• Colin and Jane 28 Oct 2004, 16:06
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We took a quick holiday to a friend's apartment on the Costa del Sol in July. My wife Jane is not a prude, she has watched porn films but has never really ever wanted to do or experiment with sex especially with others. We went to the local beach where our friend said the area known as Las Dunas was a nudist area for gays, couples and single men. We decided to have a wander along the beach after having been sun bathing near the bech bars. Sue was topless with her 38dd. After walking about 200 yds we noticed our first nude, a male lying on his back with a 7 inch erection. A bit further and we had seen several males and a few couples. I started comenting on the diferent size of cocks , tits and how many pussies were shaven. At the far end we came across the gay area, plenty of male couples kissing and cuddling. We turned around and started back. We came across a naked couple lying on the beach about 15 foot from the sea close to the dunes. She was wanking her partners prick. Jane stood and gawked, it was massive, about 11 inches. I told not to stare but she said she wanted to see that prick shoot its load. I do not know what had come over Jane, she was a different woman. Must have been the sun and sea on her semi naked body. I told her to walk over to the dunes and we would sit about 10 foot from the couple. I took my trunks off and told jane to remove her bikini bottom. The girl continued for a good 10 minutes wanking her partner's prick while lying beside him. She then partly rose and gave him a blow job, my prick was at full mast at 7 inchs and Jane was playing with her nipples. The girl looked over at us and then around the beach. There were another couple naked in the sea and no one else for another 300 yards. She then straddled her man's stiff prick and rode him for 5 minutes, she got off him and continued to wank him until he shot his load, high into the air, they then went into the sea for a swim. Sue grabbed my prick and wanked it and within 1 minute I shot my spunk into the air. We then went back to our sun beds. the next day Sue said lets go straight to the dunes. We arrived and both stripped off. Sue kept looking for the couple from the day before, she was on heat and when they came along, she was disappointed when they walked up the dunes to a seculded part. After about an hour Sue said lets be brave and have a walk naked along the sea and beach. We passed a few naked men with semi and erect pricks and couples on the beach. We then headed into the dunes. The first naked couple doing a 69 were men. We then came across the couple we had watched earlier.They were in a hollow and there was another male sitting about 5 feet from them. He was wanking his prick watching the male down inbetween the girl's legs giving her a good licking. She gave a long moan as she came and turned over and her boyfriend started fucking her doggy sytle. She beckoned the other male over and started to suck his prick. Her boyfriend looked up at us and motioned us to come down to them. We went down into the hollow, he pulled out of the girl and offered her pussy to me. Jane looked at me and started to wank me and guided me into girl's pussy. I started to pump away and noticed that Jane was sucking the 11 inch prick. She then laid down beside the girl and the boy friend started to fuck her. Both women were moaning and started to attract a crowd of about 5 naked men, all playing with their pricks. I pulled out and spunked over the girl's back and the bloke she was sucking shot his load over her face. Her boyfriend pulled out of Jane and shot his load over her tits. He then waved the other men down and the girl knelt in front of them while they all wanked and come over her face and tits. We all said our goodbyes and continued sun bathing naked for the rest of the day. The couple did not return the next day, so we continued on our own. Thats another story.