My husband and I get off on a story that I tell of when at university (keele) I was fucked by my married tutor. My husband loves the stories I tell of being fucked before we met and it helps with meeting new fucks now. We are back in 1993 and I was studying physics and economics. I had my fair share of one night fucks, I was a member of the CCF as well where I was part of the RAF so I often went to mess balls and ended up being fucked in my ball gown or suspenders, but that's another story.
So my tutor was helping with some extra help and we got to get very close, he would shut the door in his lecture room and we would start to touch each other, he would play with my hair which really turned me on. He was married about 40 really well built, 6'2 rugby player type. We would often end up kissing passionately and he would sometimes reach to my tits and rub my nipples through my top and bra, but that would be as far as it would go, in fear of being found. One day we decided that we needed to take this further. We decided we would meet in the woods which were part of the campus. Not to be suspicious I wore my normal jeans, t-shirt and Chelsea boots, but underneath I had on my favourite black satin suspenders, fishnets and satin black thong. I wanted to show him what a dirty 19 year old was capable of.
I got to the woods and waited, my pussy was aching as were my nipples, I was a 32 d in those days so plenty to be played with. it felt like ages and then I heard the movements of branches being broken as they were being walked over. He came behind me and put his hand over my mouth and the other one over my heaving breasts. He turned me around and forced his tongue down my throat. I was so turned on, after about 5 minutes he ordered me to take my clothes off. I slowly took my top off to reveal my bare tits, nipples fully erect and ready for being played with. Next I pulled my jeans down to reveal my sexy suspenders and satin thong. He released his cock which was thicker than I had seen before. It wasn't huge in length. He started to wank as he told me what a stunning posh whore I was. I had never been humiliated verbally before and its something I have loved ever since. I was told to kneel before him and suck his cock. I did as I was told and he forced it into my mouth, I couldn't show my skills as he practically face fucked my young mouth. He pulled my hair and continued to call me names, I was loving it. After some time he pulled me to my feet by my tits and ordered me to remove my thong I slowly pulled them down, the fresh air against my cunt was electric, I was so turned on. Once out of them he came close to me and started to finger my clit. I was lost and loving the rough fingering and hard pulling of my nipples. I was so close to orgasm but he would not allow me to cum. He turned me around and made me face a tree, spread your legs you slut. My legs were as wide as I could go and he entered my soaking pube covered cunt. With one big push he entered me and starting to fuck me as hard as he could. Spreading my arse so that he could see my arse hole being stretched with every thrust. He mauled my tits and nipples, pulled my hair and slapped my arse. I came and came and came, he was getting close, I said come over my tits you don't have a condom. He didnt respond other than to say 'you want me your having me' with one big huge push he came hard, spunk shooting inside me. He pulled out and I was told to clean his cock with my mouth before he returned home to his wife. His spunk dripping out of my cunt as I squatted cleaning his cock and balls. With that he said see you next week for your tutor session and make sure you have your suspenders on and left. I cleaned myself up as much as I could and went back to my halls.
I continued to get fucked by him for the next 2 years.
The story still turns my hubby on as I am riding him or wanking him, we would love to meet him again so hubby can watch me being done by him again.