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  • By Mrs 17 Feb 2017 20:41
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A few years ago as a married women I had planned to babysit for my sisters children. I arranged with my lover to meet me there once the children were asleep. Just before I was about to leave home my lover text me and said he'd love to meet me full of my husbands cum. I thought what the hell sounds like fun so laying on the bed with my dress up round my waist I called my husband up and told him to fuck me. After a quick hard fuck he shot his load … Read more...

  • By Luckyhubby1 17 Feb 2017 19:48
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This is a true account of our first encounter with 3rd party involvement. One evening in August last year I told my wife to 'go shopping' on here and find a male to spend an enjoyable evening with. I had a sleep after a few glasses of wine to be told on awakening that she'd found one and had arranged a meet.
A few weeks later we found ourselves at Wetherby services at the Inn having booked a room for the night to make the most of it. We had a c… Read more...

  • By Janet 17 Feb 2017 18:58
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To carry from garden fuck. I had just showered ,I had a blouse on,I don't wear a bra ,skirt and stockings . The door bell rang,it was my husbands friend ,l let him in we went into the kitchen ,he said I can't stop thinking about what happened,and said it was the first time he had ever put his cock up a bottom ,and said sorry I cum so quickly,He said I have never felt so horny I told him it was my first time,I told him I have never had an orgasm … Read more...

  • By kim 17 Feb 2017 17:52
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after 3 weeks of glorious sex with the well hung lad from homebase im afraid he went on to younger girls after me showing him the ropes,jimmy is in australia so i was a bit frustrated until the day i went to check jimmys house,as the decorators were in painting the downstairs colin i knew was the boss and a very dishy man of about 40 and flirted with him straight away and joking with him and asking what i could do for him,he laughed and said … Read more...

  • By Madge and Rod 17 Feb 2017 17:00
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We have been asked more than a few times to divulge the juicy details in a holiday picture we posted a year or so ago on SH: Madge naked on a beach with two guys all having fun, so we have agreed it’s about that time we explained ourselves re this sordid tale!
First a little about us, the authors, We are a couple, be together over 30 years, expanding our sexual horizons to include others for maybe the last 15 years, and it’s still nice wor… Read more...

  • By Samantha 17 Feb 2017 13:48
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I got married at the beginning of September last year and was a virgin on my wedding night. But things were almost very different on my Hen Weekend in Benidorm in June. I arrived with my 7 friends and went out for a few drinks after arriving at 11.30pm on Friday night. I was very nieve as far as anything sexual with the opposite sex went . I am 5'92 tall sixe 6 with a bust of 32 A and have natural blonde hair. with a lot of help from a wonder br… Read more...

  • By Robbi 17 Feb 2017 07:32
  • Gay

So there is was, alone in a gay bar in Leeds after a day/night out with my straight friends, I knew what I wanted to happen but didn't think it would. They rung me, and eventually turned up, " come on let's get out of here" said one friend, " ok, two mins" I said. With that he came out of nowhere, I was smoking and he cornered me." Your my type" I started to feel turned on, " I can't do anything, my mates are here and we're leaving soon", I wante… Read more...

  • By Cumchops 17 Feb 2017 01:45
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A quick recount of me enjoying licking out my wife's cum filled pussy.
We enjoy our Thursday nights out, the wife has lots to drink and flirts like mad in a club of our choice. I enjoy a few beers not too much enough that I am unable to appreciate watching her get fucked but not too much that I can't help fill her cum filled pussy with some more.
Tonight we drove to a town not too far away but far enough so we did not bump into anyone we knew o… Read more...

  • By ITslut 16 Feb 2017 22:57
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I'm enjoying the best sex sessions since my divorce 3 years ago . Had a terrible experience and since then set up a small marketing company. To keep costs low, hired a young apprentice to assist with social media. After many interviews chose 18yrs old , 6ft 1 , muscular fit hunk . To be honest orgasmed myself many times thinking of him fucking me in all positions. Could not wait for him to arrive each morning. Started to dress more slutty , showi… Read more...

  • By Ivan 16 Feb 2017 22:07
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My partner Jayne, worked in beauty salon owned by this black guy with dreadlocks and his girlfriend, she said how it was clear how he fancied her from first day, she had the hots for him also so it was inevitable what was going to happen soon.
Only having worked there for a week, he called by one night at her home, and that was the start of her long affair with him fucking her
She told me how he had huge cock, that she found painful initially b… Read more...

