• Written by sjnwuk 5 Jul 2006, 02:14
  • Erotic

This happened to me sometime ago when I was 20 and a student at university.

One Friday night after an all day pub crawl around town a group of about 10 lads including myself eventually called it a night after spending the best 12 hrs drinking as much cheap booze as possible.

Completely intoxicated and 'smashed', all of the lads - except my best mate Pete and I, all decided to head home back to the university campus to sleep it off.

Pete and I decided as a laugh and a dare to go into this Dodgy Night Club which we were told, was popular with the maturer crowd-especially horny older but very loose women after sex and a good time, mainly.

It was known as a 'Grab a granny club'- (no offence to the maturer ladies..lol).

As we entered down the stairs and into the club, we quickly headed towards the bar to get more booze and further plastered.

As far as I can remember now...lol, we were both completely unfazed and not at all scared or intimitadated because we were completely drunk at the time. Under no circumstances then, would my mate Pete and I have dared to enter this club, sober!!

Once we got our drinks we went to get a table and to have a smoke. As we went across towards one end of the dimly lit side of the bar, we clocked an older woman who must have been in her late 50's at the very least- was sat the table next to where we eventually sat.

She was plump, about 5"5' and dressed very tartily in a very tight, tacky tank top and white mini skirt and white stilletos (this was the early 90's btw :) ).

She was also smoking like a chimney and she looked rough as fuck. We both clocked almost instinctively at the same time that she was showing an interest in us young lads.

I remembered Pete and I were laughing about her being old enough to be our grandmother and that she probably had a fishy old fanny and would eat us alive, we nevertheless felt unanimously turned on and fancied the thought of letting her suck us off and maybe fuck her sloppy fanny as well.

To keep this story short guys, we did start chatting to her and after a few more doubles(she bought them quite funnily enough), we headed back to her house which was just down the road.

We later discovered she was a divorcee and that her husband 'left' her. The place was a tip and was filthy. She ushered us into her room which was also messy and unkempt. We sat on her bed as she removed her red tank top to reveal her massive, floopy tits and belly. Christ she looked a sight. :)

We both had beautiful, fit and young girl friends at the time to go home to, and thinking 'What the fuck are we doing here?' However, this old tart was going to show a couple of young students, a right old dirty time! An offer most pissed up, young and hot blooded guys would jump at! hehe.

That motive ran through my head and his and it was enough to keep my cock and pete's, rock hard lol.

She next took off her mini skirt to reveal a big hairy fanny. It looked loose and smelt fishy. That prompted me to think, 'No way am I going to fuck her without a rubber!'

She then walked up to us lads and grabbed each of our hands and told us to play with her tits and fanny. As I cupped and rolled her big and floopy tits, Pete started rubbing her fanny then putting his fingers inside her. She was clearly enjoying it as she was moaning out loud like a wailing banshee! lol

After about 10 or so mins pleasuring the old slapper, she then said it was time to 'show us boys' a good time. She knealt between us and began sucking our cocks which by now were rock hard and seeping with precum. There's no way I would have got turned on letting an old slapper play with my cock let alone fuck her, but with the drinks and my mate Pete there egging each other on 'for a laugh', we did go through with it.

The dirty old slapper took both of our cocks and sucked them hard and was wanking each of us furiously, sometimes letting go of one of our cocks to finger fuck her fanny. By now Pete and I was so turned on we began to get more assertive and to use the old slapper for our own selfish enjoyment.

We began thrusting our cocks deep into her mouth-sometimes 1 after the other and sometimes both together and making her gagg.

I then told her to kneel before me and grabbing her big tits, I pressed them hard against my balls before pushing my cock deep into her mouth. Pete was rubbing his raging tool over her face and cheeks with precum. Messing her makeup, along the way.....

Pete wanted to fuck her so we got her on all fours on the floor. I knealt down and continued fucking her dirty mouth and grabbing her head and thrusting it deep down her throat. Pete meanwhile entered the tart from behind. The dirty sod didnt bother wearing a condom. He just pushed his big cock up her sloppy fanny and began pounding her from behind.

As we were both fucking the slapper big time, we could see her flabby, sweaty, body wobbling as we abused her body completely.

Her massive tits swayed left to right then right to left with each thrust. Making slapping noises alongside our moans and groans.

Eventually, we couldnt take anymore and Pete pulled out of her sloopy cunt and pushed her head backwards and ordered her to 'open wide' before releasing a huge gush of thick, creamy, fishy smelling cum down her mouth, and overspilling onto her smudged made up lips.

The dirty tart swallowed every drop and she was clearly enjoying herself, squirming and moaning in ectascy.

Still rock hard, Pete forced his big cock into her mouth and furiously face fucks her, this time.

I by now ready to cum big style, put on a rubber and from behind, entered her sloppy, dirty, big cunt. It so sloppy and sweaty inside that I can feel the rubber squishing with every thrust.

Grabbing her big tits hard with both hands, I fuck her hard for a couple of mins before squirting hot cum inside the condom.

I then pull out of her cunt and she cleans both of our still hard cocks together inside her mouth using her tongue.

After that we qickly left for our dorms for a serious wash and back to our girlfriends.

To this day, Pete and I still have a laugh about the incident even after 12 or so years later!