• Written by hotwife Tanya 19 May 2003, 21:20
  • Erotic

This is a true account of our Saturday night (5/17/2003)

We received an invitation to go to an all black gangbang in Altimonte Springs which is just passed Orlando and decided to go to it. I had just finished our latest charm which says, "I Fuck Around" and she wore that as a necklace and her "I Love Black Cock" on her anklet. She wore her Black leather mini skirt along with her small wrap around, thin pink top. Her nipples are fairly visible through the material if you are paying attention. We drove up with Peter and his cousin. The drive up sucked because it rained most of the way and that made for a longer trip. We were all frustrated on what to do and almost canceled the trip halfway up. The others started drinking during the drive so their frustration dwindled away by the time we got there, but mind did not. We parked and I finally got my first drink right there and loosened up a little bit almost immediately. We were at a Residence Inn and all walked down the parking lot to the room. Tanya have her two black men on each side of her while I trailed behind them still in a bad mood. I just figured that since the night was already bad, that everything else would be a disappointment as well. Primarily the success of this party that we were going to. We have had horrible success at putting together a GB ourselves. We post a ton for them and get maybe 20 replies. Usually only 4 show up and 3 of them can't get it up because they were nervous and had never fucked a hot white wife with the husband looking on. So here we are walking up to the room and I say, "If there are no black guys here, we are leaving!" I just KNEW that tonight would be like all the other GB's and was obviously in a shit ass mood. I just knew that once again, I would not be seeing my wife getting it on with black guy after black guy. Damn was I wrong. Peter knocked on the door and they opened it a little to see who it was, then opened it all the way. Peter turned around and said, "Luther, you were saying something about there not being any black guys here, right? Think again..."
When I stepped in, after Tanya, 15 black guys immediately stopped what they were doing to check out my wife. Holy crap there were even more guys in the downstairs bedroom and more upstairs. There were 3 other couples and the wives were already playing. Some of the black guys that were playing even got up from the other wives to come over and hit on my wife. I was totally shocked to see all of these black guys and worse off stunned knowing that they all expected to fuck my wife. In all there must have been 25 black guys and 90% of them were actually really good looking and actually hung. Tanya turned back to me and said, "OMG, i'm in heaven". I really didn't know what to say myself. I wasn't sure if I was more happy knowing that the whole evening was about to be redeemed, or more concerned knowing that Tanya was very tipsy and about to start a frenzy by her actions and get herself into something well over her head... I mean she was about to break her own records guaranteed! Her pussy was within minutes of being passed around the room and being violated by one black guy after another and she was all giggly and smiles talking to one black guy after another. We were surrounded by black guys and she was the center of attention which she absolutely loves . Right off the bat, this one guy literally came from across the room to the small area that we were sitting between the kitchen bar and the living room sofa. He was a great looking guy, dressed very nicely and exactly Tanya's type. This guy not only came to us and started talking to us, but actually slid by me in order to stand directly in front of her. I didn't mind and neither did Tanya. He quickly put two and two together by her name as well as the anklet charm and necklace charm and realized who she was by our websites. He had apparently been to our websites several times and even emailed us in the past with pictures to hook. He said everything right and earned brownie points left and right. Needless to say, he was going to be the first person to get into my wife's fresh pussy for the evening . After about 10 minutes of talking, I pointed out to Tanya about our time crunch so she said let's get starte then. This new friend of hers pulled her away from me and over to the sofa couch that was now pulled out as a bed. The other black guys had pulled it out for he and made it while we all talked.