  • By sherry popper 16 Feb 2017 20:56
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As I sit in this pre spring chill, my mind has reverted to the beauty of the sun on your back and the freedom of fucking in the great outdoors. My wife Liz and I have long enjoyed the unpredictability of being outside and in danger of being caught by someone. We were in France on holiday and had been getting nicely mellow through drink when I suggested we took an evening stroll to the beach. Her nod of approval was all we needed and we made ou… Read more...

Helen and I are a 55year old ordinary couple who've been married for over 30 years.

We had a week's all inclusive in Tenerife. By the fourth day we were really relaxed and shared a dinner table with a couple about ten years older than us. He was tall and quite distinguished looking she was short and fat. Both were retired teachers and a lot of fun.

We got on really well, watched the evening entertainment together and had a few drinks. … Read more...

  • By Max 16 Feb 2017 17:17
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This goes back to the mid 1980s, the days before digital photography.

I had just gained promotion and my company wanted me to move north from what we called then the Home Counties. My wife who was 28 would have to find a new job, this was not an easy time for employment, when is!! After a couple of months of having no joy we were out to dinner with some friends we had made when the subject came up and how we were looking at all options. Nath… Read more...

  • By Dug 16 Feb 2017 16:35
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It was late afternoon when I got home I went in the back door to find Alan there n the kitchen with Sue my wife he sat at the table and Sue was in the kitchen, he smiled saying how are you, I replied okay and you, I said I didn't think you was here today, he said no it's not one of my normal days I had to go out and thought I would pop round and see Sue and keep her company for the afternoon

He then said is that the time I had better be go… Read more...

  • By petewest00 16 Feb 2017 12:35
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My wife Sara and I have recently moved in to a small close with about 8 or so other houses in the road , we have become the talk of the place as all the other residents are all in their late 50,s thru to their 80,s , a Neighbour told me all the Men in the close had ,had their eyes opened watching Sara working out in the garden or walking up and down the road.
While we have been in our house we have been deciding on some… Read more...

  • By Janet 16 Feb 2017 11:17
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Last summer I was sunbathing in the garden ,and my husband mate called in .i told him he gone to football .I gave him a glass of wine ,we chatted ,he was wearing shorts ,me in a bikini ,as he sat there I could see up he's shorts,and could see he's cock he was uncut ,I had never seen an uncut cock before my hubby is curcumcised ,after awhile he started to get a hard on ,and I could see the foreskin graduly roll back and the helmet appear ,it reall… Read more...

  • By alomost2017 16 Feb 2017 09:02
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This is the story of my wife and myselfs experiences in swinging and the gradual move into cuckoldry. Nothing to explicit yet but the syory is still evolving.
My now wife and I met at wotk. We were both in stormy relationships that petered out more or less the same time. We would work together and became close, eventually she asked me out as friends and soon we were a couple.
At the age of39 she was sexually naive which I loved. On one occasio… Read more...

  • By James 15 Feb 2017 21:03
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I’ve enjoyed watching my wife have sex with other men for years, and I’m extremely lucky that she enjoys it too. We have weekends away when we go to nice hotels and organise men to come and see to her. The day usually starts with clothes shopping for her, then we go back to the hotel in the afternoon, she’ll change in to the clothes we’ve bought and then the men call to see her in our room.

The clothes she buys are very important to … Read more...

  • By Kirsty 15 Feb 2017 10:19
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My husband and I get off on a story that I tell of when at university (keele) I was fucked by my married tutor. My husband loves the stories I tell of being fucked before we met and it helps with meeting new fucks now. We are back in 1993 and I was studying physics and economics. I had my fair share of one night fucks, I was a member of the CCF as well where I was part of the RAF so I often went to mess balls and ended up being fucked in my ball … Read more...

  • By Jed 15 Feb 2017 06:36
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Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days. We use them for everything.
My wife has a bull and they use the phone to keep me frustrated and my gut tirning somersaults.

When she is with him she will send photos of how she is dressed and stages of undress.
She will also send shots of alluring poses of herself that she sends to her Bull to get him fired up before a date night.

My wife’s Bull sent me this text early on in their relatio… Read more...

