• Written by Velv8 11 Jan 2017, 03:36
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I am 59 and she is a 20 year old beautiful and horny student. As you can see from our previous posts ( the teacher and the pupil 1-9), we have developed a very horny and pretty much unlimited sexual relationship over the last nine months. She has asked to being my sex slave and personal slut.

New Years Eve, we decided it was time to wear her dress. And in preparation for any opportunity to show her pussy, she is fully shaved. Lying totally naked for me to explore we chat about what she should wear to have the best impact on any potential audience. We decide that with the thin material of her dress, she should wear a quarter cup bra with bondage straps that put her nipples prominently on display. Along with no knickers and hold-ups this should allow us both total access, while letting her control how much is on display. Fully dressed, she looks glorious, her nipples are indeed there to be seen under the tight bodice, and the flared skirt allows her to spread her legs completely, display a bit of naked thigh, or keep totally covered. As she bent to sort a few things in her bag, everything was on display: glistening lips and white young thighs above dark hold-ups, exactly the view that drunk guys would be enjoying in a while. She stayed bent over as I ran my fingers along her lips...holy shit so soft and wet already. A gentle fingering to further wet her naked pussy, and it is time to head out.

Living in the busy city centre, it is only about three hundred yards to the first bar, but there is no way her hold-ups are going to hold up. So off they come. She is loves it, the feeling of walking through busy streets with absolutely no sense of clothing touching her; she is literally naked from the waist down as we walk into the crowded room. As she sits, on the low sofa opposite a bunch of blokes, she tells me she is dripping. Unfortunately, we are too close to the cctv for comfort. We enjoy a little teasing with our new friends, all older guys of course; as they sneak a look at her bare legs and eye the gap between her knees, she shares filthy comments and innuendo, but there is no chance of any real display. She did get the opportunity to go up to the bar for drinks and let the rest of the room enjoy her nipples, but besides me giving them a nice rub to perk them up, again not much chance to really enjoy playing. Still, not bad for a warm up; there are other bars and other punters. On the way, she commented that one of the guys was definitely enjoying things and might be a potential tease in future; in fact she was sure that a couple of them would appreciate the fun enough to be discrete. I agreed totally, my cock stiffening at the thought that she was already thinking about how she'd like to spread her pussy for them in public.

We settled nicely into the corner of another bar and I was able to enjoy fingering her easily for a bit. She was totally gaping, giving no resistance to my fingers. I do love playing with her like that, gently squelching her wetness as we sit at the bar, knowing that every now and then we'd make sure someone could see what was going on. It was a busy night with a live band and we were not alone for long. This was a very different crew, younger and more mixed; there were lots of students, including some of Love Bunny's classmates and pupils I had taught. At one point we were even interrupted by a bloke, letting me know that Love Bunny is only 20. It just made her spread her legs for me to fondle her very obviously - little did he know the thrill the age difference gives us both. So, we got to fondle a fair bit, but were regularly interrupted. There were plenty of guys buying drinks and enjoying the display of her boobs, but not as much fun as we like.

Time to move on again. The next bar was less of a club at atmosphere and more a traditional bar, again a fair age range , but mostly forty to sixty year olds. We again sat at the bar itself, the high stools meaning Bunny could easily display herself if she wanted and any one at the tables could enjoy watching us fondle. The three guys nearest us were very drunk, so much so that I could very obviously finger Bunny while the were talking to us, and she was able to spread her legs wide and finger herself. If they noticed, it didn't seem to register lol. It was kind of extra fun being so obvious, when they were mere inches away and talking to us. The barman from his vantage point could see everything but merely engaged in banter and enjoyed the fun. As the tables behind us filled I started to lift the back of Bunny's dress and finger her from behind so that everyone could see, male and female. Two or three youngish guys seemed to enjoy this, nudging each other and looking away quickly if we glanced in their direction. Obviously still too naive to imagine that we are enjoying a deliberate display.

As time crept on we charged our glasses for midnight and the atmosphere of celebration increased. Everyone was friends by now, and as the bells rang, the hugging and kissing began. God it was horny watching bunny hugging, being squeezed by loads of drunk guys. Knowing her pussy was dripping and she was totally nude in their arms was playing havoc with my own enjoyment of hugging strange women. Imagine my disappointment that not one of the guys sneaked a subtle hand up her dress. Maybe her confidence put them off trying. I love that she is very confident in any drinking environment despite her age; some guys find that intimidating. They will never realise what an opportunity they missed. Still, even if they had managed to cop a feel, it would never even hint at the pleasures Bunny has to offer...

She returned to me and we carried on drinking a bit with our new mates as taxis started to arrive and people moved on to late night clubs and parties and we decided to head home. Time for our own fun... and love. After everything, no matter the barriers ahead we start the new year totally in love