• Written by martin 17 Sep 2004, 00:21
  • Erotic

A few weeks ago I had some friends round for an evening of drinking and poker as my wife was out for the evening with friends from her work. At about 2ish there was only me, Dave and Ian still playing when Gill came home very pissed indeed. She asked if she could play but we all said as she was so drunk she would lose her money. It was then Dave suggested we played strip poker and everyone agreed. After a few hands me and Dave had most of our clothes on, Ian was down to his trousers and pants and Gill was sitting with just her bra and pants on.
Gill lost the next hand and I thought that that would be the end of the game but after some encouragement from Dave and Ian she took off her bra, the two of them were just staring at my wife's tits, me I had a hard on just watching what was going on. Gill then lost the next hand as well, she first said there was no way she was taking her pants off but the three of us convinced her that if we all stripped off first she would as well. It took seconds for us to get naked then Gill stood up and took off her pants. We were now all drunk, giggling and naked, Ian said what happens now and I replied I don't about you guys but I'm going to feel her tits.
This was an open invitation and within no time Ian was playing with my wife's tits and Dave was feeling her cunt.
I was now wondering how far she would go but this was soon answered when Dave lay her down and started to fuck her.
It didn't take long for him to cum up her and he got off her and Ian put his cock up her spunk filled fanny and started shagging her. I was sitting on the sofa slowly wanking my cock watching my wife taking her second cock in a row, I couldn't believe this was happening. Soon Ian shot his spunk up her as well and rolled off, she was now lying naked on the floor legs wide open with two guys spunk seeping out of her cunt, she looked up at me and said come on you fuck me as well. The feeling as my cock went into her spunk filled cunt was the best ever.It didn't take long before I shot my load up her and we all seemed to just get dressed again as if nothing had happened. The good news for me is she now wants to shag more guys while I watch and I can't wait for the next time.