• james 27 Mar 2004, 19:54
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For ages i had been on at Michelle to let me see her being fucked by another man but to no avail the closest we have come is a couple of years ago with smoe fiends of ours John & Sue we had all been drinking in the pubs around Northampton and went back to our house at closing time and carried on John suggested a game of strip poker i didnt think Michelle would be up for it but i was wrong we all ended up naked with Michelle staring at Johns cock wich was a good 9 inches and as hard as a rock as was mine however Sue put a stop to it and her and John went home we went upstairs and fucked for ages with Michelle saying that John had a lovely cock when i next met up with John at the pub he appologised for sue but i told him not to worry he did say that he was really turned on by seeing Michelle in the nude with her shaven pussy wide open and glistening i did say i had noticed when i got home i told michelle what he had said and she started moaning while i was fingering her she still would not give in to me seeing her pussy filled with another cock but i kept working on her and eventualy she agreed as long as it was someone we could both trust because john could not keep quiet about michelles pussy every time we met i knew he had to be the one i told him of my plan and he was like a dog with two dicks anyway friday night came around and we went out to get in the mood John was walking round with a semi on all night around 10 we went home and i told Michelle to get dressed in a white blouse no bra black knickers stockings and a black mini when she came down stairs i had a painfull hard on as i knew i was about to watch my lovely wife be fucked by my mate i told Michelle to sit next to john and play with his cock i had mine out and was wanking in the chair opposite she got his cock out and starsed to lick and suck it i was in heaven John was playing with her tits through her blousei told her to stop and lie back on the setee and watched as john slid his hand up her open legs and down the front of her pants i watched as his fingers worked their magic under the cloth i then told him to stop messing and fuck her he took of her panties and her gash was really open wide ans soaking he placed his helmet at the entrance to my wifes hole and slid all the way in very slowly i nearly came on the spot as i watched my mate pounding into my wifes tight shaven fanny with one huge grunt he shot his load right up her and used his cock to spread it all over her cunt when he pulled out streams of hot spunk followed it and i went over and slipped my dick into her very slimy hole i will tell you what if you have never fucked your wife with a pussy full of come you dont know what you are missing it feels like silk