• Written by Golden oldie 65 24 Oct 2006, 20:58
  • Erotic

I never thought I would ever be writing to you, let along sharing my story, but I was in Spain and caught my host reading your stories, he said have a read of them and pointed some out, well I must admit to use a phrase I was turned on, I could feel my panties getting wet and my host noticed it as well, are you getting a bit wet he said, and I murmered yes, well he slipped his hand right up between my legs which I opened up for him and put his fingers right up my fanny, pulling the knickers to one side, it was lovely and I could feel myself cumming over his hand, he asked me what was my sex fantasy I never did, I said I always wanted to be tied up and mastered, sort of kidnapped for ransom, whilst they had there way with me, he said right be ready in an hour, well the time flew by and he called at the door, are you ready he said, do you want to be kidnapped, yes I said, well we went to the old stables at his Finca, and he told me to strip facing away from him, as soon as I had done so he tied my hands to two ropes hanging from above and put a blindfold on me, he tied my legs so they were well apart, I started to talk , he went behind me and twice smacked my bottom hard, you will not speak he said unless I tell you, well he then said you are too hairy and got to work with an electric trimmer, I said be careful, well he stopped and gave my bottom two more hard smacks, that really hurt, he then proceeded to trim me right close, after he had done so he wiped all round with a wet wipe, then I felt his tongue around my fanny , his mouth nibbling and sucking my clit his tongue going deeper and deeper, then his fingers were up and working, whilst he transfered his mouth to my breasts, sucking and nibbling my nipples, I could not help but to start to have an orgasm for only the second time in my life, I was in ecstasy with my juices running down my legs, I felt him move in front of me and the head of his cock pressed up against the top of my vagina lips, playing with my love juices, he then entered me, slowly and carefully, I could feel his length, oh it felt wonderful, I knew it was bigger than my husbands, then he started to pump that lovemeat into me, I felt it go to the tip and right up to his balls, sometimes pulling right out and then the full lenghth right up to the hilt again in one move, I just started cummimg in non stop flow, orgasm after orgasm, I felt light headed with it, I was on a different planet, he stopped after a while, and lowered my arms, bringing me over somewhere where I was then bent over forward, he tied me again and started to finger my bottom, I said No stop, I have never had that done, well he smacked my bare bottom again, he was working the juices from my vagina right into my bottom, he then started to push his cock into my arsehole, well it was a mixture of pleasure and pain, but he eventually got it right in up to the balls as I could feel that against me, he grasped my breasts and started to pump his cock into my bum, he then took one hand and moved it to my clit and played with it, well I had never experianced anything like it, and started to feel my juices coming again, he said have you had oral sex before and I said yes once or twice many years ago, so he pulled out of my bottom, and moved round to the front of me, lifting up my head he put his penis in my mouth and said right suck it, and I did, tasting my juices from my bum and vagina, i just carried on sucking and moving my tongue around his cock head, he then started to get his spunk coming up from his balls and fired into my mouth, well I could do no more than swallow as I was gasping, he did not move gripping my head and emptied his lot in my mouth, suck it dry girl he said, clean it with your tongue: which I duly did, he then started playing with my breasts which were drooping and pinching my nipples, he laid his cock against my bum hole, and I thought he was going to enter me again, he then started to pee all over my bum hole and down my fanny the hot water making me jump a little, he finished and wiped my bottom with a wet wipe and untied me, taking off the blindfold, well he said the ransom has been paid, well I was stiff all over for being tied up and sat down on the chair he had bent me over on, to say I enjoyed it is an understatement, thank you Swingers heaven for your stories, I will tell you more after we meet up again