• Written by Jed 15 Feb 2017, 06:36
  • Fact

Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days. We use them for everything.
My wife has a bull and they use the phone to keep me frustrated and my gut tirning somersaults.

When she is with him she will send photos of how she is dressed and stages of undress.
She will also send shots of alluring poses of herself that she sends to her Bull to get him fired up before a date night.

My wife’s Bull sent me this text early on in their relationship, warning me what I should expect in time. It read “She will always be your wife. But in time she will become mine in other ways”.

My wife’s Bull’s sent me a picture of his cock. It’s a bit over 8" long and nearly as thick as a Pepsi can. My wife can cum just by him sliding it into her.

This is the text I received from my wife’s Bull after she spent the night at his place (before he dropped her off in the morning).
The text read “I had forgotten how physically and physiologically satisfying it is to cum in another man’s wife’s mouth. Nicole and I had a great night.”

She told me that he had spent that night fucking her into orgasmic oblivion in multiple positions with that big dick.
Their first fuck was a long one and he eventually pulled out and gave her a load in her mouth. It was so big that, as my wife told me, “I had to swallow twice to get it all down.”