• Alison-Walsall 4 Apr 2004, 18:09
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Me and my husband went to watch our local football side in an important bottom of the league game yesterday, I dont usually go with him cause of the kids but he got two tickets for him and his mate but he couldnt go.
We drove to the ground which was only half hour away from our house and went to a pub before the start. I wasnt wearing anything remotly sexy just jeans and a baggy coat,but what happened yesterday will stay with me forever. Im 36 size 14, weve been married for 16 years and ive never strayed before, although ive had many offers.The pub was packed with other football people and there were some blokes who were in there late 30's who had been singing and looked pissed, when one of the men went past me to get to the bar he grabbed my arse cheek and squeezed it, i didnt say a word my husband is the insecure jealous type and would of caused a scene.
after about an hour the pub was packed solid and my arse had been felt loads of times by the group of blokes, nothing major just stroking and nudging, i was getting turned on by the attention they were giving me and they were looking at me and winking, my chap was boring some bloke to death about some transfer or something and was oblivious as to the attention i was recieving.
i went towards the bar to get a drink and whilst stood in the queue one of the men nudged up behind me and was rubbing my arse and fanny, it felt good and really exciting, I didn't move away or try to stop him but felt his hand move up under my coat and towards my tits, he then pulled my top from my jeans and pushed his hand under my bra teasing my nipples which were now rock hard, my husband was standing about five people away from me and he hadn't got a clue.
My cunt was now moist and i moved my hand behind me leaving the other on the bar holding a tenner, I felt the chaps cock through his jeans and squeezed it, he then leant forward and squeezed my nipple so hard it hurt and wispered into my ear 'toilet's', his hand moved away and i became aware that he had moved back i looked over my shoulder to see a man wearing a blue cap walking off.
At that i thought fuck it and returned to my husband and gave him the money i told him i was going to the loo but he didnt take any notice.
I went into the corridor and into the ladies loo, I really wanted to go into the blokes but lost my nerve, the toilet was quiet i could hear the husstle of the pub in the background as i took down my jeans and panties, my fanny was wet i was so turned on, i began to piss when i heard somone else come in, i just thought it was another woman until i heard a mans voice say 'hello' i didnt know what to do i just remained quiet but couldnt stop my flow, again the voice said 'hello' and there was a tap on the door, i was in two minds what to do but thought fuck it i knew it was the chap from the bar so i stood up and pulled up my nickers and jeans then opened the door, it was the same bloke he came into the toilet and began to kiss me and rub my tits, within seconds he had pulled down my jeans and was mauling my fanny and arse without a second thought i said to him 'fuck me quick' at whick he turned me around and pushed my head towards the toilet, he pulled my nickers to the side and i felt his cock enter my fanny, it wasnt very big or thick but it felt lovely i was shitting myself getting fucked in a toilet by some unknown bloke with my husband only yards away, the bloke fucked me fast and then shot his come into me, he didnt say a word after that just moved out leaving me bent over with my arse showing out the open door and come all round my fanny and arse.
I quickly mopped up and went back into the pub, my husband was still boring the tits off some bloke and i couldnt see the bloke who had fucked me or his mates.
my fanny was leaking all afternoon but i didnt care, after the game we drove straight home and i made straight for the bath saying i was cold, i took off my jeans to reveal a smelly gusset and a spunky fanny..despite the guilt trip i fancy i might go again to footy.