This is a true story of how I fucked my sister-in-law. It started when I was in my early twenties. I had been married for a few years, but I had been with my wife for 10 years and we had 3 children. My sister-in-law Pat used to come over with my brother and we used to play cards. One night while at the table, with Pat sitting across from me I thought I felt something rubbing my leg. When I looked up, there she was with a big smile on her face. I didn\'t make anything about it at the time, but as I was soon to find out, this would not be he last encounter.

Let me tell you about Pat. She married my brother young and although she was only 4 years younger that me, she and my brother did not have any children. She could have been a movie star for all of her beauty. 5\'6\" great ass, nice tits and weighed about 100 pound soaking wet. (I love skinny women)

One day my brother called while out on the job and asked me to bring him a tool that he had forgotten at home. I said sure and went over to his house to retrieve it. When I got to his garage, Pat peeked over the pool fence and said hi. She was obviously bathing as it was a hot day and I could see the beads of water on her forehead. I returned the hi and she started to tell me how hot it was and asked me if I wanted to come and take a swim with her. I promptly told her I did not have a suit and she went inside and got one of my brothers and would not take no for an answer. When we got in the water she swam over to me from behind and reached around the front of my suit and promptly grabbed my cock gave it a nice squeeze and whispered in my ear \"i have wanted to do this for a long time\". Being the weakling that I am,, i turned around and grabbed her by the buttocks and pressed her close to me and gave her a very passionate kiss and tried to stop her from choking me with her tongue. Well that was it, off with the suits. I rubbed her breasts, and although they are small, they were very perky and her nipples were erect and firm. I kissed them softly at first and then bit her nipples very delicately until she moaned with ecstasy. She pushed me away and had me sit on the side of the pool and then began to give my 8\" of manhood the attention that it needed. She said \"wow how big it is\". Apparently I was much larger than my brother. It didn\'t take me long before I felt that familiar boiling in my balls and told her I wanted to fuck her so I turned her the shallow end of the pool and I slowly inserted my cock in her very wet pussy being careful not to go too fast and hurt her. When I hit bottom it felt like I was in heaven. She was so tight, that I was lost in the moment and did not even think about whether or not to come inside her. She answered my question when she reached around my ass and wrapped her legs so tight that I could not have pulled out even if I tried. It wasn\'t long I heard her start to moan and felt her muscles tighten up around my cock. Well that was more than I could take as began to cum and let go of the largest amount of cum I could remember.

We stood there, me still inside her for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn\'t wait to do this again. I felt my manhood stirring again when she said to me \"lets take this inside\". With that we walked together arm in arm, kissing sll the way to the bedroom. I laid her down and began to kiss and caress her all over. When I got to her shaved pussy, I nearly went wild. You see my wife had a very hairy dark bush that I had often asked her to shave, but she was a true prude and said no way. It didn\'t matter, I was about to make my dreams come true. I spent some time kissing and licking around her labia until I exposed her clit. When I did, I thought she was going to jump out of her skin screaming. She told me told my brother did not like oral sex and that she longed for someone to give her attention. Well boy did I. I kissed her and licked her for what had to be an hour. She came more times than I could count. I savored her juices as they were rolling down my chin, but I had to have her again. I licked my way back up to her succulent breasts and with one motion put my cock inside that warm tight hole. It was better than before. She worked her vaginal muscles and clamped onto me like a vise. I couldn\'t take it much longer. She loved to talk dirty. She kept saying \"fuck me, fuck me hard. Make me come with that big dick of yours. Your brother\'s dick is so small, I need your big dick\". Well that was all I needed, I gave her another couple of thrusts and again filled her up with my cum.

We laid there for a few minutes enjoying what had just happened. She got up to clean herself off and came back to the bed and cleaned me off by licking her and my juices clean. I had just fucked my sister-in-law and felt good about it.

It wasn\'t the last time I would, but that\'s a story for another time. Oh yeah, I did finally bring the tool to my brother.