• Written by Steve and Julie 20 Mar 2004, 02:58
  • Erotic

I got into watching my wife being fucked by other men by accident, and have been hooked ever since. It was at a party held by a friend of a friend.My wife Julie is 45 and a busty attractive blonde 36D-27-38. She was wearing a black top,black leather skirt, seamed nylons and high heels and red knickers.She looked rather tarty but she knows that I like her to dress up.She was getting a lot of attention from the single guys especially as there was a shortage of women.This was because one of the guys played rugby and he had brought along most of his team mates.They had won that Saturday afternoon and were continuing to celebrate after having a few beers after the game and then a curry.

Julie enjoyed herself dancing with a number of men and I had a few beers whilst talking about football and rugby to a couple of the guys.We had booked the taxi for 1.30 a.m to take us home but at 1.00 a.m there were only 2 couples left and they were getting ready to leave because they thought the party was getting out of hand. One of the husbands heard that the rugby guys had smuggled a slut into one of the bedrooms and were Gangbanging her.I decided to find my wife so we could leave too but I hadn't seen her for quite a while.I couldn't find her downstairs so went upstairs...perhaps she had gone to the loo.

I reached the top of the stairs and noticed something red and shiny draped over the door knob of one of the bedrooms, and there were a lot of grunts and groans and laughing and talking coming from inside. I then realised that it was my wife's panties!!

My head spun, I didn't know what to do, and then I realised that I was getting very turned on.I opened the door and a guy said "Another one taking up the invitation, come in, the slut's already taken 10 and we're down to the last few, one more's okay". My wife was on the bed submerged by a pile of toned male bodies, and there were guys lined up around the room some who had finished with her and others still waiting their turn.

I noticed that Julie was in doggy position and men were fucking her cunt, arse and mouth at the same time, and judging by the noises she was making she was loving every minute of it!! My wife just had her stockings and suspender belt on, and her stockings were ruined........ torn and laddered in a couple of places.

Men were shooting their loads, pulling out, and being quickly replaced by others. Most of the men wore condoms but I saw some who didn't and lots of spunk was dripping out of my wife's well-used cunt and arse at the end!!

I went to kiss her but she had spunk all around her lips and it hung in thick strands from her chin.Julie was quite tipsy but recognised me when I slid my own rigid cock into her spunky cunt. I could feel all of the spunk oozing out around my cock as I took my turn, and I couldn't hold off for long and I was soon emptying my load to join the others she had taken.

We talked about it next day and my wife was flattered by the attention of men in their early thirties and one thing led to another. This proved to be the start of an exciting new phase of our sex life.