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  • By Dee aka Nancy 18 Jun 2017 22:07
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Well, well, well, Man No. 2 has been back in touch after a few months of absence! The heatwave making him extremely randy. He had a knee op and is now fully recovered. I'm toying with him as I have been pretty busy. Man No.5 has also been in touch again - seeing him on Friday for another lesson!

Met Man No. 9 on this site as well, this site has been very productive for me. Mmmmmmm. We chatted on K I K for a while and arranged to meet i… Read more...

  • By Steve 18 Jun 2017 14:29
  • Fact

I had arranged to meet Another Steve for a massage

We went into the massage room and he invited me to undress and lay on the massage bed

He dropped his boxers and took some oil and started to massage my back and legs and then poured some oil down the crack in my bum

I felt the oil run down the crack and onto my balls.

He pushed my legs apart and started to stroke y balls

I could feel his body close to me and I reached out adn took … Read more...

If you are looking for a quick read, this isn't it... this is 100% based on the true accounts of our week in the Canary Islands that is just coming to an end. A name of two has been changed to protect the guilty.

We are a young at heart couple in our mid 40's, Tasha is 5ft tall, brown eyes, short trendy hair, slim, gorgeous legs and size c bra. I (Dave) stand 6ft, average build with short dark hair and blue eyes. We have been married for 15… Read more...

  • By Jo Jack 18 Jun 2017 08:28
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Jo & I had known each other for a few years, me knowing her as a couple with her now ex hubby, we soon start fuckin not long after she found out he had been cheating on her, forward a few months of none stop fucking and we were getting more & more adventurous . This particular night we had a drive out to a pub called the Bell in st Nicholas. As we walked in we found a bar full of just men. Jo was dressed in a very short black strappy dress. She i… Read more...

One night I come home from work to find my wife in our bed with the housekeeper! To my surprise I was shocked at first but kinda turned on by it. I didn't let them know I seen them I found myself reaching into my trousers and started to rub my cock! My wife was lying on her back and this dirty little house made had her toungue deep in my wife's sexy cunt she was loving it! I've never heard her scream so much in the time I've knowing her! Buy this… Read more...

  • By LIsa Longlegs 17 Jun 2017 16:23
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This is a diary I intend to keep, recording all the fun that I have had over the past year. at the moment I'm bringing it up to date, as I have been a bad girl and not done it till now which is the middle of June.

Early January, my first date of the year, I am meeting someone new, a chap I have met on this site swinging Heaven. He has very kindly invited me to his house telling me that I can arrive dressed, this I like.

I arrived mi…


‘Yet another day in the office with nothing but boring orders’ thought Jen as she tapped on the keyboard.
‘I wonder if I can prise Hubby away from the computer to do something else for a change when I get home.’
Jen’s mind wandered and her gaze swept over the office. Not even a chance of flirting with anyone here. Alan in accounts looked like cobwebs would grow on him and the new kid in the post room was so wet behind the ears it look… Read more...

  • By Olivia 17 Jun 2017 14:17
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My name is Olivia, I am 38 years of age, 5’ 7” tall with medium length brown hair, 32B bust and a fairly trim figure, the result of plenty of time spent in the gym. I am married to Mike, who is 5’ 11”, a bit overweight but he has a busy job in the city, so doesn’t have the time for the gym that I do. Mike works in insurance, a fairly senior position, so I guess he earns a lot of money. We live in Surrey, where we have a lovely house, an… Read more...

  • By steve 16 Jun 2017 16:50
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This was our first time swapping. Four of us were in Lanzarote on holiday together, in a bar with music n a small dance floor .Rich is fondling my wife Liz's bum just a bit too much and I think 'cheeky bastard' double standards I know cos I'm doing the same to his Jane! The music changes and we resume 'normal' dancing no harm done. Then a gang of pissed up late teens come in and the music changes to more modern stuff. We leave and head home … Read more...

  • By Annon 16 Jun 2017 15:27
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I’m going to write this with made up names because my wife would leave me if she knew I was telling the world about what she gets up to. I am 39 and my wife ‘Helen’ is 37. We have been married for 11 years and in the past dabbled in soft swinging and by that, I mean on two or three occasions when we lived in our first house we had neighbours who we got ‘friendly’ with and after a few glasses of wine there was some touching and Hele… Read more...

