• Written by Marilyn 6 May 2004, 17:20
  • Erotic

I had my photos in the Fiesta Readers Wives special earlier this year! It was an amazing thrill for me! The thought of all those thousands of blokes ogling my tits and shaven pussy and wanking over my pictures was an incredible turn on!

Soon after the photos appeared, I began to notice men looking at me much more! You could tell by their reactions that they weren't quite sure if I was the woman they'd seen in Fiesta! Guys in pubs would nudge their mates and point me out, but no one asked me outright! I loved the thought that these guys had seen me naked, even if had only been in print! My husband and I were both on a sexual high for several weeks after they were printed.

When things started to settle down again, we turned our attentions to getting our house sorted. We appointed a builder to carry out some alterations and 6 weeks of building work started. It was the very first day the guy asked me! The first time anyone had had the guts to ask if I'd appeared in Fiesta! I was startled by his directness. My immediate reaction was to deny all! I told him I hadn't a clue what he was talking about, but I could tell he wasn't convinced. For the rest of the day I felt a strange combination of emotions, both excitement and embarrassment!

Later, I told my husband that the builder had sussed that I had bared all in Fiesta! He said I should have just admitted it to see the guy's reaction.

The very next day, our friendly builder arrived with a beaming smile on his face. Over coffee, he produced his copy of the magazine and showed me my photographs! I had to admire his nerve. I continued to deny that it was me, although it was abundantly obvious that it was! He went on to say that he thought that who ever she was, she had an amazing body and he wouldn't say no! The conversation was beginning to turn me on something rotten. Appearing embarrassed, I told him to get on with his work!

My husband was desperate to hear what he'd said when he came home later and again told me to admit it, if he asked again! The next morning, just before he went off to work, he pecked me on the cheek and smiled.

"Why don't you show the guy just how much you appreciate his interest in you?"

"How?" I replied. With that he threw a packet of condoms onto the bed and said "With those!" I felt a rush of excitement through my body as I watched him go off to work!

Half an hour later, the builder arrived. It took him no more than ten minutes to bring the subject up yet again! This time I was ready! I walked out of the room, stripped off to my hold-ups and nothing else, just like the photos! I slipped the packet of condoms into the top of the hold-ups and walked back into the kitchen, where he was on his hands and knees replacing some floorboards!

"Did she look like this?" I teased.

"For fucks sake!" he spluttered. "It was you!"

"Damn right it was! Come over and take a closer look if you want!"

He walked straight over and wrapped his arms around me. As one hand started to play with my tits, I pulled out the packet of rubbers and slipped them into his hand!

"This dirty slut needs some cock inside her!" I purred! I sat on the edge of the kitchen table and opened my legs. He was already rolling a condom onto his hard cock! He stepped between my legs and guided his meat into my wet slit! He started pounding away at me immediately as I buried my fingernails into his arse cheeks!

"That's it big boy!" I panted. "This slag wants your spunk!" I went on!

It felt so fucking dirty. The dirtier I spoke to him, the harder he fucked, until eventually I felt his cock start to throb inside me, and fill the rubber!

"You dirty bastard!" I screamed as my body shook, climaxing so wonderfully!

I sat there, him still penetrating me for several minutes more. I felt like a whore and it felt amazing!

There were three condoms in the packet and by the time my husband came home, there were none! By the time the job was complete, the builder had fucked me probably twenty times or so!

Now I have a taste for extra marital cock, I'll be sampling some more! Thanks Fiesta for changing my life and thanks to my husband for encouraging me to be the slut I now am!