• Written by Benito 12 Jun 2007, 08:01
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My wife milked me without actually intending to! Later, once she understood what had occurred, she decided that it was good for both of us. I’m not sure I totally agree but there isn’t much I can do about it now.

Too start at the beginning I must go back at least 5 years. About 5 years ago, my wife became 100% cock fed. She sucks every drop of cum I produce and loves it! We also still have regular intercourse but when I tell her I can’t hold it much longer, she quickly takes me in her mouth.

Anyway, about the accidental milking and the resulting situation…

As I said, she is very much into sucking. Even after 10 years of marriage, she still averages 7-10 times a week. Unbeknown to me, she started researching cock sucking on the Internet. First, she was always getting me to drink different things to see how they impacted the taste of my cum. She settled on red wine and pineapple juice as her favorite cum flavorings.

After a change of jobs that required me to be away from home for 2-3 days at a time, she decided I needed to be completely drained before leaving on a trip. Of course, after returning from a trip, she knows that I will have more cum than normal, so she is always eager to suck as soon as possible upon my return. To that end, she found links to prostate massage and started using her finger in an attempt to squeeze as much cum as possible from me while sucking before I left on a trip. She moved from the finger to a small dildo to insure that she was getting as much as possible out of me.

A few weeks ago, after a 4 day trip, she grabbed my cock as soon as I walked in the door. I have to admit, I had been thinking about feeding her for the entire last day of the trip. When you are used to being sucked one or twice a day, going without for 4 days is pretty difficult. My cock had been hard off and on for the last 3 hours of the drive home so I was more than ready!

We quickly got into the bedroom where she already had a towel laid out. I didn’t pay too much attention to the towel, she usually puts one under me and I assumed she had the small dildo wrapped in it, no problem. In my state of arousal/denial, all it took was a few quick kisses, a squeeze of my balls and I was rock hard. She quickly dropped down and began to kiss the head while she massaged my balls, telling me how she had missed me and had been thinking about sucking me all day. As she kissed up and down the shaft, she told me how really hungry she was and she wanted to be sure she got all the cum as I could squirt.

I assured her that I felt like my balls were about to pop and she was going to get much more than a normal squirt. She adjusted her position to use the dildo while she sucked and squeezed my balls. As the pressure of the dildo forcing my sphincter open increased, I realized she was using a full sized dildo, much larger than the normal one! As I was about to cry out that it was too large, the dildo head slipped past the sphincter and she pushed it in another 5-6 inches. I yelped as it went in and she gave a little laugh.

“Feeling a little more stuffed than usual?” she asked between nipping the head of my penis and quick sucks.

All I could do was whimper, “Yes!”

“Good, working a dildo in your ass is suppose to help get all the cum out of you. You are full of cum and I’m really hungry so this should work for both of us!” she said as she began to suck and slowly work the dildo in and out.

The large dildo sliding in and out was very different from the slight pressure of the smaller one. The normal sexual pressure to have an orgasm was still very much present but there was also a different pressure, almost like having to urinate. As she continued to suck and stroke my ass with the dildo, I wanted to hold off the orgasm because the sucking felt so good after the 4 day layoff. I continued to fight it for several minutes as the pressure increased. As I lay there, fighting the sexual pressure while being sucked and stroked, she suddenly started sucking harder and increased the dildo stroke exactly as if I had shot my load! As she continued to suck, I realized that the pressure was subsiding but I hadn’t had an orgasm!? She continued to suck and stroke me for another 30 seconds or so, until I began to soften up.

“Wow!” she said as I slipped out of her mouth and she removed the dildo, “That was a lot of cum but it felt different, no big squirt, it just started coming out in a slow, steady stream and just kept coming and coming! I really liked it! Wonder why it was different?”

I didn’t say anything about the non-orgasm at that time, didn’t want her to feel bad. After all, the sexual pressure was gone even if I felt a little deflated. After she went to clean the dildo, I decided to get up and write my trip report, tally my expenses, etc.

About an hour into my report writing she suddenly came into the room and blurted, “Did you have an orgasm?”

Momentarily embarrassed by the question, I couldn’t lie, “No, not a real one but it was probably just because I was so full, I’m sure it won’t happen again.”

She just grinned, gave me a kiss on the top of my head and said, “OK”, and left.

