• Written by kkarter 16 Aug 2007, 18:19
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It was a Monday morning when I received the reply from Dave off SH. Dave and his wife Judy had decided that they wanted to meet up. Dave had sent me pictures of his wife, nice arse, nice tits and mouth which looked like it was made for blow jobs - and she dressed like a real slapper - high heels, stockings, g-string, tight leather skirt etc.

Dave had explained that his wife had fantasised about getting fucked by another man for a while but had only just plucked up the courage to go ahead. We decided to meet up in a pub first to check we all got on.

It was about 9pm when we met up. Just like her pictures Judy turned up in a tight black skirt with stockings and high heels and a tight fitting low cut top which showed off her tits. As she walked in the pub I could see guys looking her and thinking what a little slut she was. She seemed to enjoy the attention and made a point of shaking her arse as she approached me.

We had a drink and got on well. It wasn't long before we got onto the subject of sex and Judy preceded to tell me how she loved cock and wanted to be treated like a real cum slut tonight. As we started to chat further both Dave and I began to grope his wife. We moved to a table in the corner where we sat down. Judy began to rub my cock and I started to finger her cunt. She was really excited and her cunt was really wet. I took my fingers out of her pussy and put them in her mouth - I am going to fuck you so hard you dirty little bitch, and I'm going to cum all over your face, she started to rub my cock harder and told me she had to have it in her mouth right away.

We left the pub and went to the car park round the back. As soon as we were somewhere quiet Judy got my cock out and started to suck me off. She looked like a cheap tart, knelt down with her skirt rising high, showing off her stockings. Suck my cock hard you dirty little slapper, I want to cum, over your face I said, she continued to suck me till I couldn't take anymore. Behind me Dave was watching me cum over his dirty whore of a wife’s face.

Judy sucked me dry and then told me she wanted me to fuck her hard in the arse and tell her what a little slag she was. She bent down on a car bonnet in front of me and Dave, cum dripping from her face and began to finger her wet cunt, she then took her fingers out and shoved them up her arse. As she sat there she told me she was a filthy cheating whore of a wife who wanted to me to cum in her arse.

I didn't need asking twice. I flipped her over on the bonnet, she raised her arse in the air, I got my cock wet from her cunt and them shoved my hard cock up her arse, she screamed and begged me to fuck her harder. Come on you fucking slag, fuck me, you dirty fucking whore - make me cum up your arse. I continued to abuse her as she screamed and I started to pull her hair- this turned her on even more - she was a dirty slut and fucking loved it. I fucked her in the arse until she began to cum - I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my load up the dirty sluts arse. Before I had finished cumming she turned around and put my cock in her mouth - what a dirty slut you are I said and she looked up at me as she sucked me dry.

When I had finished I looked around to see we had an audience of a at least 10 guys. Judy stood up, with her clothes all ruffled and her ripped skirt and with cum dripping from her face she looked at the guys and said Who is going to fuck this little whore next?

She sat down on the bonnet, facing the guys, including Dave and opened her legs. She motioned to one of the guys and said come and fuck this dirty slut, I want your cum in my wet cunt. The guy went over and began to fuck her - it wasn't long before he came inside her - once he had Judy shoved him out the way and motioned for the next guy.

Judy was getting gangbanged by strangers and was fucking loving it. I watched and wanked as 8 more guys fucked this little slag, and when she was finished, her cunt throbbing I got her to get on her knees and came all over her face and hair.

I turned to Dave and said that he had best take his dirty slut of a wife back home and fuck her cum filled cunt before the rest of the pub come and have a turn. She had cum dripping from all holes, her clothes were ripped and torn but she had a smile on her face - what a great dirty little slut.