I had been to London for two nights on my own (my wife is in Spain with her friends). I was in a hotel on Russel Square.
I been on the Thames enbankment and went back to the hotel on the tub--Piccadily line.

It was quite packed nad we passengers where squashed tight. There was a man behind me, decent looking around 65/70 ish.
After a couple of minutes I could feel him pressing against me, I could actually feel his penis pressing into my bottom--he was really hard. I turned around and we looked each other in the eye--it felt so intense. I turned back round and gently pushed my bum against his cock. I put my hand around and squeezed it for him. It felt quite thick and very hard, I stroked it, wanking it slowly.
I go off just round the corner from my hotel at Russel Sq, He followed. He said follow me if you like, I did. We went in the hotel via the back entrance--he worked there. He took downstairs to his changing area. "No-one will come here-no-one is due on their shft for another hour". It was quite secluded and cosy--we shut the door to the changing area and he undressed me and I him. His cock was beautiful. "Suck it" he said. I did. I had the whole length (7/8inches) in my mouth. We lay on some cloths and he started to kiss and feel my bum, he put a finger in me while kissing me. He then asked me if he could fuck me--yes I said.
He took lube ans a condom from his locker, I put the sheth on him and he bent me over.

He was quite gentle entering my hole. He then began to get faster and pumped it in me good and hard / he drew out pulled the sheath off and cum kn my hole.
I hope to meet him agaim