• Andy Mac 15 Aug 2008, 13:43
  • Fact

It had always been a fantasy of mine to see my wife getting it from another man, but now as it was happening I wasn’t so sure. We’d gone out straight from work and had ended up getting invited to a party by a couple of lads we vaguely knew. As we had gone out straight from work, my wife was wearing a navy blue pencil skirt and a white shirt. Before leaving the office she’d taken her bra off because she reckons being braless makes her feel a bit more dressed up. She’s left the top 4 buttons undone which looked very sexy and gave a very nice view of her perfect tits.

Once at the party, the more we drank the more relaxed we all became and I’d noticed that the lads could hardly take their eyes off my wife. She was sitting on a leather sofa and as she crossed and uncrossed her long legs they got a great view of her wonderful slim thighs. It was also obvious to me that she was enjoying the attention she was getting and was making no real effort to cover her legs or keep her shirt closed.

To cut a long story short, we all ended up in one of the bedrooms and one of the lads was soon kissing my wife and feeling her braless tits through her shirt. She had reached down and was feeling his dick through the fabric of his jeans . He soon had al the buttons of her shirt undone and was squeezing and massaging her braless tits which were on view to us all.

Next, using both hands and without stopping kissing him, she undid his jeans and pushed them down a little off his hips. He was commando (something she loves) and had a raging hard on. She slid her hand up and down the shaft a few times and fondled his balls. She then stepped away from him and wriggled her tight skirt up until it was round her waist, she then took her knickers off.

It was at this point that the situation really hit home and I realised that my wife had decided that she wanted to fuck this other man. Although I was extremely turned on by what I was seeing, my mouth was dry with what can only be described as fear and shock. She told him to get his jeans off and lay on the bed; which he did. She crawled up the bed towards him and gave his dick a short, deep suck before she straddled him and eased herself onto his rock hard dick. She was soon grinding herself down on to him and quickly came to her first orgasm. Fairly soon after, he jerked off into her and she rolled off him and lay on her back on the bed, skirt up round her waist and her legs open wide with her shinny wet, smoothly shaven fanny on show.

I think she must have been quite close to a second orgasm because as we watched she rubbed herself between her legs and brought herself to another orgasm with her own fingers. Then, she asked the other lad what he was waiting for and beckoned to him to come and fuck her. He wasted no time in getting between her legs and within a few seconds he was inside her and was banging fuck out of her. He raised his body on his arms and was pounding her for all he was worth. It was amazing to see her braless tits bouncing under her shirt as he fucked her. She was wriggling her arse under him and was enthusiastically encouraging him to fuck her harder and harder. She was almost screaming and she came for a third time and she raised her legs higher in the air to get maximum penetration. It was plainly obvious that she was enjoying the fucking she was getting and to see her stiletto shoes kicking in the air at to see his arse banging into her was extremely sexy. He soon jerked his load off into my wife too and lay down on top of her exhausted.

By the time he got off her, the first lad had recovered enough to get back between her legs and fuck her again. This time he was less energetic and seemed to last longer. My wife had about four of five orgasms before he off loaded again and gave the second lad his change to get between her legs once more.

By this time to say my wife looked dishevelled is an understatement, and she lay there for a few minutes catching her breath while the lads got dressed. Once she recovered, my wife fastened her shirt, found her knickers and put them back on. We left the bedroom, went down stairs and straight out of the house and caught a taxi home. We hardly spoke all the way home and once home I went straight to bed while my wife went and took a shower.