I have to travel round the country on business quite a lot and frequently use hotels of all shapes and sizes; from small guesthouses to plush five star hotels.
Nothing prepared me for what happened at a small hotel that I stayed at near Biggin Hill in Kent.

I’d had a very long day meeting clients trying to get some more business for my company and having some success.
All that I wanted at the end of the day was a decent meal a glass or tw… Read more...

  • By Dee aka Nancy 16 Jun 2017 10:40
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Well All, I do like to receive comments about my stories - shame there aren't that many! Right onto Man No. 8.

Now this Man is lovely. He is married, but doesn't get any action at home and has needs. I used to think was it morally wrong to have fun with a Married Man, but that was if I was hoping for a relationship and entice them to leave their wife. But as I am only in it for fun, I see no harm in it as there are no expectations as I am … Read more...

  • By RandyCpl 16 Jun 2017 06:45
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A few years after the Bhopal disaster of 1984, I was beginning a three year posting to my company's chemical works in India and, of course, had my wife with me. We were both in our late 30s and childless. My wife is a true romantic, always seeing the adventure and romance in situations, and she told me living in India for three years would be for her the epitome of romance. Being so enthusiastic about our coming adventure, she one night in bed de… Read more...

  • By Tim ever hopeful 16 Jun 2017 02:08
  • Fact

For anyone hasn’t read part 1, my wife Rachelle is being fucked by a boyfriend from the past. I give them space and then return when he leaves as he won’t be part of a threesome which is what I want. I mean I really want it, to be part of the team giving her pleasure and seeing her reaction. Neither my wife or myself have ever had a threesome. I know she wants that as well but she is having too much fun with him and begs me to let it conti… Read more...

  • By sue 15 Jun 2017 20:07
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because it was hot I last week I decided to go out for a few drinks while my husband was at work , because it was hot I had worn a short dress , not to short, about 4 " above the knee , even though I am in my 40s I still look quite good . I ended up in a pub we always go in , it was quiet and later an old man we know called terry came in , he is a big man in his 70s , he sat with me and before I knew it , it was gone 9 oclock and I had drunk a … Read more...

  • By JohnB 15 Jun 2017 19:31
  • Gay

I have established myself as a decent and fun wank buddy (see room share and group wank).

The footie lads were all heading to the lakes for one of the gang's stag weekend and we had booked a bunk barn for the weekend. The cars were loaded with beer and as planned we set off Friday lunchtime and arrived at about 5 ish.
The sun was still shining and we were right next to a river. One of thre lads got the beers and preceded to strip to take a … Read more...

  • By Claire 15 Jun 2017 15:43
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Once at the car sam's sister ( who I forgot to name is ang blonde hair with massive breasts) husband Tom said he'll go back into the club and get Charlie and Gary and get a cab home. Sam only lives 5 minutes drive from the club and on the way back I was apologising for my behaviour and she must think I'm a right slut. To which she replied yes you are a slut but no more than I am. And she said her and Tom had been swinging for when we g… Read more...

  • By Lucky man 15 Jun 2017 12:14
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I work from home a few days a week writing reports after assessing local building sites.
My next door neighbor is an elderly woman, lost her husband a few years ago, so I help out with her garden and any tax finance issues. She is a lovely lady, but recently she has been having trouble looking after her more personal needs.
I siggested she gets some day care as she can afford it, as I felt that she could stop worrying about getting dressed and… Read more...

  • By Tim ever hopeful 15 Jun 2017 04:59
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Been married for 10 years to Rachelle and have always been at her to have a threesome. Yes, another man with her and me. I know that means letting my wife fuck someone else but I am very ok with that. I have never had a threesome and I think it would be very cool and satisfying for both my wife and me. Also, she never has had one either.

Anyway about 3 years ago, Rachelle who works in the computer marketing field attended a 4 day course in a… Read more...

  • By Claire 15 Jun 2017 01:03
  • Fact

This is a follow on from my last post when I had fun with my friend. Sam had invited me and Charlie round for some more fun. I had spent the day soaking wet thinking about what was going to happen and this time Charlie would be there to. I decided to wear a very tight and very revealing red dress with no underwear and that showed my breasts off to the point that it really wasn't worth wearing. While waiting till it was time to go I had gone throu… Read more...

