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  • By Refined Guy 16 Aug 2017 19:10
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I arrived at my meeting in the City, I love the city. The buildings, the prestige and being in the insurance industry, its the home of Lloyds.

I went to the reception desk and signed in waiting for 'Katy'. I was nervous about my meeting with her, this was a to secure a massive deal I needed to make sure I was on the ball.

I had never seen Katy, I was expecting to meet your typical insurance person, in short boring. We had spoken on the ph… Read more...

  • By Lizandrich 16 Aug 2017 17:32
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This is a true account with a little bit of imagination added.

We all went down to Cornwall for a weeks holiday in a lodge on a well known resort park.

I could only stay for four days as I needed to return to work on the Wednesday. Well the week was good and lots of fun was had by the whole family, Wednesday came and I needed to leave & that's when the real fun began...

Thursday afternoon Liz rang me and said the washing machine was le… Read more...

We had arranged to meet in a bar in a town in New Zealand,had chatted and exchanged pics,however until their is a connection no one knows re a spark.All went to plan the couple liked me and I found them attractive,with the lady having a sexy voluptuous body.Back at the house,she went and changed into something more "comfortable".Soon she was sitting in between us,both of us guys had our hands down feeling her full tits,we then went to the bedroom… Read more...

So I get a call from my boss asking me to help J with a customer demo, J worked in the north so she arranged a hotel for me, I checked in early and she joined me for coffee before the demo.
When she turned up, she looked fucking amazing, shoulder length blond hair, the biggest blue eyes, white blouse, a hint a lace bra and a knee length shirt, spit up the front, it was hard keeping my eyes on her face when we were sat talking.

The demo went w…

  • By Peter 16 Aug 2017 02:39
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Those of you who visit this site often will have read of previous occasions where my wife has confessed to having had sex whilst I was working away. This time was no different.
As usual, after being away for sometime, ten weeks in fact, we had sex straight away when I came home, and, as usual as we lay quietly naked on the bed I would ask her about how she had been fucked and by how many men when I was away. I would lay beside her naked body st… Read more...

  • By Tuttlebeck 15 Aug 2017 22:34
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I had a week's work to do in February renovating the heating in an old house in mid Wales.
I cracked on and finished it by the Thursday afternoon so after having a late lunch in the pub where I stayed I set off to drive back to Birmingham. It was raining hard and just starting to get dark.
I'd only gone about 10 miles when I came across a guy flagging me down at the roadside. There was hardly another car on the road so I stopped to see what he … Read more...


It was our first visit to an adult party, something we’d not tried before. I dressed in a very see-through dress and felt a bit self conscious to be honest. I was wearing crotchless panties and was aware if I bent over people would get an eyeful! The other ladies were very sexily dressed too and it really turned me on. Touring the house party, I was so happy to find out there was a good sized pool and two hot tubs.

I love swimming naked, th…

  • By Lisa 15 Aug 2017 18:21
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Hi Lisa here again.

So, here is my second flashing story.

Sometime after Frank and his 'lovely' wife moved to the south to spend time with their children and grandchildren I decided that I had been a good girl for far too long and reverted back to my slutty self of a few years ago. My husband Paul is an accountant and although he is a great provider, he is so incredibly boring in the bedroom so some extra marital sex was definitely on the c… Read more...

  • By Fitness instructor 15 Aug 2017 18:03
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I want to write about an experience I had a few years ago when I was at university.
I was studying at for a degree in sports sciences which meant I had to do my last year at Plymouth University. Luckily several of people on the course had to do the same year at Plymouth so we decided to rent a house. In all there were five of us, three girls and two lads.
It was just a normal house share, nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of nights out in bet… Read more...

  • By Petros 15 Aug 2017 14:25
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Mari and I have been together for 10 years last Monday and married for almost 3 of those. We had a fantastic day on Monday. It started off early in the morning, with me licking her amazing cunt to orgasm. Then she sucked me off, sucking me hard and squeezing my balls so I didn’t come too quickly. After that we 69’d and both came together. She squirted and I filled her mouth with creamy, white spunk. We kissed and cuddled for a while and both … Read more...

