• Written by johnmeetme 12 May 2009, 22:06
  • Gay

I pulled up at the layby just of the M3 into London hoping to suck a cock and swallow the cum. What I was about to do shocked me.
I love to suck and swallow its my thing and I find myself wanting more cock all the time.

Anyway I went up into the bushes and waited and I did not have to wait long. A chap followed me in and got his cock out so I did the same? We started to rub each others cock his was already hard and very big so I had to suck it.
It stretched my mouth and I tried to deepthroat it - I could get half in only at first.

Went back to sucking and rubbng it noticed another guy close by. We called him over and straight away he pulled his cock out - it was late and dark so it was not until I lent down to suck him i found he was pierced it felt great in my mouth.

I got both of them close enough to put boths cock heads in my mouth and then let the first guy band his cock against my face, soaking it in precum.

Another guy appeared, over weight, but I just wanted his cum, he stood back and wanked at the scene before him.
The first guy with the big cock moved around behind me and I knew what was coming and I wanted it. I looked around and saw him slide a comdom on his large hard cock.
Normally I would resist such a large cock but I wanted it, I returned to sucking the pierced cock before me it was now dripping precum and tasted great.
The man behind me moved it and with 5-6 pushes was burried deep in my arse it felt great. He eased it backwards and forwards for a few moments then started to fuck me forcing me down on the cock in my mouth.

The cock fucking me was now banging hard and stretching my bumhole now then I felt him grow and shoot in the comdom. He pulled out and removed the comdom.

The guy in my mouth was close to cumming and started to hold my head on his cock - then he came I took the first load in my mouth then let him spray my face. There was cum dripping of my face it was great.

the guy that had justed fucked me now wanted his cock sucked and it was still hard. I took it in my cum filled mouth and sucked away. He was ranging hard again but could not cum and left.

There was only the large fat guy left and he was wanking like mad. He said suck me so I did I could ot resist the offer. He was dripping and I swallowed the precum and forced his cock into my mouth deep then he started to wank in to my open mouth suddenly he came and flooded my mouth I swallowed what I could and spat the rest out.

I was a true cum pig and loved it. I will be going back later this week for another visit hopefully 4 or 5 cocks.