• Written by CPC Man 7 Sep 2009, 16:32
  • Fact

Well I think we have had a good summer which has given me plenty of opportunity to walk the dogs in the woods and park areas.

Well three weeks ago while out walking in the woods I could feel my cockswinging loose on the inside of my shorts and I started to get semi hard on. Well the sun was up and warm and I could not resist sliding my hand into my shorts and start to rub my cock as I walked, after a few minutes I stopped and sat on a log, eyses cloed and start to give my cock a good pull.

After abouit 10 minutes a voice asked if I was enjoying myself, shocked I pulled my hand out and stammered an apology, she shocked me, and sat next to me asking me not to stop, and imediately went on to tell me that her and her husband used to masterbate in front of each other and she loved it. This got me going and I slide my hand down my shorts, she in the meatime rubbed the out side of her jeans.

After a while she asked me to drop my shorts as she wanted to see me shoot my spunk, well they were round my ankles in seconds and I stood near her and she kept telling me to wank faster and spunk which did not take long, and culminated in 5 or six loads of spunk shooting throgh the air onto the ground.

As she stood up to leave she gave me her address and said to be there at 7.30 as I would enjoy myself.

Well on the dot of 7.30 , bottle of wine in hand I knocked on the door and was shown into the lounge, she left to get a drink and while away I looked around and on the table near a chair was two vibrators one small one large.

She returned and gave me the wine, where upon she undid her dress and let it fall to the ground, she was naked underneath, and sat in the chair sliding forward and opening her legs so I could clearly see her pussey, she started to rub her clit and got the small vibrator and played with it on her clit.

She told me to undress and play with my cock as she loved to see it grow and the purple end sticking out from the foreskin, she told me not to cum yet.

It did not take long for her to orgasm and you could see the hips buck and the clit became extended and the pussey lips engourged.

I am stood still stroking a vary hard cock and wondering what next.

She watched me for ages telling me about what her and her husband used to do, which made me so near to bursting.

She then gpt me to stand between her legs, no touching and told me to carry on wanking and with that she took the big vibrator circa 9inch and pushed it straight into her cunt - all the way and then started to play with her clit again.

She then told me that when I was ready to come I was to shoot spunk all over her hands, pussey and vibrator, well it did not take me long and I lent forward and shoot load after load of spunk onto her hand which was playing with her clit , she rubbed my spunk all over her pubic area and sliding her fingers in next to the vibrator and her orgasm nearly took her out of the chair.

She then licked her fingers of my spunk and her juices while sliding the vibrator out and getting me to lick it tasting her juices.

She thanked me saying it was four years since her husband had died and she had missed mutaul masterbation and hoped we could meet occasionally for more of the same, but no sex.

I have seen her a couple of times since with slight variations on where I deposit my load but always ends with her licking the spunk off her fingers - she looks so dirty.

May it continue.