• Written by Julie 6 May 2004, 15:08
  • Erotic

This is a true story about my first threesome and the first time I ever had a cock other than my husbands.I met Dave when we were at College and we had a pretty good sex life and I never thought about sex with another man really untill we started looking through some of the sites on the internet. I got quite turned on by some of the photos of men there and one night Dave said would I really like to try another mans cock. I was taken aback and thought he was joking. He brought it up again in bed as he fondled me and we fantasised what it might be like and what I would like. He asked what type of guy I would like and I said that he would be slim, nice looking and younger than us with a big one. Between us we thought it would be more exciting if Dave were to just watch the other man strip me and have full sex with me before he joined in. That would give me a better idea of what another guy was like without a threesome clouding things.We screwed long and hard that night just thinking about it. The following night dave showed me Swinging Heaven and said he had seen a few males who might be suitable. I said I wasnt ready to do that but decided to look at who was about anyway. Dave had writted down some Ad numbers and said I should do the same then we could compare. Out of the 6 we each picked 4 were the same. Dave seemed quite keen and I was more than a little curious to find what another would be like. What the Hell. Dave got out the digital cam and I changed into my sexy undies following his instructions to pose in my stockings bra and panties after a full strip sequence. Gradually I became naked and we took a break while dave unloaded the camera onto the computer. He manipulated the images and picked the sexiest he thought.
We compiled a letter to each of the guys giving details of us and asking if they were interested. We mailed them at about 7 and by 9 three of them had replied showing a lot of interest. My favourite was from a guy called John who lived in Birmingham His letter was well written and not crude but not big headed either. He enclosed facial photos as well as body pics and a few other details. He claimed to have a big one and the photo seemed to justify that showing him to have a slim athletic body. He said he was experienced and was a good stayer and repeater. Although we are about 45 mins from Birmingham this seemed ideal as we wouldnt want to run into him in the local supermarket. He said that his company does pay for him to have a hotel room if he is away from home and he could fix one at wherever we chose. Preferably of the Travel Lodge type. We mailed a couple of sexy photos to him and outlined what we would like to do but deliberately didn't tell him that he would be my first other guy.
Within the half hour we had a reply and his mobile number. I began to get nervous at this point. Dave said that I could pull out at any stage and he would call John and explain if I did. We looked at each other then laughed and he called Johns number. They had a brief chat and he handed the phone to me. John was apretty good conversationalist and soon had me relaxed and chatting. He found out that this would be our first threesome and told me he had met two other couples for their first threesomes and both had enjoyed it. He said he was quite happy for Dave to watch the first time and said it would give him a big kick. I passed the phone back to Dave where I heard them agree on condoms and that either party could just walk away with no bad feeling if we found we were not matched. They arranged to meet the following night. That threw me into panic - so soon.
The next day passed in a haze I carefully chose my clothes and laid them out on the bed, changing my mind several times. Eventually I settled on a silky green dress, no bra and red panties with matching red suspender belt and black stockings with moderately high heels.After an early dinner I had a long soak in the bath and carefully applied my make up. Dave was like a cat on hot bricks, anxious to do it but keen that I was happy with it. To be honest I was trembling inside but determined to at least meet him. At last we were ready to go. Dave phoned John to confirm we were on our way. John was already travelling to our rendezvous.
They had decided to meet at a Travel Inn some way from Birmingham to justify it on John's expenses so it was about a half hour run for us. The additional attraction was that the Travel Inn had a pub attached to it where we could meet.
Eventually we pulled into the car park and stoped. Dave looked at me and asked if I was sure. I took a deep breath and winked at him giving a nervous smile. Lets go I said.
We entered the bar area and saw John at once standing by the bar. He recognised us and came across shaking hands and escorting us to a table before getting drinks. It struck me as so odd that I should be formally shaking hands with a guy who might be exploring all secrets before the night was over.
