• Lucky John 28 Jul 2010, 10:16
  • Lesbian

Once again I am at home alone. My husband has had to go away on a course and although he should have been back tonight has had to stay on for another night.
It’s a shame as I had cooked a nice meal and bought some wine and had dressed up especially so he would be pleased to have come home to such a wonderful wife. I hadn’t bothered with desert as I had been planning that we would not get that far before he would have pulled me to him and we would have had fantastic sex as we always did. Oh well not to be.
I was just finishing my second glass of wine when I heard someone at the door. Unsteadily I got up and opened it. It was a friend of mine from work, Joanne, who had popped over to see if I was interested in going to a movie with her. This was very unusual as prior to that we really only went for lunch. I asked her if everything was ok and she started to softly cry, my instinct was obviously to put my arms around her and try to comfort her. I felt her melt against me in relief of having a shoulder to cry on.
I invited her in and poured her a glass of wine, she does not usually drink but she accepted, I poured myself another one, even though I had really had enough, but thought it might be a long discussion and I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable drinking on her own. She drank hers really quickly and I could see from the redness on her chest it was staring to have an affect already, she asked if she could have another and so I opened another bottle.
At last she started to speak and told me that for some time now she had had a crush on someone, even though she had a boyfriend. She said that at first it had been a friendship but that the more time she had spent with this person the more she had started to have sexual feelings for them. She started to cry again but this time she stood up so that I could not console her. It felt a little awkward when she turned her back to me so I stayed quite and just drank my wine for a while so she could compose herself. When she turned around I could see that she was starring at my legs, I looked down and laughed as I could see what she was looking at. My dress had ridden up slightly as I had been moving around on the chair getting my glass from the table and so she had seen the top of my stockings. I explained about the meal I had planned and how I had been hoping for some miss you like crazy sex. She turned her eyes away and asked if I was glad she had turned up then. Of course I said it is always goof to have company and that I was glad she had chosen me to turn to when she had needed someone. She walked around the room talking about her feelings for this other person and how she had had fantasies about them.
I felt little uncomfortable at this point and if it had not been for the wine I would have probably made a joke about that being too much information. We continued to drink and she continued to talk telling me how she so wanted to be alone in private with her crush and that she imagined herself stripping to her underwear and slowly coming up to them from behind and slowly and gently running her finger tips over their neck and back. I have to say at this point I could feel myself becoming a little aroused and closed my eyes imagining the dim lighting and the touch of this action. Next she said she would make her way around the front and kneel at their feet slowly moving her hands up the inside of their legs, feeling the skin tighten in response to the touch. At this point I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable but not in a bad way, I was thinking I must get rid of her and rush to the bedroom to get my friend fired up for some clitoral action. At this point I opened my eyes ready to speak when I saw she was actually knelt on the floor in front of me. She smiled slightly and said ‘please close your eyes again I was loving watching your face’ I will never understand why I did this but it seemed the most natural thing to do and something in her voice told me it would be ok and I could trust her. After a moment and some movement of her part, I sensed she was my feet, her finger tips touching my ankles and then slowly they started to work their way up my legs, slowly circling until they were at the tops of my stockings.
She moved them now so that they were between my skin and the material and I could feel her warm breath as she moved her face neared to the tops of my legs. Oh my god is was not what I had thought was going to happen but the pungent sex smell in the air told me that the juices flowing between my legs were not my imagination and that I did not want this to stop, nor could I have made it as I felt paralysed. Her lips gently kissed the inside of my thighs and then her hands started to slowly make their way up towards my cunt. I felt her judder with excitement as she realised I was not wearing any panties, this had been for plan b with my husband. She pulled back slightly and moved my dress up so she could get a good view of what was now a very wet cunt with a large clitoris begging for attention. I tried to form words of protest but she placed a damp finger on my lips and I instantly realised this was a finger that had recently touched another wet cunt, hers.
Her lips were soon brushing against my cunt and as soon as her tongue touched my clitoris I came, wet steaming spunk flowed from me and as I moved in ecstasy feeling all my stomach contract she licked every bit of it up. Now there was no turning back for either of us, we had reached a place where neither of us wanted to stop this and with one movement we both stood, kissed franticly and undressed each other. What struck me first were her nipples they were stood out and she was holding her breasts inviting me to do what ever I wanted to with them. Obviously I was used to touching my own but this was a whole new experience. My hands touched, squeezed and fondled them until they were red, she moved my head towards her nipples and I felt like a baby suckling it’s mother, I licked them and although already hard I could feel them getting harder still. She moaned gently and at this point she placed her hand on the top of my head and pushed me to my knees in front of her. I was now looking straight at her cunt, it was shaved and looked so virginal but her clitoris could be clearly seen, aroused from where she had obviously been touching herself previously and also from the expectancy she had for what was about to happen.
By instinct I pulled her lips apart and started to work on her clitoris with my tongue. This was all new to me but it seemed so natural that at no point did I question my actions. I tasted her wet cunt and could feel her juices around my face, she moaned and moved gently in time with my tongue and as I moved my finger to place inside of her she literally sounded and felt like she would collapse on the spot. She then stepped back and to say I was disappointed was an understatement. But I need not have worried; she took my hand and gently pulled me to my feet, picked up her handbag and led me to the bedroom. ‘Look in the bag’ she said as she then climbed onto the bed and laid down. Inside amongst all the normal handbag stuff was a vibrator, she smiled and asked me to use it on her. Without hesitating I switched it on and moved to the bottom of the bed between her legs. She shivered with excitement and once placed on her clitoris and I moved my fingers inside her so I could feel every movement she made. It was amazing the intensity of her orgasm nearly crushed my fingers and seeing her made me want some of the same. I decided I would taste her to see what that was like, but became so excited I lapped up every last juice, she loved it and I could feel her becoming aroused again. Once she relaxed I went to her and now it was me calling the shots. I kissed her on the mouth and I had kept some of her in my mouth so now this formed like foam between to rabid people. And that is how I felt alive and needing more.
She got up and it was my turn again for her attention. She took of my bra and began fondling and licking my breasts, this time I tried to keep my eyes open but the feeling of wanting to drift away with the sensation was overwhelming. My cunt was ready again, I could feel the hot stickiness of it and the smell in the room was overpowering. She took vibrator and as soon as she turned it on I felt like I had left the planet, this was not like anything I had done to myself before, she knew exactly where to hold it when to relieve the pleasure so I did not peak to quick, it seemed forever before I felt her fingers inside me, so like me, she could feel every movement. When I cam it was like nothing I had ever experienced and I cried with ecstasy when it was over.
She lay down next to me and held me telling me how glad she was she had come around and that she had known I had felt the same way about her all this time. It as at this point I realised the person she had had a crush on was me. Part of me was shocked but remembering everything that had just happened relieved. We lay there together and fell asleep. In the morning when I woke she was gone, she had not left a note and she had cleared up the extra wine glass.
At work I went straight to her office but she wasn’t there, innocently I asked where she was and was told that she had left the company the previous day to go travelling. She had apparently kept it all a secret only her boss had known and she would not be back for a year. Her flight had been early that morning and she had left the previous day saying she had some loose ends to tie up but then she was free to go.
I was devastated and relieved at the same time, this way at least I didn’t have to see her everyday but would I never get the chance to experience that with her again either. A few weeks later I had a postcard simply saying thanks for everything and that she wished me luck in the future. I hope we will meet again sometime but in the meantime I have an amazingly sexy husband to keep me happy.