• paul 10 Apr 2004, 21:55
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I want to tell you about my experiences with my dads brothers wife which happened a good few years ago.I come from Aberdeen where I lived at the time with my parents and younger brother,however when I left school at sixteen I couldnt get a job and my uncle Frank who lived in Glasgow offered to get me a job in the shipyards beside him which meant me moving to glasgow and staying with him and aunty Anne. At that time she was about forty,slim with great legs and not a bad pair of tits and I used to wank myself silly thinking about her at every opertunity.The minute they went out together i would be into her knicker drawer like a flash feeling the silky material against my cock before usually exploding into a tissue.One saturday morning when uncle Frank had just left to play golf, aunty Anne came into my bedroom with a cup of tea and said she was off into town and wouldnt be back till the afternoon. The minute she left I made a beeline for her bedroom and her knicker drawer.I quickly opened it and took out a pair of silk french knickers which i began rubbing my knob with, it felt so good I decided to put them on as i was naked anyway.I began rubbing myself and feeling my own arse, imagining it was auntyannes when suddenly the bedroom door opened and there was my aunt standing there watching me. I didnt know what to do but she quickly took control, smiled at me, walked over to me and without a word, took hold of my cock and began wanking it.I came almost immediately, spunk spraying everywhere, she then pushed me on to her bed, took her coat off and climbed on top of me, puting my hands on her lovely tits. I could feel her nipples were solid ans she said she had been waiting for this moment for a long time, she was wearing stockings and just pulled her pants to one side before guiding my cock which was solid again deep inside her hole before riding me for about five minutes before i exploded again inside her.She then climbed off me and said that from now on she would have me every saturday morning when my uncle went to golf and that i was to wear whatever underwear she would provide for me. This scenario continued for four years during which time she had me in stockings french knickers and even a bra and make up which she would put on for me.After my apprenticeship was finished I was released and sadly returned home.