• Written by SheandHim 10 Oct 2006, 13:31
  • Erotic

It all started a year ago when we decided to push the boundaries further beyond our marriage. To protect names here, I will call my wife Susan. My wife, is 37, she is 5ft 4, she has long brown curly hair, she is a size 10 and is a 34b. My fantasy was always to see my wife have sex with another guy, preferably a stranger whilst I watched and filmed the whole proceedings. She was not keen at first but over time and constant badgering she decided to agree just to please me. You would not believe the excitement that upwelled in me the day she said she would do it. So the real work began and I started to do my research to find a viable candidate. He would have to be just right, some one she would find sexually attractive and some one who would not let us down as this first experience had to be the ultimate door opener for her and me. The guy, I finally choice was called Jeff, he was younger but experienced, excellent body, a cock to be impressed with and had a very nice nature about him. We agreed to meet him for drinks, followed by dinner up in London. My wife asked me that we should do it in a hotel rather than our home as she wanted to keep this separate from our normal lives and marriage, so I booked a rather nice hotel room. We checked in later afternoon to give my wife to get used to that fact that it was beginning to happen, she started to be very apprehensive but we opened a bottle of fizz to try to calm matters which it did. She had a bath and got dressed putting on some very expensive underwear on with a lovely tight fitting dress over the top. It was at that point it dawned on me that she was actually getting ready for another man right in front of me, seeing her put on her lingerie and knowing that another guy will be removing it was an incredible turn on for me and it felt so strange as I was part of this feeling slightly jealous and excited at the same time. This was going to be the first time that my wife is going to be unfaithful to me and yet its me that wanted her to be right in front of me. Its a feeling I will never forget and for many couples completely forbidden ground that they could not understand why I would want this. But unless you go through with it, no one can understand until you come through the other end. Its like journey of no return because everything changes by the end of that journey. It was time to meet Jeff for drinks, so we went to the bar, my wife feeling very anxious and me very anxious too. Jeff turned up a few minutes later, he looked very presentable, and was very charming to my wife. The first half hour was very awkward, Susan stumbled over conversation and I tried to keep some rapport going with Jeff. It was evident to me that Jeff found Susan attractive but I did find Susan hard to read at that point. I kept the drinks flowing and suggested that we should eat, we did although not much due to the excitement and Susan’s nervous tum. The conversation than got slightly more serious and led to the planned events of the evening. I explained that we had a hotel room, that it was our first time, that Susan was worried sick and that I really wanted to film this. Jeff was great, he talked to Susan about it, he explained to her about his previous experiences and that he would take the lead and all Susan had to do was to relax and follow. So it was up to the room and at that point my heart was like a drum. Susan looked very awkward, so Jeff made an excuse to go to the bathroom whilst we had a chat. I told Susan, just relax, be someone else in your mind, let yourself go and don’t feel any guilt.Jeff came back into the bedroom, he had undressed down to his pants in the bathroom and you could see his cock waiting to spring out. I moved back , sat down and turned the video camera on with heart beating in my ears.Susan just stood there transfixed. Jeff walked over to her and started kissing her, firstly on her lips and than on her neck, he unzipped her dress and let it fall onto the floor and there she was exposed in her gorgeous bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. I thought my head was going to explode with excitement and my hand was shaking whilst I was filming. He gently pushed Susan back onto the bed and stated to kiss her shoulders and working down her bra and kissing her tummy with short licks and kisses. Susan looked stunned but was slowly reacting to all this attention. Jeff undid her bra and exposed her gorgeous 34b pert breasts, her nipples very pert, Jeff started to kiss and lick and suck each one whilst gently cupping her breasts. It was at that point when Susan state to show signs that she was starting to enjoy this, her little moans started to betray her. Jeff worshipped her nipples for a long time and how they stood so firm and hard. He worked further down and opened up her legs and gently nuzzled between her legs, he teased her through her panties and she started to let go of her inhibitions. Jeff removed her panties and exposed her smooth pussie and started to take Susan away from me. Susan was reacting and groaning to another man, a man she didn’t know but a man that was going to take her for that time away from me and god was it such a gorgeous sight. Jeff spent ages working her pussie with his mouth and fingers and she kept turning her head towards me and her eyes were seeing assurance from me. I said, let your self go, its all ok, you are gorgeous. Jeff had her very close to cuming and stopped. He pulled his pants down and out sprung his cock, very large, very swollen and very imprssive. I could see Susan looked stunned by it and Jeff pulled her towards him and pulled her head towards it.She opened up her mouth and started to suck his cock. There she was sucking another mans cock right in front of me. I just couldn’t believe it, here was my wife sucking a strangers cock and I was there watching and wanting her to. After a short while, he pulled away from her actually to her surprise. He stood up and went to the side of the bed and got a condom and pulled it on. I knew this was the time when Susan is going to be his girl to fuck. He came round, pulled him self up between her legs. Susan really stared at me as if to stay lets stop this now before its too late, but it was to late as Jeff pushed him self with one long slow thrust into Susan. She gave out a very load groan and was his, she closed her eyes and looked away as he started to thrust and push deeper. He was fucking my wife and this was a fantasy I had for a very long time but it was no longer a fantasy, it was happening and it was real life. Susan was being fucked by a guy I didn’t know right in front of my eyes. All these years of faithfulness had evaporated as he built up a rhythm of thrust after thrust. It all seemed like slow motion to me as I watched and filmed, it was like a dream but suddenly I was woken up by Susans familiar sound when she came. I pretty much came in my pants, I was so turned on by this. I could see her whole body shake it was incredible. Jeff, still had more to give and rolled Susan over onto all fours, her legs giving way slightly because she didn’t have time to recover from her orgasm. He pulled her onto him and started fucking her doggie style but with more stronger, deep hard thrusts. It wasn’t long till Susan gave way to another orgasm pretty much at the same time as Jeff came and my god the two of them came as if there was no tomorrow. Susans legs buckled and Jeff ended up laying on top of her as the two of them tried to get there breath back. It finally happened, I had it all on tape and Susan and I had changed for good. After a few minutes, Jeff pulled out of Susan revealing a rather full sample in his condom and said to me, your wife has the best pussie that Ive fucked, I said I know. Jeff went to the bathroom and got him self sorted, Susan didn’t want anymore. I poured her a drink, kissed her and said you’ve done it. Jeff left, and I climbed into bed and cuddled Susan until she fell asleep. I didn’t want to ruin the moment, so I didn’t make love to her or talk about it. I wanted her to sleep with the feeling of her last fuck. I tried to talk to Susan about the next day but she said that she didn’t want to and I thought that maybe we did go to far. Susan seemed a bit distant towards me after that for a while and a few weeks later she asked to see the film I made of her and Jeff. We watched and it all came back, it was amazing to see and Susan got completely turned on by what she saw. We had the most amazing sex after we watched the film. Susan at that point admitted that she loved what happened to her and that although she didn’t want to do it, when it happened it blew her away. She felt distant towards me because you had to deal with it in her mind, I forced her to do something that she wasn’t keen on but by doing it she realised that’s this was the most amazing way to have sex. Since that first time, we have met with other single guys and of course became more adventurous. Susan knew that she had a gorgeous body and a pussie to die for and could completely understand why I wanted to share her so that other guys could feel how I feel when we have sex.