• Written by DawnyDawn 7 Jul 2006, 23:47
  • Erotic

Jackie was a 44 year old single mother of 2. She was 5’5, had straight shoulder length blondish mousey hair, and had blue eyes. She wore between a size 14 and 16 dress, and had voluptuous curves all over, cumulating in a magnificent pair of 42E breasts.

She had been single for about 5 years now, and although times had been hard to say the least, both her son and daughter has left home, giving Jackie some much needed peace and quiet at last.

Jackie worked in the city and was still very much career driven. After each child was born, she longed to get back into the office and back at her desk.

It had been a stressful day so far for her. A senior management meeting in the morning had meant Jackie getting up early to prepare for her presentation, and had usual spend considerable time power dressing too. She wore a smart white blouse, with black jacket, and matching black skirt to just above the knee, complete with natural tan stockings underneath, and an expensive pair of black Jimmy Choo’s.

After the meeting, a small group of them had walked to local bar for a drink and discus the morning events. It was then Jackie thought she had left he purse on the table. She had rung the bar as soon as she realised and luckily for her, the staff had found it and were keeping it safe for her behind the bar.

At 5.40pm, Jackie walked down to the bar, picked up the purse, and was walking out when she looked up and noticed a familiar face. It was Steven. The best friend of her son Chris whilst at senior school.

He was sitting alone with a long face, starring at the table top. Jackie looked at her watch a walked over to Richard said hello, and asked him if he was ok. Richard it seemed, was quite drunk, and explained his predicament on his break up with his girl friend Alice. Jackie was in no rush, so she sat down and listened to Richard’s tale. He was obviously gutted about the whole situation, and his eyes were still damp from crying. Richard told Jackie he was at a loss as to what to do and felt like ending it all. Richard and Jackie’s son had been close friends at school, and she felt really sorry for him and offered her sympathy and told him that basically he was a young, good looking guy who would have no problems in finding someone else much much better. Richard couldn’t see it happening, but agreed that time was the only healer.

Jackie stood up and asked Richard how he was getting home. Richard said his car was in the multi storey, but Jackie said that in his state, there was no way he was driving home. So she told him that she would take him. She bought him a coffee, and off they walked to her car.
When they arrived, Richard had sobered up a little, and asked Jackie if she wanted to come in for a tea to which Jackie said ok.

They went into the apartment, and Jackie sat on the sofa. Richard was in the kitchen, but told her they were out of milk, and how about a glass of red wine? Actually, a nice glass of red was exactly what Jackie needed after her day.
The two of them sat on the sofa, and one glass turned into 2, which turned into 3. They talked about the old days. About Richard and her son’s school friends and where they all were now.

About 8.00, the front door opened and in walked Greg. Greg was 22 also, an Australian and was Richard’s flat mate, who had been living with him for about 6 months now.
Richard introduced Greg to Jackie, and Greg sat on a single chair and chatted to the Jackie about her work and how she knew Richard. Greg was bubbly, tanned and a typical good looking Aussie with a twinkle in his eye.
After the second bottle of red had been drunk, Greg found a 4 pack of beer, which the three drank. All three of the now, were very loud, and laughing at the TV that had the sound turned down.

Jackie sat there thinking there was no way she could drive and would have to call a cab shortly.
With all the alcohol seeming gone, Greg rummaged through the cupboards and found a half full bottle of Tequila which he poured into shot glasses and brought back. He sat on the sofa next to Jackie, who was in the middle of the two boys.
A few shots of tequila and Jackie was starting to feel very merry, and warm.
“My feet are killing me in these shoes” she said, and kicked them off onto the floor.
“Put them up here.” Said Greg, “And I’ll give them a massage for you”
Jackie turned sideways and put her legs across Greg, who held her feet and began to rub them slowly.
“Oh wow, that’s better” said Jackie, who could feel the aches and pains being rubbed away.
She looked over her shoulder to Richard, “You can do my shoulders if you want.” And took off her jacket and flung it onto the floor.
Richard nervously put his hand onto her shoulder and started massaged her neck.
“Now this is decadent” said Jackie, revelling in the moment. “A 44 year old mother of 2, being massaged by two 22 year olds. What would they say!”
Richard continued to rub her neck and shoulders, whilst Greg was now concentrating on the other foot, and occasionally moved his hand up onto her calf’s.
“Not just any old mother” replied Steven. “Only the mother of my bestest mate at senior school”
Jackie was loving every minute of her massage, and slowly lay backward onto Richards lap, with he legs still over Greg’s legs, who was now sensually massaging her calf muscles.
“Can you do my head and neck Rich?” said Jackie, gazing up at Richard.
Richard’s hands nervously touched her forehead, and after a few moment of rubbing moved his hands through her hair to her neck and very gently massaged her. Jackie could feel her nipples stiffening and Greg’s hands were now on her knees and occasionally ventured under her skirt, onto her thigh,
The size of Jackie’s breasts meant it was near on impossible for Richard’s hands not to come into contact with the upper part of them.
“You know” said Richard, “There were times I used to call for Chris in the morning, and I used to see you in your dressing gown, I tried to will your buttons to come undone so I could see what was inside. Some mornings I used to leave you house with a huge erection.”
Jackie was extremely turned on now, and her hands moved up and undid the 4 buttons keeping the blouse done up.
As the blouse fell away from Jackie’s bra, Richard let out a sigh, and under his breath, Jackie heard the words ‘Oh my god’

Jackie took Richards hands and gently placed them on her bra. A white bra that covered almost all her breasts.
Richard’s hands froze. Then he slowly started to move them about over the bra, trying to comprehend the size and volume of them.

