• Written by paul 9 Jan 2007, 02:13
  • Erotic

Been to the gym this evening and as usual after a work out went to the mens sauna. As always I was naked and love laying full length on the top bench with my cock on show while my mind wonders.

A tall guy came in and caught my attention straight away as he was rather bless and uncut which is the way i like them as I am cut myself. He layed his towel out and sat there with his legs spread and his cock hanging down between his legs. I popped to the shower having a crafty look as I passed and it looked soooo yummy and I wanted to suck him there and then but was too shy and unsure of which way he swung.

When I returned from the shower and a little cooled off I entered the sauna again glancing at his cock as I did so. This time I sat on the lower bench nearly opposite him with my eyes closed but gagging to stare at his bulging cock. I opened my eyes and looked out the glass door and lingering my gaze on the way back to fixate on his lovely cock. I could see it was swelling a little and could see his big bell end swelling under his foreskin. All I wanted to do was kneel infront of him and devour his cock pulling back on that lovely foreskin.

As I looked up I realised i had been caught looking at his meat and the guy just stared at me and looked a little uncomfortable. Maybe I had crossed the line. he stood up and left for the showers. But to my delight he returned and could watch his cock swing between his legs. Why couldnt he just come over and put it in my mouth. I would have been in heaven.

I decided to break the ice and started to chat to him about nothing particular but he seemed to warm up and relax and I continued to take every opportunity to glance at his lovely swollen cock. it was beautiful. In the end I had to go but left my shower door open in the hope he would come in but no joy. When I went to my locker I found him right beside me at the next locker and we continued to eye each other up and I got to see him dress and look at that cock again. Unfortunately there were too many others in the changing room to have a fondle but the ground has been set and I said till the next time as i left and he said see you again so I think that cock is going to be in my hand and my mouth fairly soon. Watch this space and next time I hope to tell you i have tasted his hot cum in my mouth mmmmm. if only my girlfriend knew what i was like down the gym mmmmmmm. Paul