• Written by oldiebutgoldie 4 Aug 2009, 22:45
  • Fact

When younger I had to go into hospital, one nurse kept speaking to me but I just thought she was being friendly. I then found she was 10 years older than me and married. I was looking at a magazine when I heard her ask me from behind if I liked the woman in stockings, there was a photo of one in the magazine.

I told her I did & she went. That evening I was lying in my bed at the end of the ward & she stood next to me & told me she was wearing stockings. I asked if I could see & she lifted her uniform, she was wearing flesh coloured stockings. I felt her thighs & she opened her legs so I started fingering her.

Her cunt was lovely & juicy, she told me to raise my knees. She then put her hand under the covers & started to feel my cock saying she would give me a wank. She was really expert and within a couple of minutes I told her I was going to spunk. I felt her cunt go really hot & slippery when I spunked over my belly. She gently squeezed every drop out of my prick. No-one else in the ward had seen & she told me she would see me the following day.

The next evening was my last, she wanked me off again. We arranged to meet a week later, when I picked her up she had my prick out of my trousers within a couple of minutes. We found a quiet spot and she said she would give me a show. I had a van and she sat in the back, lifted her legs and took off her knickers giving me a lovely view of her cunt. I sat looking at it while having a wank. She said she often did this to her husband but he would sooner watch the tele. She gave me a lovely show of her cunt & tits for about 5 minutes until I could wait no more, I climbed in the back and fucked her. She sucked my cock after I had spunked her.

I saw her a few more times, in the car she would always lay back and gave me a good look at her with her skirt up, legs open and tits out. Some 12 months later I was with another girl, I saw the nurse with her husband in a cafe. I kept glancing down at her table and she got the message. She went to the toilet and sat back down again, I pretended to drop something under my table, looked up and her legs were open with no knickers on, giving me a lovely show.

I felt so horny, I took my girlfriend outside to the car park, pushed her head down onto my prick, fucked her mouth and spunked down her throat while picturing the nurse with her legs open.

I never saw the nurse again but I will always remember her eagerness to show me everything she had got.