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I'd been away working abroad for a year or so and returned to my hometown. Some of my old pals were still there doing pretty much the same thing when I left, drinking and partying. I got back into the swing of things and we soon had our usual crew and every other weekend if not every weekend, there was a house party. These were far cheaper than the pub and we'd all chill with a smoke or a bit more. Parties could go on for days and days.

I'd gotten myself a regular fuck buddy, a younger lass from the town that I'd met on a night out. But she wasn't much use or we didn't connect other than enjoying fucking. One of my sort of mates who I'd grown slightly apart from over the years had developed into a bit of an arsehole and when drunk would be too unkind to his girlfriend, who was absolutely lovely. They lived together but were on the verge of splitting. I hadn't really known his lass before I left as she'd come from a neighbouring town. But we definitely hit it off from the start, I was always complimentary and would tell her bloke he was being out of order etc. She appreciated someone who looked out for her and made her feel good.

One night the mate, her boyfriend had started drinking too early, drank too quick and had to be carried home. His girl stayed and we were soon making small talk and would somehow always make it to having a fag at the same time. She said she fancied me and I said the same, but she was stuck with her arsehole bloke, who was fine some of the time, but a dick when drunk. She said I had a different outlook, was calmer and very positive to her. She liked the vibes.

We'd held hands a few times or cuddled when outside or in a room getting a drink etc. A kiss wasn't far away. The sexual tension was high.

She worked in a local shop as the manager and would often be there late to close up, stock take etc. I'd sometimes help her as we just got on. But this one time it just took off. I'd been down shopping and had popped in to say hello. It was bear closing time. Her bloke was drunk and she didn't fancy going back. We sat and chatted and I helped her tidy up and get ready to go. As she pulled the window shutters down and locked the front door she turned and called my name and unbuttoned her top to reveal a sexy black bra and a firm set of tits. She was about 25 and a 32D. I walked towards her and pulled my tshirt off over my head. Her open blouse and soft skin felt great as we kissed for the first time. I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders. I walked backwards into the changing room and sat on a wee stool in there as she straddled me. My cock was straining at my jeans and she smiled as she rubbed herself on top of my hardness.

We stood back up and she stood up untangling herself from me. We had our fingers inside each others jeans and I knelt down to help pull her jeans off. She had a great body and her matching pants sent another bolt of hardness to my cock. She wiggled as I pulled down her pants and she turned around, sat on the stool and I parted her pussy lips. My tongue went right inside her and I lapped at her clit as she didn't take much to orgasm. She said she'd been hoping for this for a long time since we had met. I stood up and she pulled my cock out of my jeans as I stood out of my clothes. Her mouth was over my cock and she gave a fantastic blowjob.

Just then we heard someone banging on the shop door and it was the arsehole boyfriend and a mate who was shouting through the letterbox wanting money for going to the pub. We froze for a second and made sure we were not making a noise. We couldn't be seen for the shutters and we were inside the changing room. As I stood there she started to suck amd wank on my cock again as she put her hand on my stomach and smiled at me. After a minute or so the guy and company moved off. I picked her back up and she lowered herself onto my rock hard cock. I held her up in my arms, her legs over my arms as she clung on and I fucked my 8" into her like a man possessed. She was real wet and it felt great as I pounded it in and out of her. I lowered her down and turned her around so that she was bent over holding the stool and spread her legs then pounded it into her doggy style. Her ass and pussy looked amazing as I fucked her with all I could give. She came again and asked me not to cumm in her. I pulled out and she turned around and knelt to let me cumm in her mouth.

I had such a huge load but she kept sucking as it dribbled down her chin and ran down across her tits. She swallowed hard, looked up and kept sucking. I hadn't cumm in about a week and was so turned on it shot for a good 10-12 blasts.

She got up and said she loved my cock. I was still hard and sat her on the stool and ran my cock up and down her slit before pushing it back inside her. I got hard from us kissing and fucked her again until I pulled out and shot up onto her belly.

I often popped into that shop, funnily enough just around closing time.