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I am a straight 35 year old guy who loves women but I am drawn towards sleazy sexual encounters with other men, especially much older men.
A few years ago I had the idea of going to a porn cinema because at that time I hadn’t really indulged in any kind of sexual activity with any men and I was eager for some cock.
I found a cinema in London and decided to go there one evening. I had read somewhere than men often went to these cinemas for some action.
I paid my money and walked down a flight of stairs to a door. I opened the door and walked into the small dark cinema. There were about a dozen or so men sitting watching the film and after a quick look round I chose a seat three rows from the back and sat in the middle. The movie showing was of some Asian girl being fucked by two guys but then I wasn’t really there to watch the film. It did add to the sleaziness of the whole thing though. The cinema even smelt quite seedy and the smell of tabacco smoke was strong.
After about five minutes an old man who I guess must have been around 65 years old or so came and sat down next to me. Almost immediately he started rubbing his cock through his trousers. He then spread his legs so that his knee touched mine and he continued to rub himself whilst moving his knee against mine. I spread my legs too so he’d know I was interested. I was so horny! After a few minutes he started touching my knee and before I knew it, he had his cock out and was playing with it whilst stroking my leg. I reached across and as my hand approached his cock, he moved his hand away for me to take it. I started wanking him and he sat back and enjoyed it whilst still rubbing my leg. He had quite a small cock but he was rock hard and I loved the feeling of it in my hand. After a while he started to breathe heavily and he came all over my hand and over himself. It was so nice!
After about a minute he patted my leg then got up and left.
About 5 minutes later he came back into the cinema and came and sat back down next to me. By this time I had my cock out and I was wanking. He immediately reached across, took hold of my hard 6 inch cock and gave me one of the best handjobs I’d ever had. It was so horny being wanked by an old man. Even hornier that I could see a few guys looking across at us and watching while they were wanking themselves. I had the best orgasm ever! After I had come, the old man moved to another row. Probably to try and get some more action. I sat there for about another 20 minutes watching some other men wanking each other and themselves. At one point I looked behind me and there was an old man wanking a much younger man.
I visited the cinema several times over the following few months and wanked off at least two men at each visit. I never got round to sucking any guys cocks as it’s off putting with the door opening and closing all the time as people come and go. (Literally!)
On one visit I sat at the back and there was an old man sat there with his cock already out. I started playing with it, it was soft and really sticky as he’d obviously already come. I soon got him hard but he surprised me by putting his hand down the back of my trousers and trying to finger my arse. He was a little rough but I enjoyed it.
About a year or so ago I was chatting to a really dirty girl on line who told me that she liked to see two guys wanking and sucking each other. I told her about the cinema and she told me how horny that was. She suggested that we go together so we did a couple of times. As well as watching me wanking some old guys off, she also wanked a few guys herself and of course we played with each other. It was very horny knowing we were being watched and wanked over.
She would often wank me while I was wanking off some old man next to me.
I dont see her anymore but I’d love to meet another dirty sleazy girl to take to the cinema with me!