• Written by Marysboy 26 Apr 2008, 20:24
  • Swinging

Like so many of the stories I have read on swinging Heaven, I do delight in watching my wife fuck someone else and enjoy it. We went through the years of married sex. It was wonderful. My wife pleased me in every way.

Then my secret passion reared it\'s ugly head. (No punt intended.) I wanted to share my wife. I wanted her to come fucking some one else... while I watched.

Well, as time went by we did the whole scene. Once she was convinced that I didn\'t want to fuck other women she got into it with a passion/

Then while attending a three day conference out of town I received a phone call from her. She had met this attractive younger man who was coming on to her. She wanted to know if it would be alright to fuck him, if the attraction progressed that far.

Naturally, I said yes, and proceed to jerk off as we spoke. The only condition was that she had to tell me all about it when she came home. She readily agreed.

She called the next night and said she found it very exciting having a younger man so hot for her. At this time she was fifty two and he was in his twenties. She said, she felt funny being older, and that so far they had only necked. I assured her she had a great body, and with her experience in sex she would probably knock his socks off.

When she came home she looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary. Except it wasn\'t the canary she swallowed. It was six in the evening Insisted we go right to bed, so she could tell me all about it.

She said, she had let him seduce her. Everything was like a first time. Drinks at the bar to loosen her up. Going back to her room. The gentle caressing. The releasing of her bra. Her naked breast exposed breast everything so slow and delightful.

Ar last, she stood naked before him. He kissed her pussy. She took his cock in her mouth and he came right away. He apologized. She told him not to worry the night is young. They lay in each others arms kissing and exploring each others bodies.

When he was erect again she sucked him gently. Now he was rock hard she straddled him and fucked him till he filled her pussy with his cream. This went on till early in the morning.

When she came home his smells were still on her. As she told me of her adventure I finger fucked her. I smelled my damp finger his smell was stronger. Suck my cock you cunt. As I came in her mouth we both laughed. What a wonderful game sex had become.