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My happily married friend is a great mate when he is sobber but when he has had a drink and a bit pissed he will fuck anything.

Which makes me feel guilty cos his wife always says has he been good - and i have to lie .

Anyway i was on my own cos my girlfriend was away at a meeting and i was watching some porn - but my secret is i like putting on my girlfriends sexy undies when i wank - she as black silk panties that i wrap around my cock shaft when i am wanking and i love stockings as well .

my mate decided to come around , he knew were the hidden back door key was and i must have looked a sight wanking in all my sexy undies - i was embarrised went upstairs to change .

i said ive always been into it and as a mate dont tell anyone - he said dont worry i wont , i found out he had had a big fight with his wife and he asked could he stay the night .

3 hours latter and all my best whiskey drank , he said that he wasnt getting any sex from his wife - womans problems and that he was gagging for it .

to cut along story short he put the porno on , normal stuff and i went to get another drink when i came back he had his pants around his ankles wanking - he smiled and said i hope you dont mind - i said if i join you can i get my undies on he said - go for it

i came down my cock was throbbing in my black panties , and stay up stockings i sat down and teased my cock in my undies then let it out and i was wanking firm and hard .

My mate asked could he feel the silk on my panties he moved over next to me and touched it then out of the blue he said - i know im pissed but can we wank each off , i was so tuned on i said yes - i grabbed his shaft and he mine and we wanked up and down , i rubbed his ball .

he said fuck it and got on his knees and started sucking my cock and wanking his own - he sucked it good i sugested we get in the 69 position which we did i was deep throating him but to his excitment my mate came in my mouth and some spirted on my face

but he was like a man on a mission and he sucked me , wet sucks and when i came he swallowed the lot - when we had a rest i had a wank all over my panties and so did my mate ,

I still see him for oral fun - but i love wearing my undies when i wank .

If any bi curious man or bi man , bi couples like to dress up for wanking stories please e-mail me so we can get dressed up and wank together a12345c@hotmail.com