  • By Lisa 15 Aug 2017 14:00
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My husband has always wanted me to have a mfm now don't get me wrong I like cock but I don't want him watching me with a big one. So I said only if it was a bi mfm thinking it will put him off and he said yes straight away, plus he is always trying to stick it up my bum. Some ground rules had to be set one he would be tied up and gagged with one of those that forces your mouth open so things can be inserted. Also what I said went end of and he ha… Read more...

  • By Lisa 15 Aug 2017 08:24
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Hi I'm Lisa.

I am 43 and I'm married with two teenage children and I would like to share my secret life with you all.

I stand at 5ft 7 tall and am a size 12 with 34 b boobs and a nice figure even if I say so myself. I have shoulder length dark brown straight hair.

This all started when I was about 18. We lived in a village in Cheshire. My bedroom was at the front of the house while my mum and dad slept at the back. One night I was in my … Read more...

"Get in the car now" my husband orders. I do as I'm told for once, after all he is in complete control and I love it.
We drive to a very nice hotel we have booked especially, choosing it carefully making sure it is just perfect. Chatting on the way about how excited we are about our night away together.
We can hardly keep our hands off each other as we check in and make our way to the room but we have agreed to save ourselves for later, the sex… Read more...

  • By gary 14 Aug 2017 15:22
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pat phoned me with the propostion of working for her,basically shagging her friends for 50 pounds a time,i said could I see her to talk it through,she said pop over,she took me straight up stairs and had her red lips sliding up and down my throbbing cock,licking and sucking my balls I have never been so hard,she then sits on my cock and is bouncing up and down on it with the energy of a 20 year old her massive tits swinging all over the place,ev… Read more...

  • By partyanimal 14 Aug 2017 14:04
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My wife and I went to a party in Town where i met up with a few old friends I had not seen for years while my other half mixed with her crowd of friends. It was a fiftieth party and a lot of booze was slosshing around. the music was far too loud for the room and with my ears buzzing I sought a sanctuary outside in the cooler evening air. Several others had the same idea as me and while we were still in range of the ludicrously loud banging of … Read more...

  • By macd 14 Aug 2017 11:12
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A few years ago my wife had an affair with a guy she worked with who was half her age she was 50 at the time. Our sex life had been good up to then but when I found out what was going on I lost interest.

That was when I turned to seeking like minded guys and at first it was just wanking and cock play it then developed into sucking cock although I could never swallow, any rate this went on for a few years as meetings where far and few between.… Read more...

  • By Andyduke 14 Aug 2017 10:41
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This my first attempt at telling anyone about my sexploits, its starts slowly and its going to take some time, I will see what the reaction to part one is before I continue:

What I am going to write is true as far as my memory allows .

I am now in my 60,s, I was bought up in a house full of women and girls, five sisters and a mom that knew she was lovely a was not afraid to flaunt it, as a teenager my mates were always around my house.

I…

Up until now Emily has been a relative bystander, observing and instructing her toys for her own twisted pleasure. This was all about to change.

Alan and Lydia had finished playing for the moment and had caught the tail end of my fucking of Sue. We were all taking a breather, Emily prepared us drinks and switched on their tv (the electric type!!), volume down so that we could all enjoy music whilst chilling. She'd prepared the evening well … Read more...

  • By jack 13 Aug 2017 20:56
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Just back from our first cruise, we didn't know what to expect but things went great, most people were middle aged, which suited us fine.
It was great to see women dressed of an evening, not the scruffy girls you see now days, in ripped jeans and track suits. We shared a table with other couples and all got on fine, after a couple of evenings we all felt very mellow with each other, could be the drink, we only saw each other at dinner which seem… Read more...

  • By Charli Sue 13 Aug 2017 19:59
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Before i start a bit about me , im 32 , a size 10/12 and ive been engaged for 18months , ive only had 5 intimate lovers in my life and if i put my hand on my heart i would say my sex life is some what in the "vanilla" group dont get me wrong i like sex but at my own pace , once im in the mood "its fun time charli" anyway i have a story or should i say a situation that happened to me which i would like to share.
Here we go .......last Friday ni…

  • By Dare 13 Aug 2017 19:59
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So there was my wife, showing off her mound to our friend. Was such a horn sight. I made sure that they heard me returning and when I got back it was as before, except Dave had a big grin on his face and karen was now sat so that he could see up the bottom of her t-shirt.
A little while later we all went to bed, sadly our separate ones. Before going up Karen tidied around, bending over so that her arse was seen by us. She has what I think of as… Read more...

