• Written by kermit 10 Jan 2017, 14:26
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this might be a bit tame by some of the stories I have read , but 100% true.
I have been desperate for my wife Angie to take a lover, it has finally happened and I am still shell-shocked.
I took her away to Dublin over the New Year period as the kids are old enough to do their own thing.
we had booked into a city center hotel near the temple bar where there are a lot of bars etc.
on the Friday before New Years eve I pestered Angie to think about taking a lover, she was quiet for a while then said is this really what you want and you promise if something happen you will not blame me, I said I would be happy.
we started to get ready about 8pm , Angie put on a figure hugging short red dress very low at the front showing her large bust helped by her push up bra. no knickers !!! high heels and red lippy.
I said you go down to the bar first and have a drink and see if you get chatted up, she was a little hesitant but off she went and I said I would be down in an hour.
let me tell you it was a very long hour, so off I went down to the bar , it was packed being a Friday night.
I could not see her any where then I caught a glimpse of a red dress outside in the smoking shelter (she as far as I know has not smoked in 20 years) but there she was puffing away, deep in conversation with this guy who must have been 15 years her junior.
I found a seat and watched her , I was getting very hard with anticipation of what was happening.
after a while they came back in he had his arm around her and they order up a bottle of fizz and sat up at the bar very touchy feely , after about an hour they guy went to the loo, I thought she had not seen me across the bar but as soon as the guy had gone she waved me over, I was over in a flash,
she asked me if I wanted this to happen I said again yes , only if you want it too, she said OK the guy has asked me up to his room so you better go.
I went back to my seat and within a few minutes the young guy was back (probably buying condoms)
they took the bottle of fizz with them to the lift and they where gone.
I had another couple of drinks then went back to our room.
tried to watch some telly but could not take it in, I must have fell asleep when I heard a knocking on the door , I looked at my watch it was 6.45 am.
I opened the door she was standing with her heels in her hand reeking of booze/fags and sex.
I pulled her in and pushed her up against the wall and stick my hand between her legs her pussy was sopping wet and stretched like never before, when I kissed her I new straight away he had come in her mouth (she never let's me)
I pushed her on the bed and slipped my dick into her soggy pussy , I only lasted a few minutes before I cum up her.
she slipped into bed and was soon asleep, I had lots of question to ask but would have to wait to get the details.
I will post what she told me .