• Written by Used 6 Nov 2008, 12:09
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It was quite some time ago before I knew of SH. I was at a bar with some mates we were there to try and pick up girls hopefully for a shag later on but more often just got a kneck and a feal in the back of a taxi. Girls went to dance and maybe get off with one of
us blokes who paid for there drinks and taxi home.

One night we broke up a group of girls and I ended up with a pretty little thing a bit older than me, dark hair hazel eyes and a nice pair of tits on show. I decided to feed her with drinks feeling I had more than a chance when I had no objections from her to a grope of her bum under her dress. Pushing a bit harder after feeling suspenders, I pulled the front of her dress out a bit and was rewarded by the sight of a pair of errect nipples over the top of her bra, my hand was swiped down and she just said \'naughty\' but carried on dancing.

I was hard and she knew it, she had to I was pressing it into her at every opportunity. She did\'nt object but during conversation she mentioned she was married, her her husband was home babysitting. Well that was that, no chance. I thought well nothing to loose I said \'pity\' I was hoping to fuck you.

She shrugged and just said, do you want to then? Of course I did we left called a taxi and had a steamy session in the back of the cab much to the satisfaction of the driver I\'m sure. I soon had her knicks off and in my pocket bra undone, tits over the top of her dress, hem round her waist and my fingers deep in her wet pussy.

To soon the taxi pulled up in her street we got out and I paid the driver off. Thinking that was it and although I\'d enjoyed her, I felt a bit short changed. She kissed me and taking my hand led me to a lane round the back of the houses telling me that her husband wouldn\'t be very happy if she went in this early with nothing in her pussy to show for her night out.

I was dumb struck and as we settled ourselves down on a patch of grass in a dark corner asked her what she meant. It seams her husband liked her to pick up blokes be shagged by them and return home to tell the tale. She hoped I wouldn\'t mind her giving her husband a good account of how I\'d fucked her. By then I had my prick up her and was fucking her as hard as I knew how. With a little guilt I was about to withdraw before cumming but she dug her nails in my arse and pulled me further into her. She told me her husband would have his tongue in my cum shortly. He liked fucking her sticky pussy. I rolled off, she kissed me dropped her skirts back down and was off down the lane disappearing into a garden gate. I walked the couple of miles home and remembering her knicks in my pocket had a sniff of her as I went.

Several times I went back to that street looked for the gate but never saw her again.