  • By gary 13 Aug 2017 17:35
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I was 18 years old and a virgin a few girlfriends ,kissing but no further as I had no confidence at all. and then while waiting for a bus home a car pulled up and pat the old slapper [my dads words]and asked if wanted a lift home ,well I'm in the car and her large tits are straining to keep in her top and a large expanse of stockings on show,and she said I have had my eye on you for a while,and could I pop round to do a few jobs for her this eve… Read more...

When I woke up I was shocked as I remembered having sex with Emma my sister in law and as she came out of the bathroom I hurried in and had a shower then the door opened and Emma came in naked and got in the shower with me and her hands were all over me and then her fingers entered me and I returned the compliment as gyrated against each other she was nibbling neck and I was soon having a massive orgasm as she started screaming in ecstasy as she… Read more...

  • By Basher 13 Aug 2017 13:48
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Thanks for all the comments, especially Kennyboy (my hero!). I promise I will PM soon - just dealing with rather a lot of summer holiday logistics and moments of privacy are hard to come by.

For now, this is what happened next...

I lay back in the chair, gasping slightly after the most intense cum I can ever remember. My cock was pulsing hard even after pumping out six healthy ropes of spunk. On the screen I saw Doug smile.
"That looked…

My wife and I had been invited to one of her friends birthday party at her house. I had never met this friend so to start with wasn't sure if I wanted to go concerned I wouldn't really know anyone. Anyway I agreed and we headed off to town for a bite to eat and a few drinks before setting off to the house party. We arrived at the party just after 8pm and my wife knocked on the door, which was soon answered I had presumed by her friend after the i… Read more...

  • By peter 13 Aug 2017 10:16
  • Gay

im a guy who's 50 and like a bit of cock fun,my first time was with my landlord who was gay, i was looking for a room to rent in london, when a advert on a shop window said from to let, i phoned the number and arranged to see it that night, i was 25 at the time and nervous in london having ccome from the west country, i was met by mark, he was 60 and tall, he showed me the room and his house, after a cup of coffeei agreed to move in on the satur… Read more...

  • By all3somefun 13 Aug 2017 04:08
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just had to say thanks to these guys sorry cant remember names but after our previous wasted time at thetford had to let people know my faith in the male population is fully restored.
backtrack to earlier this week, got chatting with a guy on another site who wanted to fuck the mrs. I told him that I wanted 2 guys and did he have a likeminded m8 he could share with. he said yes and I agreed on the meet, then tonight around 30minutes before the m… Read more...

  • By Creampie Cuck 13 Aug 2017 03:32
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I picked Michelle up of this morning to discover her pussy full of cum and her still pissed from the night before.
She had gone out on Friday for the monthly girls night out stopping at her friends house who had arranged a surprise for them. The surprise was for two guys to stop at the house and provide service for the five w The two guys were friends of Leeanne whom we bad played with before.
As it turned out of the five women who had arrange… Read more...

  • By Badboibuilder 12 Aug 2017 16:48
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Another site and Another day
there she was leaning over a disused washing machine with her round firm arse facing me I couldn't resist so I came up behind her and pressed my hardening cock up against her, I slipped my hand down into her joggers and instead of pushing me away she loosened them so I slipped my hand into her pantys down to her all ready dripping wet pussy so I pulled her joggers down to her knees and slipped two fingers deep inside… Read more...

  • By HornyCpl 12 Aug 2017 15:14
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We recently were on holiday in France visiting the vineyards of Burgundy. It was middle of the afternoon one day after a two hour lunch and on our way to the last vineyard that day when my wife began stroking my leg as I drove. I love it when she initiates it and I was sure that's what this was when her fingers brushed against the cloth covering my rising cock. I saw a narrow country lane off to my right that looked like it went near a copse of w… Read more...