  • By Tom 14 Feb 2017 22:18
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I'd been away working abroad for a year or so and returned to my hometown. Some of my old pals were still there doing pretty much the same thing when I left, drinking and partying. I got back into the swing of things and we soon had our usual crew and every other weekend if not every weekend, there was a house party. These were far cheaper than the pub and we'd all chill with a smoke or a bit more. Parties could go on for days and days.

I'd g…

  • By Mark Jenkins 14 Feb 2017 19:16
  • Fact

So we moved into our new house about 2 months ago. There's me and the mrs kate plus my step daughter Ruby. When we first moved in our new neighbor Chris came and introduced himself. I could tell he was eyeing up Kate there and then, after all she is gorgeous 31 years old with beautiful brunette hair, nice pair shape breasts and a plump little ass. Chris is a gym guy and look super ripped, I was a little jealous as I do go to the gym 5 times a wee… Read more...

  • By Ray's alaugh 14 Feb 2017 14:47
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It had been a good year since work had sent me up to the Midlands so I hadn't had a chance to call Dee and see what was going on in her agency. I must admit that the Chertsey Girls had been keeping me busy so I wasn't too worried. However, a project we were working on in Stoke on Trent needed a visit to see how things were going, so I packed a bag for a few days and jumped in the car.

As I would be driving by Milton Keynes, where Dee's agency… Read more...

  • By Mr_Mick 14 Feb 2017 13:25
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We agreed to meet after a long period of inactivity. We had met before but that was really for me and another guy to enjoy ourselves.

This time it was just me and my host. As agreed, I was after my cock being wanked and sucked but what I really wanted was to have something up my virgin arse!

He welcomed me in and we quickly made our way to the spare room. I final confirmation of what I wanted and I was then naked. He placed a large amount o… Read more...

  • By AdamB 14 Feb 2017 01:31
  • Other

Just over a year ago I decided to hire a cleaner to come in a couple of times a week and give my house a clean. I placed an advert in the local paper and had several women respond, many were in their 40's and 50's, one of them stank severely. There was one who was in her mid to late 30's, she was pretty and had a nice figure. I asked her, as I did them all, why she wanted the job - her response was very honest and I felt a bit of pity for her. Sh… Read more...

  • By Dave 13 Feb 2017 20:51
  • Fact

Uni was like manna from heaven when it came to fucking. Looking back it wasn't that hard to pull. As long as you had decent chat and put in a bit of graft. Karen was one of the most memorable fucks I had there. She was best pals of a lass I was seeing on and off and we flirted nonstop. She was mixed race, big tits, curves, flat stomach and extremely good looking. Dark curly hair and brown eyes. I'd noticed her from the off but her pal was also … Read more...

  • By huggym 13 Feb 2017 20:44
  • Gay

I always look forward to visiting an adult cinema in Birmingham and my most recent visit had some delightful thrills. When I arrived it had been open about twenty minutes and a few fellows were there before me. Two rooms to choose from and not a lot happening. However when I saw that luscious Lola Taylor was starring in one of the films I settled down and watched her being given some hard treatment. Only one on one but she is utterly gorgeous a… Read more...

  • By Martin. 13 Feb 2017 19:42
  • Fact

A quick account of an incident that happened at home on Friday 10th of Feb at home , my wife was at Bannatynes gym in Werrington, so I decided to sit in the conservatory dressed only in my wife's tiny silk panties and watching porn knowing that she wouldn't be home for at least a couple of hours . I'm a secret crossdresser and bisexual although no one knows .
I was fully erect and totally fixated on the porn I was watching , wanking furiousl… Read more...

  • By SJ 13 Feb 2017 19:27
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It's been so long since we had anal sex I forgot how amazing it is. The last time was 7-8 years ago and then life got in the way and although we have always had great sex, anal was not on the table. HB respected that until last week.
Hearing how life had got shit for a close friend due to their relationship not having enough sex in it, I decided to make sure that didn't happen to us.
I teased him all day via text as he was working away. He love… Read more...

So……….Alistair and I had travelled to Gran Canaria for several years and enjoyed walking along the beach from Playa Del Ingles. It was on our second holiday there that we wandered along the beach and came upon the nudist beach. Wow that was a real eye opener! Although we had been on holiday to many places over the years the sights on this beach were unbelievable, all nationalities, all shapes and sizes with one thing in common, everyone was… Read more...