They started to undress each other. The first thing that he went for were her beautiful and perfect 36C's. He unwrapped the top from the back and exposed them for everyone else to see. Even a couple of the other husbands started looking on to Tanya from their own wives... Not that the other wives were ugly or anything, but it was pretty clear who the hottie was... I watched her take his shirt off then she moved her hand down to his crotch and damn there was this huge bulge. I though to myself that there must be a sock in there. She ran her hand down to the front of his slacks and slid down the front of the bulge and down to cup the bottom of the bulge where his balls would be. My wife was just melting by feeling this package through his slacks. She quickly undid his pants and they fell to the ground exposing his bikini underwear and again, this bulge was right there underneath the underwear and it was very firm and full. She ran her hands up and down his chest a couple of times while he took off her mini skirt. There was my wife, naked in front of a bunch of black guys, getting ready to get it from a lot of them. I too at that point was in heaven, but still a little worried. She returned to his underwear and pulled them down to show his big black growing hard on. They were both naked now and she sat down on the bed so that she was at eye level (or should I say mouth level) to his black cock. She immediately closed her eyes, opened her lips with her tongue just about out of her mouth and pulled his cock into her mouth. I could hear this sigh of relief almost as she started to suck on him. She was obviously in need of this and enjoyed having him in her mouth for sure. Here is where the fun started. Right off the bat, other black guys started to get undressed if they were not already. They came around to where she was and all had hard ons waiting for her to suck on their black cocks, or lay back. After a few minutes of getting cock breath. Her friend laid her back on to the bed and got ready to fuck her white pussy. When she laid back, immediately, 4 other black guys knelt down on each side of her and above her and put their cocks back onto her tit's and mouth. My wife literally had a cock in each hand, and cock on her face and in her mouth from above, and was about to have an even larger one penetrate her wet pussy. I could not even see my wife for the most part. Then I watched her friend place the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy and as he slid into her he leaned over on top of her and started to fuck my wife as I watched. I heard hear moan as he began to fuck her slowly at first then faster. I kept trying to get a better view of the action. Sometimes I looked on from above as she sucked and jerked off guys on top of her, and sometimes I sat back down to watch the large black cock sliding in and out of her pussy from the side. It was hot and I had a raging hard on. He fucked her for about 10 minutes and that is when the taking turn. They passed her around over and over. I heard one of the other guys on the outside of the circle ask the others where does the line start so that he could get in line. Think about this!!!! How many husbands can say that there was an actual line to fuck their wife???? I mean I have seen a line at an ATM, or at the back, or movies... But just imagine a waiting line for black guys to have sex with your wife!! Black guy after black guy took their turn fucking my wife. Even if I didn't want her to continue, I doubt that either she or any of the black guys would have let me stop her and pull her out of the assembly of guys around her. She was a real trooper too and was actually getting off too. A couple of guys ate her out and used their finger to fuck her and rub her G spot at the same time. That is where she really started to wale out and got everyone's attention especially the other husbands.... She was totally having orgasms now and I was ready to cum in my pants just about. They then turned her on her knees and started taking turns fucking her from behind. She was faced towards me and kept looking at me as he brought her to another orgasm at the same exact time. It was like she was telling me, "I'm your wife but another guy is bringing me to an orgasm with his cock right now and damn it feels soooooooo good." or maybe she was trying to say how much she loves me for allowing her to experience as many guys as she wants at any times and place. Dunno, but maybe I will ask. Now she had another guy fucking her from behind and three guys sitting in front of her. She took turns sucking on their hard cocks too. It's clear that she loves fulfilling this fantasy over and over. By Midnight (we started a little after 10:30), she had fucked 15 different black strangers, and sucked on who knows how many. When she got dressed, she came over to me totally exhausted and gave me a kiss. Whew did my wife's breath smell like cock! What a slut I have for a wife... We got back into the van and headed back to home. We all chit chated about the party while Peters cousin was now in the passenger seat instead of my wife as it was on the way up. Tanya was still not done though because there was a 2 hour drive and Peters cousin still had not fucked and Tanya still wanted to feel Peters bareback cock and cum inside of her. Peters cousin jumped back to the back seat and before I knew it, he had her bent over peter and fucking her.. He fucked her for about 10 minutes when I heard the back window open and then close to get rid of the used condom that was just inside my wife. He came back up to the front seat while my wife began to get it on with her black boyfriend who gets to fuck her rawdog and without a condom. There were a couple of black guys that came close to being as big as Peter but still not as big. They were moving around a little bit trying to get into position after she sucked him hard. I paid attention to the road for the most part and then at the same time, I heard her groan out an Auuuuuuughghgguuuuuhhhhhhh and her foot slammed my in the back of my head as Peter rammed his cock into her. I looked back and Peter was knelt down in front of her while she was sitting with her ass on the edge of the back seat and peter in between her legs fucking the shit out of her. I held her left foot up so she wouldn't keep hitting the back of my head as I drove down the highway at 85 mph. I really don't think that she realized that she was doing that. She did realize that every now and then I would turn my head to her foot and start kissing it. When I would do that, as peter was fucking her sweet pussy, she would start to cum again. After than, Peter laid her back on the seat with her head behind me and really started to pump my wife. I laid my head back on the head rest to hear what they were saying. I kept hearing how good he felt in her. Looking into my rearview mirror, I could see her hands on his ass and her fingers pulling her into her deeper and deeper. As if he wasn't already massively hung and his head of his penis fucking the opening of her cervix for sure, I could her her also say that she wanted him deeper. I said to myself, "Uhhh, hello..... If he got any deeper, he'd be doing damage".. He finally did come inside of her. I never really thought about this before but I am sure that every time that he cums in her, he is usually bottoming totally out. That means that he MUST be right at the opening of her cervix, if not, actually penetrating it and cuming inside of it.