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When i first met my wife she was a twenty-year-old virgin.Which was suprising because she was very good looking with a great figure and very nice tits.Other guys must have packed her in because it took me a year to get to deflower her.Sex with her was never very adventurous, on her back was about it for her with little or no oral sex, although she used to come alive if we did it out doors. I tried various things to bring a bit of excitement into our sex life like buying her a vibrator,and filming us fucking.On many occasions i mentioned that she should try another cock up her as all women should have more than just one cock in thier lives.the thought of another man taking her always gave me a great hard on, but all she ever said was who is there around here anyway.

we had been married for about ten years when i had been invited to a fancy dress party at a business aquaintants some thirty miles away up the motorway.my wife said that she would love to go and on the night came down stairs dressed as a romany gipsy,with a cross over top and it was obviouse she had no bra on.her wrap around skirt was slit to the waist showing her legs as she walked.

when we arrived at the party,which was held in a very large bungalow in private grounds with lawns and trees all around the building,every thing was in full swing. Drinks were free flowing and the people and costumes were fantastic.After an hour or so and a few drinks later we got chatting to a group of people, i could see that my wifes attire was attracting attention from more than one guest as her cleavage was getting wider and wider,but for some reason she didnt seem to care.She was talking to a guy dressed as a confederate officer when i was called away to another group and didnt really notice the time flying by. It was only when the host said that the disco was about to start that i looked around for my wife.Having looked in all the rooms inside with out success i decieded to see if she had gone for some fresh air,after my eyes had adjusted to the dusk i started to walk around the edge of the bungalow.I could see no one at the front or side but as i was about to go around to the back i heard some low moaning.

keeping close to the wall i carefully looked around the corner.Just a few yards away there were a couple up against a tree.It was my stuffy wife with her cross over top undone;heavy tits hanging free the nipples being licked by the chap in the confederate costume.He was now trying to force a knee between her legs trying to get her to spread hers enough for him to get access to her,she kept saying we shouldnt we shouldnt.while he sucked her tits he'd unzipped his trousers and released his rigid cock,he stroked it a few times then took my wifes hand and put it on his dick.her attitude changed immeadiately,pulling on his cock and moaning oh yes oh yes. she lifted one leg letting him put a hand between her legs to finger her,after a couple of minutes of him working on her she bent down and took his cock in her mouth sucking him in as far as she could then slowly pulling him out to nibble at his bell end.
he lifted her up off his cock pushing her back against the tree removing her little black panties, as he was doing this she pulled her skirt up around her waist spreading her legs for him.He guided his dick towards her cunt i could see him feel around for a moment then heard her moan as he slid it up to the hilt.She had now pushed his trousers down and gripped his bare hips pulling him in as hard as she could.Just then the disco lights came on and although not in direct light they were lit up enough for me to get a better view. He kept up a steady rhythm coming almost out before thrusting back up again her tits swinging with every thrust of his dick.She had her eyes closed,head tilted back abandoning herself to pure raw sex.It wasnt long before she began to come, moaning deep in her throat pulling him in as far as possable she gasped as the tremors took her over the edge.I admit he was pretty good, he stayed still with her impaled on his dick until she calmed down. Then he started to fuck her again with that steady rhythm that had sent her wild before.He was getting faster now and I thought he was about shoot his lot but he stopped, held it in deep and waited till he was ready then started again.I was leaning against the wall with the hardest cock i had had for years not wanting to miss anything of the sight i had always dreamt about.my wife moaned that she was starting to come again begging him to keep fucking her.This seemed to excite him and he now started to give her a real hard fucking,banging her up against the tree with only one thing on his mind,to shoot his load.He wasnt going to stop this time and she knew it. I heard her say do you want to come in my mouth,and as he pulled out she squatted down and let him fuck her mouth,he slid his cock in slowly at first letting her savour the taste of her own cunt juices,but it wasnt long before he stiffened held her head hard, and shot the lot into her throat. He kept slipping his dick slowly in and out of her mouth and i watched his spunk come over her lips and down her chin. She licked his cock clean then used her skirt to wipe up the come from her chin and tits.Starting to dress she handed him her wet panties saying that she had wanted to be fucked like that for years.

I slipped back along the wall to the front door and helped myself to a large drink hands still shaking after what i had witnessed.They came into the house seperatly and soon got back into the party spirit acting as if nothing had happend.I did not reveal to my wife what i had seen,but on the way back down the motorway i suggested that the party would have been a great opportunity for to have strayed. She was quiet for a few moments, then putting the seat into the prone posistion, lay back and slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist showing me her naked recently well fucked cunt. Then rubbing her hand up and down over her clit told me that i was no longer the only man to have gone up there and that she had really enjoyed taking another cock. I asked who the lucky bastard was and where and how she had been taken. She just said when we get home when we get home. I was as hard as steel an couldnt wait to get her into bed and reclaim her cunt as my territory