  • By JohnB 14 Jun 2017 23:15
  • Gay

After a night out with some colleagues and footie buddies four of us who were staying over at a hotel ended up in a Greek restaurant for more beers and something to eat. Whilst we were there a lively hen party came in and seemed settled for a good night.
Shortly afterwards to waiter approached and asked if we wanted to move tables as a male stripper was soon to arrive and perform. We said it was fine and settled down to watch what happened.
T…

  • By Dee aka Nancy 14 Jun 2017 16:25
  • Fact

Now I know some people prefer to have names rather than initials etc, but some of my harem have the same name and I would then get confused - especially if I changed them so Numbers it is.

Well Man No. 7 is a horny fuck. He's 41, tall, dark and actually gorgeous and fit. He's the first with a hairy chest I have had (everywhere else, not hairy!).

We met in a pub for a drink - he likes to get to know his fuck buddies - he made that clear… Read more...

  • By Marcgrec 14 Jun 2017 15:52
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This is our very first time back in 2001!

It was Friday night and our friend Charlie had come round for a drink or 2. Tracey and I had sat talking with him until late. We teased Charlie about some pics he has shown us dressed in a body stocking. He asked us what we had to hide, when we told him nothing he didn’t believe us. We said we looked at the web sometimes but nothing much. We then got onto the web and c showed us some free sites but… Read more...

  • By Ael 14 Jun 2017 00:57
  • Gay

Surprise Visit

It was a dreich day as I arrived in Edinburgh. I had planned a few places to visit, but found that the entrance fee was half of what they were asking if you booked online.
So change of plan. Jump on the first bus that comes along and go with the flow. The bus finally arrived at the bottom of Leith Walk after negotiating a myriad of road works.

I decided to walk back up the “Walk”, all the way back up to Princes Street… Read more...

  • By Trainer 13 Jun 2017 20:38
  • Fact

It has been a few weeks now, Pat, my landlady and I have settled into a very sexy relationship. I am married and my wife and I have as active a sex life as we can, given her disablement and Pat has moved on to explore new paths with some new male friends, but we still have sex together two or three nights a week.
Anyway, I was just leaving work the other evening, when my phone rang I didn’t recognise the number, but answered it. “It that J?… Read more...

  • By Skiddaw 13 Jun 2017 19:56
  • Fact

Some of you may have read ‘H & S fucked my wife’ that I posted on here a few days ago.
My wife read it after I showed her the post and she suggested I add the full story with names rather than initials. She also told me that I had missed out one part of her story and it was one I never knew about until now. She has now told me the missing part some 37 years after it had happened.
I have now revised and added to the story under her guidance… Read more...

  • By Countrylad81 13 Jun 2017 18:46
  • Fiction

Author's note: 'I'd really love some feedback on both new and old stories. Please leave comments to help guide my future writing. I know some of them are long but I'm really proud of them.'

This is the follow up to my story 'My hospital stay' So far we have gotten through Monday and Tuesday.

Stephen's mind was still buzzing after Nina helping him shower yesterday. He'd been thinking about it all day and it still put butterflies in his sto… Read more...

  • By Dee aka Nancy 13 Jun 2017 13:47
  • Fact

I have mentioned this man before in my 'Mr Aqualibra' by Dee story so I won't repeat what I wrote in that one but have to write this so the order is maintained.

This is going to be quite a boring story but I believe it necessary to add as I have another 4 Men to add and potentially another 2.

I have met Man No 6. 3 times now on a one to one basis, I felt that as I explained before I had never had sex with anyone older than myself and after… Read more...

  • By Marcgrec 13 Jun 2017 12:46
  • Fact

This is a story about my wife Tracey with one of her adventures a few years ago. We were on this site and advertised for a man to basically meet my wife and fuck her we had several responses and after seeing the photos we went for one man who lived in Surrey it was arranged that I would meet him to vet him and taking some photos of my wife for him to see.
I met him for a drink in a pub on a Wednesday evening and we got on fine and we lay down … Read more...

  • By Marcgrec 13 Jun 2017 12:03
  • Fact

This is a true story that happened in the summer of 2009 and is one of our happy memories. Just the names are changed!

I was painting the gate one Sunday while my wife Tracy was potting some plants and generally tidying up. Our neighbour Tony popped his head over the gate asking if we fancied a glass of wine, silly question! We then got around the outside table drinking and chatting and as always got onto sex. Tony said he hadn’t had sex for… Read more...