• Written by jay.london 29 Oct 2003, 10:28
  • Erotic

I have know them for a long long time and we do alot of parting and puping togeather.My friends wife is a great looker and i have all along got on quite well with her but we never thought of sex as we were just great friends.
Recently she visited me at home do drop something for my wife and as i was at home alone(my wife had gone to work and it was my day off while the kids were at school) i called her in for some tea and that is quite normal thing for us to do.
The TV was on and while i went to get the tea she was watching the Tv and also looking at the new DVD system.
I got the tea and she wanted me to play the DVD system as she was also considering to buy one.
There was a xxx film in the DVD that i forgot about and switched it on.
Bang came the action on the tv screen and i panicked.Both of us looked quite embarassed and i got up to switch it of when she held my hand and said let it be.
I sat on the couch and kept watching.Within seconds my shaft was getting bigger and bigger and as i was at home i had just worn my usual t shirt, shorts and no underwear.
My shaft was getting a little out of hand and she noticed it.
I did not have the guts to propose anything but i found her shifting closer to me on the sofa.It was now clear that she was ready for action.She then held my hand and said its ok as she may have realised that i was embarassed with my shaft buldging .The next thing i new was that i had my lips on her lips and we smooched for a long long time with my toung into her mouth and her hand on my shaft (still with my shorts on)
I then ran my hand over her lovely lovely breast and then took it between her thighs.She was wearing a loose top and tight pair of jeans.I ran my hand on her breast below her top and could feel the bras.The next thing i did was to remove her top and get a full view of the lovely breast .Started kissing her on the neck while she was taking off her bra.
Lovely breast with large nipples were now ready to be sucked and i did full justice to them.By now she was in full bloom and she pulled down my shorts and there sprang my huge thick dark shaft in full size.
she pushed me to sit in the couch and knelt to enable her to start kissing my shaft and then she the whole thing into her mouth and just kept sucking it till i thought that any longer will be difficult for be to hold. i laied on by back and again we started kissing and she then moved up and had her pussy right on my face till my toung found the lovely lovely clit and i sucked her till she could take it no more and then slid backwards so that my huge shaft could travel into her tight slit and pumped real hard it till we both came togeather with a big big splash right into her wet and dripping pussy. i kept on pushing till the last drop and then we both dropped dead.
We once again smooched for a while and talked and both confessed that this is something we both wanted to eachother for a long long time but could not because of the family ties.
After that we have been meeting quite often in the hotels and its a great fuck everytime.i am not able to fuck my wife any more and she cant fuck her husband anymore as we just dont feel like fucking anyone else . now that we are familiar with each other,we have been trying various new things positions and we also play with a lot of toys.i am working on her and soon i will fuck her in the arse too and as i have a huge shaft i slowly using toys easying her arse hole a bit so that it does not hurt her too much and this will be the first time for both of us and i am really looking forward to fucking her in her beautibul arse.i may have fallen in love with her also for the great sex she provides me which i never got from anywhere.