• Written by s&d 16 Dec 2004, 13:13
  • Erotic

this is a true account of what happened to us in marbella this summer my wife and i are both 30 and have a great sex life but nothing really out of the ordinary , whilst away i conviced her we should go to cabopino beach (the local nudist beach)so off we troted and when we arrived we realized it was a very busy beach and we would something a little more quiet so we walked along the beach hopeing it would be a little less crowded . as we stroled we both took in the sights , i was still in shorts and my wife just in bikini bottoms with her ample tits swinging around nicely , we both commented on some of the sights bg tits little ones hairy pussy and alot of shaven ones to , we both observed there where not many large cocks around which made me feel great . as we continued to walk we started to realize we where now amongst only men and then i remembered there was a gay section of this beach . i suggested we turn around but the wife said she would like to stay there as she felt more at ease as know one would be looking at her so we found a spot and got settled .we both got naked and started to apply sun cream she told me how important it is on my cock as we dont want it to burn
,so i started to rub some in ,as i glanced across i noticed 2 other gents doing the same as me but with one difference they both had whoppers at least 10 inch i then noticed my wife was watching them to so i sat down and asked her if she liked looking ,then i got my suprise she told me she would rather be watching me rub them for them i was shoked but aroused my cock was now rock hard and attracting attention from the 2 guys who started to come over to us with there huge tools they asked where we where from and we started to chat neither of us could take our eyes from there hug dicks they comented on me being still aroused so my wife just blurted out what she had said to me , they where both grinning and asked us if we would like a walk in the sand dunes so we could all sit and wank together it was fantasic we all stroked each others cocks while my wife just sat and rubbed her pussy , they wherent really interested in her but she did ask to have a little wank of there great tools ,she told me she wanted to come and asked me to lick one of there mighty bells whilst she came so i obliged but as she came it had the same result on us all and i was covered in spunk , it was everywhere. once we where cleaned up we went back to the beach and settled for the rest of the day , my wife now loves the nude beach and i suppose i have a taste for being a little bi to , roll on may and our next trip to marbella