• Written by kermit 11 Jan 2017, 15:21
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further to my post of yesterday..,
we did not wake up until late in the day after the night before,
Angie would not entertain sex or would not tell me detail's of what had happened to her, she had a shower and got ready to go out for the day, not much was said and the tension between us was growing by the minute.
after a bit of a late lunch and few drinks (it was New Years Eve) I asked her again to tell me the detail of the night before and again she said she did not want to tell me,
by this time I was getting total pissed off and said the whole idea of her fucking someone else was for me to hear about it.
OK she said, so we ordered up another drink and this is what she told me as far as I can remember.
the guy (Tom) hit on her within minutes of going to the bar, he put her ease very quickly and she found herself becoming horny as the night went on, after she had spoken to me and when he returned from the toilets she whispered to him to take her up stairs and fuck her (she was a little drunk by then)
when they got into the room they stripped each other she sucked his cock while he was licking her pussy in the 69 position,
she said he his cock was 6-7 inches and quite thick and more importantly for her rock hard,, they must have been really turned on because she said she came very quickly,
I said to her did he cum in your mouth , she looked away and said " Yes" I said why the fuck will you not do it for me and she said it all happened so fast and before she new it she had a mouth full of cum to swallow.
I let this slide and said go on,
she said they lay there for a few minutes and she said I had better go, he pushed her head back down onto his semi hard cock and sucked him hard again, she then said he fucked her in every position for what seemed like an hour making her cum over and over again , finally depositing a load up her.
they then fell asleep and she woke up with a sore pussy and a sore head and left to come back to our room.
by this time my cock was rock hard and we finished our drinks and made our way back to our hotel room.
I got her to bend over the bed and fucked her doggy ways and banged away as best I could until I came, she did not.
As we lay in the bed she said that I was not to get angry but after getting fucked by that young guy she had found out what she had been missing and what it was like to fucked by a big hard cock.
and had arranged to me Tom at a house party that night.., to be continued