• Written by lyn and brian 11 Feb 2004, 19:31
  • Erotic

we arranged to meet guys the other sunday in liverpool
we saw a lot off guys but lyn chose carefully the one she wanted
lyn went on dance floor and they got on well. so we decided to go to pub which was very quite.lyn sat in corner while i went to bar on my way back i noticed lyn and carl were now kissing. so i eased back to watch lyn was caressing his large bulge in his trousers wow what a turn on.he then unzipped himself lookd around seen no one was watching and pulled out his huge cock.
lyns look was off awe he was 9 ich she then startingd wanking and blow jobbing in corner off pub.
i noticed a few guys nudging each other but lyn was in her own world then
he then asked lyn to accompy him to toilet she followed after 5 min with my blessing.
the toilet door was on a swng basis inside i stood guard as he undressed lyn stroking her breasts and licking her pussy.
he then bent her over toilet and entered with force
she screamed with joy as he pounded her for ages then withdrew and shot allover her back
they dressed and went back in wow what a night
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