“I’ve never seen, let alone touched breasts this big” Richard confessed, each hand covering a breast. Almost.
Jackie’s heart rate was racing. Both of Greg’s hands were now on here thighs, and Jackie’s skirt was riding up fast. Suddenly Greg’s hands hit flesh, and he stopped. Amazed at his findings. His hands moved again. Further up over her suspenders an Jackie felt the inside fingers brush against her tight panties. Moist through her swollen lips underneath.

Jackie looked up at Richard. “Would you like to see?”
She put her hands underneath her back and unclipped her bra. Then, with the help of Richard, shed her blouse onto the floor, and lay back down.

Richard took the straps in each hand and fed them down her arm, and over her hands. Slowly, and purposefully, he lifted the bra from Jackie’s breasts. Jackie’s natural 42E breasts were now on full display. Nipples firm. Despite lying on her back, they were still full and firmish for her age.

Richard was speechless. He placed a shaking hand gently over each naked breast. Feeling the firm nipple pressing into his palms.

Jackie could feel Richard hardening himself underneath her back. She was now aching to unleash the monster and have it deep inside her.

Richard circled his hands. Caressing, lightly squeezing, and occasionally taking a nipple between thumb and finger.
“These are just, incredible” said Richard. ”I’m touching the breast of 44 year old woman, and I’m so turned on.”
“I’ve never seen any that size in my life’ added Greg. “I’ve never ever lusted after an older woman, or anyone above a size 10 before. But man, I’m converted. What a body.” With that Greg’s fingers slipped under Jackie panties and across her wet lips. He ran a finger down between her lips and gently slipped 2 fingers deep inside her.

Jackie moaned with delight. She was now like a volcano waiting to erupt. She could wait no longer.
She eased her way up between the 2 lads, turned over onto her knees, and undid Richard’s zip and pulled out a hard, throbbing cock. She bent over and licked the end, to moisten it up. Put 2 hands around it, and lowered her head so that almost all of it was inside her mouth. Richard gasped and moaned. All the while under his breath saying ‘oh my god, oh my god”
With Jackie’s backside in the air, Greg, eased up her skirt exposing it totally, like a full moon. White panties stretched over her cheeks, suspender leading down to her stockings. Slowly he slid down her panties, and Greg looked in admiration at her exposed fanny lips between her cheeks. Jackie opened her legs slightly. Greg lowered his head and buried his face between them. Probing with his tongue. Getting Jackie wetter and wetter.
Jackie continued to suck and move her head up and down Richards’s cock. She cupped his balls and licked up and down his shaft occasionally.

Greg’s head came up for air, and he undid his trousers and held his rigid cock in his hand. He moved towards Jackie, and with precision, slid deep into her cunt. Thrusting away, balls slapping into Jackie cheeks.
Jackie was in heaven. Cock in her mouth, and one banging away inside her. She could feel the depth at which Greg was penetrating and it was hitting the spot with each thrust.

Jackie pulled up from Richard and got off the sofa and lay on her back on the floor. Greg knelt over her and put his cock between her breasts and Jackie pushed them together, enclosing Greg’s cock as he thrust in and out. Jackie’s tongue flicked the end of him on the thrusting stroke towards her mouth.

Richard knelt between her open legs and positioned himself accordingly. His fingers played with Jackie’s lips. His wet fingers were slipping in and out, and over her clitoris. Richard leant forward and his cock entered her. He pushed in deeper and deeper. Jackie pulled he legs up and wrapped them around Richard, as he thrust into her.
Greg held his head as he exclaimed ‘Oh my god, I’m cumming” and as he spoke, a stream of hot spunk hit Jackie in the hair and face. She managed to catch some in her mouth too, but her face was covered.

Richards’s rhythm was increasing. “Fuck Jackie, this is like a dream come true. I can’t control myself.” His body tensed as he shot his load inside her. His balls exploded, and the sensation just kept coming and coming. Jackie could feel it inside her. She knew as soon as she stood up, it would be dripping down her legs.

The 2 lads collapsed onto the floor, and 3 giggled furiously.

Jackie slowly stood up, and the spunk started to drip slowly out of her. “Can I take a shower and stay the night?” she said looking at Richard. “Of course, take the sofa bed if you want.

She walked towards the bathroom, and looked at each one in turn and said “So is it true about the recovery time of 20 year olds?”