• Written by Jo Reed 25 Aug 2006, 13:52
  • Erotic

Ever since I saw pornographic pictures of women at gloryholes I have had a huge urge to try one with a woman in some sleazy toilets. Given to the fact that cottaging is illegal I didn't expect of find one in the UK. A few weeks ago while out walking my wife needed to use the toilets and at the time we were near a fishing lake which happened to have a portakabin type toilets.

The ladies toilets only allowed it to be used by one woman at a time but the men's had three cubicles – the end one being near the wall. I went into the last cubicle and noticed it had a small peep hole into the ladies side of the toilets next door. The wall was MDF with a polystyrene filling. I thought it would be a good idea to make a gloryhole here.

I told my wife about the idea and she was up for it. We came back later with some tools and we both went into our respected toilets. I enlarged the hole (around 3 inches circumference) so that I could get my thick cock through. Unfortunately it was rather crudely cut as we were in a hurry (as my wife was using the only ladies toilets), so when I poked my cock through I was rather apprehensive about splinters!

My wife helped feed my cock through and she started to gently lick the head to make it harder. She then started to wank it off and I was loving it. I undid my shirt and pressed my chest onto the cool wall. Unfortunately the wall was also rather thick – being at least three inches, so only about five inches or so poked through for my wife to wank off and suck. My wife started taking pictures with our digital camera, I had never been so hard in my life and the hole was so tight around my cock that I came within about two minutes and my wife later said she heard my moan from the other side of the wall. After I came we cleaned ourselves up and went.

I was so turned on about what we had just done, that we came back the next day and did the same again. We enlarge the hole a bit to make it more comfortable (should have brought some duct tape with us) and my wife sucked and wanked me off again. I lasted a few more minutes this time and I came really hard. I spoke to my wife through the hole that I would meet her outside, just as I left the cubicle another man walked through the main doors and headed for the last cubicle where I had just been.

When I got outside I saw a blonde wearing sunglasses trying to open the toilet door where my wife was occupying, I guess people had already found out about our gloryhole! Just as we got into the car a Police land rover appeared through the car park gate and so we made a hasty retreat.

This was a great experience however the fact I knew it was my wife killed the whole point of the gloryhole but the feeling was great. I keep wishing for a random encounter with a woman there. I haven't been back since so I'm not sure if it's still there.