• Written by Anon 25 Aug 2008, 10:54
  • Swinging

This summer we went to the Costa Del Sol and visited the nudist beach at Cabopino. My husband and I had a great time and would thoroughly recommend it. Here's just one story.

The sun was beating down on us whilst we lay there naked. We were feeling horny - there's nothing like lying naked on the beach knowing that there are a number of guys staring at you, wanting to feel you. I am a bit of a tease as I strategically open my legs and put sunscreen on. Anyway, we went into the dunes with our things and decided to sunbath in a small opening - there were some bushes around. Anyway, before I knew it there were two other guys watching us. My husband started to rub my pussy whilst giving me a running commentary as the two guys slowly wanked off.

I started to get really turned on by this. I looked up at the guys and gave them a huge smile. I then signaled them to come over. My husband gave them some sunscreen to rub into my body. What a feeling having three guys feeling me up, knowing that i had made them all rock hard! My shaved pussy and big tits must help!

I gave each of them a handjob and they came over my body. My husband and I had a great fuck that night as we could not stop talking about the day.

We are definitely going back next year. If you are in the dunes, we have a large orange umbrella and blue towels. Please drop by and say hi!