I briefly wondered what had prompted the sudden question but went back to writing my report and forgot about it.

I had gotten home about 4 PM. After the relatively quick sex, I was finished with my report by seven. We ate a light dinner with a couple of glasses of wine, red of course and settled down to watch a little TV. As we cuddled up on the couch, she reached for my cock, gave it a little squeeze and whispered in my ear, “Is it going to need a little more attention later? After all, even though it supplied a lot of cum, it didn’t get much of a workout this afternoon.”

As she continued to gently squeeze me, the involuntary stiffening began. I kissed her, smiled and said, “I think it may need a little bedtime workout.”

She smiled up at me and stopped her rhythmic squeezing. We watched TV up until our normal bedtime, 10PM. About every 15 minutes throughout the evening she would reach over and squeeze my cock until I began to stiffen. She would then stop and go back to watching TV. By 10 PM the intermittent arousal had semi-recharged my libido. She took a shower while I watched the evening news and was just finishing drying her hair when I headed for the shower.

By the time I had finished my shower, she was already in the bed under a light sheet. I approached the bed and bent over to kiss her before going around the bed to get in on my side. As I kissed her, she reached for my cock and said, “Just lean over here let me give you a warm up kiss.” She then pulled my semi-erect cock toward her mouth as I stood beside the bed. It didn’t take her mouth long to again have me rock hard. As I crawled over her with my cock still in her mouth, I expected her to continue sucking until she had my squirt because as I pulled back the sheet, the towel was already in place.

To my surprise, as soon as I was in place, she raised up and said, “My pussy also needs a little workout. You don’t mind if I use it to prep you a little longer do you? After all, while you didn’t have a real orgasm earlier, you did supply a good deal of cum so working you out for while will just help you build up a little more juice and you know how I like it when you deliver a lot!”

I couldn’t do or say anything as she mounted me and began ride up and down on my cock.

“That’s a good boy! You know it not only feels good, it will also make you produce more juice for me to suck. I think this is going to take a while!” she grinned as I gently pinched her nipples.

She rode me for 10-15 minutes, having four orgasms. When I started to moan, she knew I was approaching the point of squirting so she quickly stopped moving, dismounted, turned and moved into a sixty nine position. Settling her pussy over my mouth, she then began to ever so slowly, stroke me and squeeze my balls. She knew from long practice how to keep my hard and on the edge of release without actually letting me cum. I worked her clit with my tongue, the way I knew she liked it. She moaned and had another orgasm.

After the oral service she moved so as to lie beside me, all the while continuing to squeeze and stroke me. By now, my balls were really beginning to need a release. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“Aren’t you about ready to suck?” I asked, “ My balls are really feeling full again.”

“Good!” she said “ but there is something we need to talk about before I suck you.”

With my balls really beginning to ache under the constant, extended stimulation, I grunted “What, it can’t wait until later?”

“I just need to quickly explain something to you.” She said, “It won’t take but a second and then I will drain your juice. OK?”

“OK, but please be quick!” I moaned.

“What happened earlier was you having your prostate milked instead of an orgasm. I looked it up on the Internet. It’s true. Remember how much I told you I liked it, the continuous slow stream of cum rather than short hard squirts? Well, I want to do it again the same way!”

“No! Can’t you just suck me like normal? I really need to squirt!” I begged.

“Are your balls hurting? Do you want relief? You need to let me drain you and not insist on how I do it!” she cooed.

“Please, I’m hurting, suck me please! I whimpered.

“The way I want it?” she whispered.

“Yes” I said in sudden surrender, “do whatever you wish, just empty me.”

“Don’t worry baby, your balls won’t be hurting much longer.” She cooed and she slide down where she could suck, work my balls and use the dildo. “The dildo may hurt a little at first but you will get use to it.”

What is that about? It was a little difficult getting the dildo in earlier but I had adjusted after a few minutes. I looked down in the dim light just in time to see her dipping a very large dildo into the lubricant jar. It must have been two and a half inches in diameter!

Stunned, I whined, “ I can’t take that, it will rip me open!” I started to struggle and get up just as she clamped down on my balls with her other hand preventing me from moving away.

“You can and will take it!” she commanded, giving my balls a little tug to remind me who was actually in control.

