• Written by Rodger 6 Jul 2007, 23:39
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Just a quick history lesson about my wife.

We have been married for 24 years and she is now 42,she has never had any bi ideas or cravings,about 4 years ago we got into the swinging scene and participated in some light swinging mainly watching and being watched nothing heavy,she has never been with another man besides myself although i have been known to stray,she is 5'4",size 10 with 36DD breasts and long blonde hair with a well tanned look and no white bits or stretch marks.

Most times when we have sex we like to watch porn (who does'nt!)i do like to see a couple of women giving each other a good licking and i have noticed that she has started getting more turned on watching them,whilst im fucking her or licking her pussy i have been making suggestions about another woman licking her pussy while she sucks me off which has been getting her gushing with cum.

After some convincing we placed an ad for a woman to join us for some fun and games,we had several replies and i left it up to her to pick one to meet for a drink and chat etc without any commitment,we met up with a lovely girl which i will call D,she was 32,similar size to my wife with 34C breasts and short dark hair,we met at a pub not far from us with a view to going back to ours if she was happy with everything,D was very nice and i had an instant erection when i saw her and my wife did to as she was rubbing my cock under the table,we spent about an hour chatting and decided that we would go back to ours.

When we arrived back at ours we all sat with drink in hand and carried on chatting,i started to kiss my wife and stroke her thighs which made her groan with anticipation,D came over to us and took over kissing her from me so i backed off a little to savour the moment!,within a few minutes their hands were all over each other and clothes where coming off,i started to peel of my clothes so as to not feel left out,my wife took hold of my stiffer than usual cock and started licking the tip of it which was starting to leak pre-cum,she then kissed D again before moving D's head down to my cock for her to taste,they then took turns at sucking me and making lip contact around my cock.

I had to stop them at this time as i was about to explode,i moved them both to the floor and had them in the 69 position with my wife on top,i moved around managing to get my cock back into their mouths one at a time and teasing their pussies at the same time,i then approached my wife from behind and slid my cock into her sopping pussy,while i was gently gliding in and out D was licking my balls which was great for me,i then turned them around and did the same to D who had the strongest pussy muscles i have ever come across and it felt as though she was wanking me off by magic!!

I had to back off this point to recover and watch as the girls carried on eating each others pussy,i brought out my wifes rampant rabbit which they proceeded to use on each other bringing themselves to orgasm at least three times each,i then had them both kneel up facing away from me and took them from behind one at a time whilst they continued kissing,i have never known my wife to be so horny but she was loving it,i finished off by fucking D from behind while she was licking my wife out,just before i came i got them both knelt in front of me and showered them with what seemed like a gallon of my creamy cum !!

After D had gone we fucked again for what seemed like hours and i cant wait until she wants to do it all again.