• Fanny 27 Jan 2004, 01:58
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I've always been fascinated by other women's cunts, although the only one I've really seen is my own. I'm nearly 62, shagged a lot of men and my last lover had a huge cock and this has made my cunt hole stretch a bit. Well, the other day, when I was bringing myself off with a big cucumber from Tescos ( I have to see to myself these days 'cos my partner got really boring ) in the front room when it was nearly dark, I decided to stand near the window and hold a mirror between my legs to watch myself. The curtains were still open but I didn't care because i was carried away by the excitement. I put my leg up on the window sill to get a better view of my now dripping pussy and i wasn't worried if people would see me cos my lights weren't on. Suddenly the street lights outside came on but I didn't give a fuck as my cunt was nearly coming. The cucumber was bloody big and making me just a atiny bit sore but christ i fucking loved it. I was just thinking about trying it up my arse when I saw two faces smiling at me throught the window! It was my neighbours, Steve and Virginia!! Jesus! I quickly drew the curtains but it was too late and suddenly they were in the room with me. Not a word was said, but Virginia took her coat off, pulled her skirt up and pushed her panties down as Steve pulled his cock out of his trousers. He pushed his cock into my arse with mighty force and at the same time Virginia stood in front of us and pulled the hairy lips of her quim apart. I was astounded to see how small the slit in her cunt was. She smiled at me and took the cucumber from my hand, rubbed the juices from my cunt over her lips, sucked it and then banged really hard into her tiny slit! Steve was working his huge cock in and out of my arse, the sensation of that is bloody wonderful. Virginia was having trouble getting the cucumber up her tiny cunt so, I pulled it out of her and shoved into my dripping, bubbling cunt hole, just to encourage her and give her confidence. This brought Steve to a mighty head and he banged harder and harder up my arsehole til he came like a volcano. He was too shagged out to fuck Virginia, so we carried her onto the sofa, spread her legs wide open and i plunged my fingers into her little girly fanny as Steve worked his fingers up her arse. i kneaded her clit til it was really swollen then I cirlcled my thumb round the rim of her cunt until that little crack opened wider as her hips rose and fell and writhed. I took the cucmber and worked it into her, back and forth as she moaned. Faster and faster I went as i bent down and sucked her juicy clit. Steve fingering her anus and jerking himself off now was loving every inch of that cucmber going deeper and deeper into the little pink cunt hole. With a final deep thrust, Virginias body contorted as she came with wild cries, convulssing again and again. i wrenched the cucumber out of her and shoved staright into my own throbbing cunt and came all too quick. Then Virginia grabbed it off me, told Steve to get down on all fours and we both fucked his arse with it as we sucked his huge cock back to life. His ball were fucking enormous and i squeezed them in both hands as he came and came into my mouth, his shag juic and down onto my breasts.e oozing from my lips. What an experience! How I loved fucking that tiny cunt. How we all loved it! Anyone for cucmber sandwiches?