Even though my balls were aching for relief, my cock started to shrivel at the thought of that monster in my ass. I felt my sphincter trying to dilate as the enormous head was steadily pressed into my ass. “No, please don’t do it! I can’t take it!”

“Stop being a crybaby and relax. It will go a lot easier if you don’t; fight it.” She said in a matter of fact voice. The tone of her voice told me that there was no point in complaining, or crying about it. It WOULD be in me before the night was over and there was nothing I could do about it. Facing that realization, I stopped whimpering and tried to concentrate on relaxing my ass to make it as painless as possible. She seemed to sense my surrender and became gentler in applying pressure to my sphincter and letting off for a few seconds. Even thought my balls still ached, my cock was now totally limp due to my fascination with her determination to get the giant dildo into my ass. She was now kneeling between my legs, still firmly gripping my balls in one hand while continuing the work on my ass with the dildo.

After about five minutes of steady pressure with short periods of relief, she said, “You’re doing really well. You are relaxing and we are really beginning to make some headway. It should be in pretty soon.”

It took almost another 5 minutes of sometime painful pressure before I felt a sudden movement as the head of the dildo passed the sphincter and slipped deep into me. I couldn‘t help but let out a moan of relief as the pressure abated and the pain lessened.

“See, that didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would, now did it.” She said in a suddenly soft voice. “We are just going to let it rest for a few minutes while you get use to it. In the mean time, I am going to see if we can’t resurrect this dead soldier. After all, he is the delivery man!”

I was afraid to move out of fear that the enormous dildo would somehow injure me. I lay there as she moved up and gave me a kiss with a little tongue. The ache in my balls had been suppressed by the fear of the dildo. With the dildo now in place and my balls being squeezed, the ache again moved to the forefront and my cock begin to stir.

She chuckled as she felt my cock jump, “I can see you are getting back to normal. I am not going to rush this but I promise you are going to be emptier of cum than you have ever been!”

She slid down into her favorite sucking position and began to tease my cock with tongue. Soon, I was back into a rock hard state but I didn’t move around much because of the dildo making my ass feel over stretched. After about 5 minutes of teasing, I began to grunt from the pain in my balls. As she sensed my rising level of excitement, she began to slowly move the dildo in and out of my ass.

“Easy now, we are in no rush.” She said as she lengthened the dildo stroke. She continued to squeeze my balls and gently suck the head of my cock.

As the giant dildo moved in and out I felt that now familiar pressure similar to urination along with the sexual pressure, only much greater than before probably due to the much larger dildo. My natural instincts took over and I tried to hold off the orgasm because, again, the sucking felt so good. Within just a few minutes, she started sucking harder and increased the speed of the dildo stroke. Just as before, within 30-40 seconds of her increased sucking and dildo stroke, I felt the sexual pressure beginning to disappear and my erection began to falter. She continued to suck and stroke me with the dildo for another 15-20 seconds before releasing my cock from her mouth. She then slowly removed the dildo from my very sore ass.

I couldn’t move even as she sat up and place the giant dildo in another towel she had handy. I could only marvel at the detail with which she had planned this! She moved to lie beside me, put her arm across my chest and gave me a little kiss on the ear.

“I told you that you would be emptier of cum than you had ever been. Didn’t I tell the truth?” she whispered in my ear..

I could only lie there, completely drained of energy as well as cum.

“Cat got your tongue?” she cooed.

I finally recovered enough to whisper, “No, I’m just completely spent. Every drop of energy is gone along with my cum.” She kissed my right nipple and whispered, “That’s a good thing, being completely emptied of all emotional, sexual, and physical energy is good for you. I’ll bet you sleep better tonight than you ever have!”

I couldn’t help but agree because I was fading fast. “Before I go to sleep, I have one question.” I said in a weak voice.

“Sure, what is it?” she said.

“You kept sucking even after I was going limp. You have never done that before. Was it just the extra excitement or what?” I queried.

She laughed softly, “No silly, you were still delivering cum even as you began to softened up. I kept pumping you with the dildo and you kept delivering the juice. I didn’t stop stroking your ass until the cum stopped flowing! You were marvelous! This has been one enlightening day!”

As I faded away into a deep sleep, the word “enlightening” kept running through my mind. Enlightening for who and what does that REALLY mean?