• Written by upmyass 9 Apr 2008, 17:42
  • Fact

My partner of 10 years is always fantasising when we make love, about other men giving me one and me coming home smelling of sex with or with out my dirty knickers.
Well today I finished work early as I had an appointment at 2pm, so i was feeling quite horny and fancied a shag so instead of going home getting out the vibrator and seeing to my self I though who could i call!!

I had the number of an old boyfriend i used to see,I had seen recently and he had given me his number and asked me to call him.
As i rang I was getting hornier hornier. Lucky for me he was home doing some invoices and invited me round straight away,time was getting on so I quickly got ready and went round,

when I got their he wasted no time in taking me upstairs.Ilay on the bed as he started to kiss me and slowly take of my clothes. \"so you remember how I like lacy knickers\" he said as he pushed them to one side and started to caress my clitoris with his tongue. I just love the way he licks my clitoris and pushes his fingers forward inside of my wet pussy, why can\'t all men do this? I thought as I was about to climax.

Just then he climbed up on top of me pushing his boddie into mine and gently easing his big erection into me. It felt so good, my phone stared to ring I ignored it, that will be my partner wondering were i was, well he can have me later I thought to myself.

As he trusted his cook deeper inside of me,he sat up pulled my body up to his my back arched and it felt great. He rubbed my clitoris as his cook trusted me and brought me to a fantastic orgasm.

I asked him where he would like to come and he replied \"your mouth, I always loved you sucking my cook\". So I took his cock and slowly eased it to the back of my throat I do enjoy sucking cock!!
He pushed his cock further down my throat, but I didn\'t mind I just couldn\'t wait to taste his spunk again. I continued to allow him to fuck my mouth until he came in my throat. After swallowing I licked his big cock clean sat up and he told me how I was still the best at sucking cock.

I left shortly after I just made it to my appointment, Which was with a lady. Shame really as I was that horny to get home to my fella I probably would of come on to a bloke.

Anyway am home now and just going to leave this on the letter, lets see if he s from me.xxxxxxxxxxx