shouted this wasn’t what we agreed he laughed and carried on until he came. He helped her up kissed her gently and said thank you as she went down and started to lick his cock clean then he uttered her name and told her he was in love with her as she stood back up they kissed once more and she left the room. He then looked at me with tears running down my face and told me to shut up and stop being selfish I was just a cheap fuck was the words that he uttered and untied my hands. He then left the room as the girl was waiting for him leaving me alone to redress and heartbroken he has no idea how much he hurt me that day and doesn’t care either. Shortly after we left the club as I had no way to get home not a word was spoken to me but he messaged the other girl inviting her to our house ....