I have been going to a pub in a nice district near me. I live too far away to call it a local but I have got to know a few people in the many months I have been going there.
Several months ago I noticed a stunning woman of about 45. She was just so pretty, and had a curvy, slim figure that I just loved. Shoulder length blonde hair, large nipples that stuck out permanently which were also enhanced by the fact that she never wore a bra. I know all the men looked at her when she came into the bar and I'm pretty certain she knew they did.
She always wore short skirts and had very shapely legs on which she always wore (I discovered later) holdups. She never went there without her husband and they were obviously very much in love as they were always holding hands, or giving each other pecks and he would sit there with his arm across her legs.
One evening she ended up sitting opposite me on a high stool and I could see up her short skirt. She was not wearing knickers, or they were flesh coloured, and I got the occasional glimpse of white flesh. That's when I discovered she wore holdups.
She came to the bar where I was sat on a stool to get a drink, and stood next to me as she waited. Her blouse was a little see through and close up I could make out the shape of her nipple under the material. She looked at me and smiled and I started chatting about nothing and she replied. She has a lovely soft, well spoken voice, and it was the cherry on the cake. She was leaning against my leg as she waited and I felt an electric shock go through me. I know it was all in my head and I was becoming obsessed with this woman but at one point as we talked her hand went onto my leg.
I must point out that I am 65, very tall and also very big built, so definitely not a looker. As we chatted I put my hand on her crooked arm and found my fingers touching her boob. She didn't move and we continued chatting and I moved my fingers so that my finger touched her nipple. Again no movement and it felt as if she was pressing into me. I gently rubbed her nipple and she just let me even though it was obvious what I was doing. She was stood between my open legs and I put my hand on the front of her left thigh which was hidden by the tall bar. She didn't object and I rubbed over the front of her skirt. At that point she was served and I stopped even though it was below the level of the bar. My hand went straight back after he went to get the drinks and I pressed into the gap at the top of her legs. She said nothing and I worked my hand down to the top of her skirt and up her leg until I could feel her stocking tops. The flesh was warm and I wanted to go further but I couldn't reach and the barman came back at that point and she left.
We smiled at each other a couple of times and when she left she waved and said goodbye.
About a week later I was at the local shops and I saw her coming out carrying shopping. She stopped to chat and we stood chatting for about 10 minutes. It was a bitter, cold wind and she asked if I would like a cup of tea as she only lived around the corner. As we walked I said that I wasn't sure if she would talk to me again after I had touched her in the pub and she said that she had enjoyed the dirtiness of it and it made her feel nice.
We got to her house and she shouted out to her husband that she had invited me for a cup of tea. That was a shock, I didn't expect him to be there. He came from the lounge and we shook hands and he said I hope I didn't mind but he was watching some rugby on the TV.
I went into the kitchen and I saw that once her coat was off she was wearing a nice chiffon blouse which was actually quite see through, the usual short skirt, and obviously holdups. Her husband had closed the lounge door so he could watch the rugby and I asked her about her allowing me to touch her in the pub. She said that when I first touched her boob she had froze not knowing what to do but when I touched her nipple that she had enjoyed being 'felt up' in public.
She was stood next to me and I again touched her boobs and felt her nipples. She just put her arms by her side and allowed me to do what I wanted. I lifted her blouse and saw the most amazing, long, hard, thick nipples on a wonderful pair of tits that must have been about a D cup. I felt them and then leaned forward and sucked each in turn. As I was doing that my hand went under her skirt and I felt her very smooth warm and wet pussy. I discovered she was not wearing pants and told me that she rarely did. My finger just slipped in and she had her eyes closed as I fingered her. My cock by this time was rock hard but her hands stayed by her side .
Suddenly the lounge door opened and we pulled apart as her husband came into the kitchen. She poured us all a cup of tea and we stood in the kitchen and drank it. I said I would have to go and she saw me to the door after her husband went in to watch the second half. I said I wanted more and she said that she was in love with her husband and didn't want an affair, but had enjoyed being touched and wanted me to do it again, and I said I would like to make her cum. She said she would like that and next time we might be able to get longer.
I have seen her in the pub a couple of times but have not had the opportunity to touch her at all and I have given her a piece of paper with my number on so that she can tell me if she wants to again. I have yet to get a message though.
Anyway that's my sexual adventure and I'm afraid not full of heaving sweaty bodies. But for me it's given me one of the greatest sexual thrills of my current life.