• Written by lancashiretops 9 Jan 2010, 10:26
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This is a true story which only happened a few days ago.To set the scene a little bit you need to know a little history.Met my wife over thirty years ago and we have been together for 27 years, sex is ok,but i am always looking for more..
Anyway, recently my mother in law has been on her own after Brain her husband died..my wife asked me to keep calling round to see if she was ok and with all the recent snowy weather i have been the one to call round.
My MIL is 75 years old, sort of frumpy and small but still looks ok
and i have always seceretly fancied her,but of course never took it any further.
cut to the chase:

Goes over this week and gets chatting to her as she is pulling down all the christmas decorations and as i am about to leave she notices the mistletoe over her door.
Just as i am about to pull it down she says that no one has kissed her under it this year, so i thought just a peck on her cheek and move on.So i gave her a peck on the cheek and move away, she then say that was not a proper kiss..
What do i do now..what does she mean, it was really awkward, after all she is my MIL, so i embarresdly moved forward and kissed on the lips quickly.
Now my heart was beatring fast because she says that was nice and could i do it again.

I remember laughing and trying to move the subject to something else but she just smiled at me and said to kiss her again.....the moment of truth..what was she thinking, was it some kind of trap..anyway she moved forward herself and started to kiss me passionately on the lips and i started to respond..sod it i thought..

Here i was swapping tongues with my MIL.. my was it horny, soon found a bulge in my jeans starting to appear and i started to squeeze her arse in response.She then without saying anything took my hand and took me into her bedroom, closing the curtains whilst i looked very confused..what would happen next, i know what you are thinking, but i was just gobsmacked by all this.She beckoned me over to the bed and we continued to kiss and fell on the bed, by now i just thought sod it some more..
After a few minutes of kissing i took the lead and started to fumble up her dress and eventually started to stroke her mound through her knickers, she started to moan quietly i was doing well i thought.Older people have more clothes on than you think, cardy, tops etc, but eventually got my hands round her nipples which were rock hard.

Decided to go for the kill, so i took off her skirt and knickers and at last i was looking at my MIL pussy..WOW.
Very hairy, but as i stroked it with my fingers soon found it very moist and went down on her and started to lick her...another loud moan this time, now i decided to take of my jeans and shorts and enter her..she had not spoken since we had enetered the bedroom, but she just smiled as she looked at my average sized six inch cock throbbing just inches from her pussy..
Positioned her on the bed and slowly entered her, slowly building up speed as she moaned and moaned as i started to shag her....
Me shagging my MIL...
To be honest here she never moved much just lay there as i eventually came with three jerks of spunk which came inside her.
Absoulutely brill...now the awkward part..she beckoned me over and said i was only the second bloke she had ever let shag her, the other her late husband..said it was our sercret and it would never happen again..
I hurriedly dressed and she let me out of the house..all of this had taken no more than fifteen minutes..when i arrived home my wife asked me how her mum was..just said she seemed fine..later that night my wife and i made love..really turned me on thinking i had hade her mum only a few hours earlier.

This only happened a few days ago..still cannot believe it happened.