• Written by Darren 16 Aug 2010, 16:44
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I've got a girlfriend who at 18 is 4 years younger than me and a right dirty slut who will fuck just about anyone, anywhere, anytime even during her periods. I regularly shag her and so do a number of other blokes, she's incapable of keeping her pants on and her legs together. I'm quite happy for her to carry on because I like to fuck other women. Some my own age but what I like more than anything is to fuck, older married pussy. Mature women aged 35 to 50ish. The knowledge that I am shagging some other blokes Missus and spunking inside a cunt he thinks is his alone is fucking great. The lovely wife he thinks is waiting at home for him, little realising she is a slut, legs spread with my prick deep in her pussy porking her bareback, shooting my seed in a cunt he thinks is his alone.

One I'm fucking at the moment, Anne is about 40. Nice body, great arse, large tits which jiggle and sway when she's fucked. I met her in a coffee shop, she looked bored and fed up, we chatted a few times and she seemed really posh to me, a challenge. I thought she was a no hoper and about to give up on her until about a fortnight later she invited me to her house, supposedly to help her find something in the attic, her husband away on business. We sat in the garden with cold drinks, she reaching over and touching my leg each time. She went on about some holiday, what to wear, did I think her to old for a bikini, until I said "For fuck sake go and put it on". She looked shocked by my language but fuck it she was driving me nuts. She came back about 5 minutes later wearing it. Top supported her tits, pushing them together, a nice pair, the briefs were high on to her waist, everything covered. I stared at her crotch, not even a camel toe, but worse wisps of hair round the legs. "What do you think Darren?". I thought tell her, she'll only tell you to leave at worst. "You've a nice body why hide it under that thing and secondly hairs poking out, don't you shave your cunt?" A gasp, but she said nothing, not moving. "Doesn't your old man mind your hairy pussy?" She quietly said she didn't know. I hadn't been asked to leave, in fact I could see her nipples had hardened and were poking through the top. Looking promising. "Take the fucking thing off". She turned and took a step towards the house. "Not in there, here". She turned looking uncertain. "Take it off" I ordered again. The moment of truth, then she reached behind undid the top, and dropped it on the table, covering her tits with her arms, blushing bright red. I told her to move her arms, to show me her tits. She said "Only my husband has seen me like this since we married". My cock was hard looking at her half naked body, her talking about her husband, imagining what he would think if he knew. Her nipples were hard poking out. Her arms at her side "Take the bottoms off". Hooking her thumbs in the sides she pushed them down and stepped out of them, standing naked in her garden. The hairiest pussy I'd ever seen, I couldn't see her cunt for hair. That would have to go. I reached and touched her she gasped as she felt my fingers slide inside her wet twat. Then pulling them out said "Suck your cunt juices off". Tentatively she licked my fingers, then took them between her lips tasting her own sex. Using my other hand I squeezed her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. I took her arm and said "You must have a razor. I'm going to shave your pussy, I want see your cunt smooth". She said she had razors than added "Will you make love to me when you've shaved me?" "No" I said "I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to ram my cock in to your married cunt. You're going to be my slut from now on".

She trimmed her pussy before spreading foam on her cunt, shaving 2 o3 3 times before she was smooth, Resting her leg on the bath to reach down between her legs. I wonder what she told her old man. I had stripped and stood stroking my erection as she lay on the bed legs spread, cunt now wet and gaping, her clitoris hard and sticking out. "Play with yourself, Wank for me", I told her. She looked nervous, she said she'd never masturbated in front of a man before but she closed her eyes and stoked her pussy, fingering her hole relaxing in to a routine which she had obviously practised alone. I asked if she had a vibrator but she just shook her head, her fingers speeding up, frigging her cunt faster and harder. Looking round the room I found a thick, dimpled glass bottle and told her to use it to fuck with. Her cunt was soaked with juices, gaping open as she fed 7 or 8 inches of bottle in to her cunt and fucked herself. I watched, wanking until she came then turned her over and took her from behind, holding her hair, pulling her head back, slamming my cock into her sloppy wet cunt. It was probably the first time she'd been had from behind and I thought of all the other things she had probably never done. She screamed that she was cumming and I thrust in harder shooting my spunk inside her married cunt. Great feeling as always.

She has proved to be a willing learner and is turning into an excellent slut, and I have a few more tales to tell. Shortly I intend to let some of my mates fuck her, a nice surprise for her.If only hubby knew what he was missing.