He returned to the table and conversation although a little strained at first got easier as we talked about holidays and places we had been. I found him to be physically very attractive and hoped he wanted me as much. After about half an hour he excused himself to visit the gents and we could talk. Dave asked my thoughts and I said I was very keen if he was. He agreed with me and sugested I visit the Ladies when John returned and he would find out. When John returned I made my way to the Ladies leaving them to talk. I gave them about 5 minutes and as I walked back to the table saw that they were both smiling. Dave said that John had invite us for coffee in his room and they both stood. We followed John to a door which connected the pub to the hotel so that we needn't go through the reception area but just to one side of it. My legs felt like rubber at this point. John took a key from his pocket and ushered us into the normal functional room. There was one easy chair and a double bed. Dave sat on the easy chair and I wondered what on earth now. John turned to face me and took me in his arms. We kissed and I felt his hands moving down my back and over my bum. Dave's eyes never left us as he watched this stranger grope me. I could feel John's hardness against my leg as he felt my breasts outside my dress. I worked my hand inside his shirt and felt his smooth chest and popped his shirt buttons. He slipped off his shirt and reached behind me sliding my zipper right down my back before pushing the dress off my shoulders. Being silky it had a life of its own and slithered to the floor leaving me standing before him with my breasts naked. John reached out with both hands cupping them and teasing my nipples until they were even harder. I put my hand flat against his thigh and could feel the very large bulge in his trousers. Slowly I unzipped him and loosened his belt allwing his trousers to fall to the floor where he kicked them away. I glanced down to see his underpants straining to hold him in. He lowered his mouth to my left breast and began to tongue and suck my nipple as his hands explored my bum and thighs before hooking into the elastic of my panties and sliding them slowly down. His face followed down across my stomach. My pants had reached my ankles as his face reached my thighs. Gently he parted my thighs and let his tongue explore before standing up to caress me again. I slipped my fingers into his elastic and released the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was longer than Daves and a lot thicker. I took it in my hand feeling its pulsing power. John moved me back onto the bed as my head went down. I was really keen to suck him and it seemed so big. He lay on his back as I raked my nails gently on his chest and sucked his hard cock. Dave was watching closely and had stripped now.He gave me a re-assuring smile as I looked at him over John's cock. John moved me onto my back and went down on me, his tongue expertly finding my clitty. He drove me wild with his tongue, his hands alternating between my bum and boobs. He turned around so that we could 69 and my pleasure was increased by taking his big cock in my mouth again and exploring every inch of it with my tongue. This went on a long time before he moved betwen my legs.He slipped a condom onto it. His large hard cock dangled on my tummy before he drew back and reached down. I raised my legs to give Dave a good view and looked at him. He was staring intently as I felt the tip of John's cock begin to enter me. I was soaking wet and it felt huge as it stretched me on its way in. I gasped and John stopped for a moment before moving gently back and forth, each forth taking him a little deeper until he pushed hard the last inch. I felt completely full and could feel his heavy balls against me. Slowly he withdrew to almost out and then slid all the way back in slowly. He did this several times and I lost control a I felt my orgasm building and building until I went rigid in his grasp bucking and heaving as I came. John thrust strongly into me now demanding and dominant making me cum harder and harder. I could hear the wet squelchy noises as he slammed into me. His hands seemed to be everywhere. As my orgasm subsided his thrusts became more gentle. Then he rolled with me so that I was on top. I eased myself up so that I was riding him and Dave could get a good look at this monster stretching me wide. I rode him to another climax where I was in conrol before he eased me up and moved me into the doggy position. He entered again in a single hard thrust. I was holding the bed head and John was cupping my bouncing breasts as he gave it to me very hard. Then both his hands were aroun my thighs and he was grunting as he slamed into me. Wven through the condom I felt him jet and throb into me. Slowly he pulled out and dealt with the condom before lying on his back beside me. I looked down at his thigh to see his cock limp now but still large across his thigh.
Dave was as hard as a rock and I sucked him for a while before he put a condom on and mounted me from the front. He slid in easily as I had been stretched by John so much and I was so sensitive that e had me cum another twice before he came too.
The three of us laid side by side on the bed recovering and then took turns to use the bathroom. I still wore my stockings and suspenders I realised and slipped them off joining the men on the bed again. John was showing interest again as his member stiffened and he started to stroke my leg. Dave began to suck my breast and then they were working together sucking both breasts and teasing my pussy together. I grabbed John with my left hand, he was almost hard. Dave in my right was semihard. I moved to alternate my sucking between them and then saw that John had put a condom on and wanted me on top. I lowered myself onto him enjoying the glorious feeling of being totally filled. Dave moved behind me, his hands working my bouncing breasts. I could feel his cock pushing at my entrance trying to join John's inside but things were too tight so he moved to be sucked. I felt John explode again inside me. Dave moved round behind and as John pulled out Dave slid in. Magnificent!
John was able to make it one more time with me much later as Dave watched as he really coundn't get hard again.
We have met John several times since and its been lets say very fulfilling each time. Since then we have gained confidence in swinging and had some very enjoyable times.
If you read this and liked it a few words of encouragement helps me to write again.