I am Jacky girl of 18 years of age and work in a tele marketing company, there are quite a lot of people that work there both men and women, it is my first full time job since leaving college. I had been living in a rented studio flat, as the company is based in Manchester, my parents live in the midlands. It wasn’t too bad, but I got quite friendly with one of the female bosses, her name is Kate she is 25 years old, and she is great to work for, and I suppose she took me under her wing so to speak, Kate arranged with me to have a few drinks in a wine bar one night. We had a great night just having a few wines and chatting. Kate was asking about the flat where I lived, and suggested I move in with her! She said it would be better as it was nearer for me, less travelling expenses etc, and her apartment was in an upmarket area, so I agreed, moving in the following week.
The place was really posh, and contemporary. That night Kate told me she was off out that night on a date, so I was to relax and enjoy the facilities. I watched the tv and went to bed around midnight, an hour or so later I was woken by voices, Kate had come home with her man, and after a while I heared them go to Kate’s bedroom. I could hear chatting and giggles, then the sound of kissing which led to sounds of passion , gasping and moaning from both of them. I could feel myself getting tuned on by their passion alone I was quite jealous as I had not experienced sex in bed like this, I lost my virginity to a local lad a couple of years before, and he fumbled badly, more or less just getting into me then it was all over as he came!
The following day we were both off work, so had a lie in. I heared Kate see her lover out and put the kettle on, so I got up and had a brew with her. Kate asked me if she had disturbed me last night, and apologised for it, I told her not to worry, I did say to her I felt jealous, and was turned on be the passion. I told Kate about my lack of experience, Kate suggested a proper night out with her, and she said she would get me fixed up with a guy. I told her I’d look forward to it! Kate asked me all about my tastes, and what clothes I wore, then Kate told me she was Bi Sexual… Kate asked me if I had ever tried it with a girl, “No” Kate smiled and said you should try, you never know, you may even like it.
Kate said she need to shower, and with that she went through to her bedroom stripped off and casually walked around the room before she went to the shower, leaving the door open Kate called me through and said chat to me whilst I shower…I sat on a chair watching, as we chatted I couldn’t help but admire her lovely body, and noticed she shaved her fanny. I commented about how nice and neat it looked, and asked her did she find it bristly? Kate said no, it’s lovely and smooth, you don’t keep yours shaved then Jacky? No but it looks good!!! Katy asked if I would like yours shaved like mine? I’ll do it for you !!! Will you? Katy said come and get in the shower with me, and I’ll trim you first…I wasn’t sure, but Katy said come on we’re girls together, no difference. I quickly undressed and joined Kate, she was grinning with anticipation. Katy began to wash me all over with her shower gel, paying more attention to my boobs and tummy, then Katy dropped to her knees and paid particular attention to my pussy, commenting how hairy I was. I was turned on like hell now, my nipples were stuck out like studs. Firstly Kate used her battery shaver and trimmed most of the hair away, then soaped me up, and used her razor, taking her time to get every bit, even had me bending over as to get wispy hairs around my bottom, but I got the impression she was making a long job even longer admiring and commenting how nice my pussy was, as her fingers teased my now swollen lips and clit. After she finished we dried each other off, and Kate held my hand taking me to her bed, we kissed and fondled each other Katy started to move down my body running her tongue around as she went, kissing, past my belly button, then onto my now very wet pussy. Kate raised my knees and I let my legs fall apart allowing her to access my clit and savour my juices, then positioned herself into a 69 position, I couldn’t help myself but returned the favour of lapping her up. We both came together, and it was one of the best orgasms I have ever had!!! We both lay there cuddling, and chatting. Kate told me that she fancied me from the off, and she asked why my thoughts were? I told her that I had very little sexual experience with men let alone another woman. It has opened up another world to me.