• Written by Gary 3 Oct 2010, 16:45
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I've been with Julia for almost 2 years, living with her for a year. I say living with her, but that’s not really correct we live with her mother Carol, while we try to save enough for our own place. Julia is 20 and other when she was at uni has always lived at home, I’m 4 years older and have rented in the past. The only problem is sex, or the lack of it. It was fine at first, her mother had a boyfriend and would often spend the night at his, but they broke up about 5 months back and she's home almost every night. The house walls are quite thin, noise carries and Julia who is noisy when she cums won't have sex in case her mum hears, so it's a case of a quick shag when she's out. We sometimes go out for a drive and find a spot in the country to fuck which is fine, especially if as occasionally happened we were seen, when I would tell Julia we were being watched which seemed to get her excited. The other problem was we both work shifts and our work patterns meant we might hardly see each other for days one sleeping the other working. Despite having a degree the only work she'd been able to get was in a 24hr supermarket and sometimes worked nights. I was getting frustrated by the lack of sex, reduced to having a wank most days.

It was my day off, Julia had gone to work, I was having a lie in, dozing half way between sleep and awake. I'd heard the front door close as Carol left, the day to my self. I showered then lay on the bed, surfing the net mainly looking at porn, reading other sex sites. My prick was getting hard so I settled back, closing my eyes for a leisurely wank. Laid there stiff prick in hand I heard a noise, a quiet gasp. My eyes flew open, standing by the open bedroom door was Carol, wearing just a house coat, loosely tied at the waist, the front partly open only just covering her tits, a hand resting on her pussy, fingers rubbing between her legs. I noticed all this in the time it took me to try and cover my stiff dick with the quilt, wondering how long she'd been watching and why she hadn't said anything. I stammered an apology, told her I thought she'd gone out when I'd heard the front door close. She walked over to the bed, saying what I'd heard was her getting the milk in. Sitting on the bed she said “Don't stop I've been watching for about 5 minutes. Seeing a man masturbate is such a turn on for me, I wanted to see you cum”. Carol is 42, short streaked hair, about 5' 2”, nice legs and bum and small tits which with her sat next to me, her house coat falling open, I could see were firm, tipped by hard pink nipples. I didn't resist when she pulled back the quilt putting a hand on my thigh moving it to my bollocks and giving them a squeeze. My cock hardened again as she lent over, reaching for my hand, placing it on my prick, holding it in place as I wrapped my cock in my fist wanking for her. Her wrap had come undone, hanging open I could see her pussy, it looked as if she normally shaved, but had a few days growth. Kneeling beside me her legs parted, I reached to touch her pussy, feeling her shiver as my fingers lingered on her clitoris. She moved my hand from my prick and took over wanking me as I slipped a couple of fingers in her moist hole. She reached down moving my fingers back to her clit, saying “Don't put your fingers in me, just rub my clitty, you can touch my tits and suck my nipples”. She wanked my cock, stroking me slowly, I played with her clit rubbing in circular motions with my fingertips, bent taking a nipple between my lips sucking gently. She was breathing faster I tried to pull her on top of me, “I want to fuck you” I told her but she resisted and told me “No, I just want to do this”. We were both getting close to cumming as she wanked me faster, then as I came, shooting my spunk on my stomach she ground her clitoris harder on my fingers gasping as she orgasmed. Holding my prick tighter she squeezed the last drops out. She reached with her fingers stirring the spunk then lent over, licking and sucking my sperm in to her mouth, rolling it round before swallowing. There was a dribble running down my prick which she licked off finishing by taking just the tip in her lips sucking the last drips from my cock. I tried to push more in her mouth but she sat up telling me she wouldn't suck my cock. Tossing me off and me fingering her wasn't proper sex, just a bit of relief we both needed and was OK she maintained. She got off the bed saying she was going for a shower and would bring me a coffee after.

About 30 minutes later she returned, still naked, with 2 mugs of coffee. Looking between her legs I noticed she had shaved her pussy her cunt still slightly open and wet.Putting the mugs down she got in to bed, my prick was getting hard again but she told me she'd toss me off again later, all I could think about was fucking her. The laptop was still open, in sleep mode and she picked it up asking what I was looking at. I told her just a few porn sites restarting it. She clicked on one of the tabs, video clips, we watched some then another tab this one photos submitted by amateurs. I had an arm round her cupping a breast, teasing the nipple, as she sat cross legged a hand resting on her pussy, occasionally touching and softly stroking her clit. She made no objection when I lent to suck her other nipple, but when I put my hand between her legs, she pushed my hand away telling me she'd frig herself. We lay like that me playing with her nipples, touching myself enough to keep hard as she frigged her pussy, clicking through the pictures, watching more video clips, until she started rubbing faster and came. My prick was rigid, begging for attention when she opened another tab. Swinging Heaven, open at the dogging locations page. She looked at me angrily, “I hope you haven't been Dogging with Julia” she snapped. I told her we hadn't, but she continued that I must have been thinking about. I admitted that it had crossed my mind. She was adamant, she didn't want her daughter going dogging and if she found I'd taken her, I'd be out on my ear. With that she got out of bed leaving me wondering how she could toss me off and lick up my spunk but still be so concerned about her daughter's sexual behaviour.

Nothing was said, in fact she carried on as if nothing had happened until a few days later. Julia was on nights and I was in bed when Carol came in naked, hair still damp from the shower, pussy smoothly shaved, droplets of water still on her perky little tits. Getting on the bed, she sat up chatting about what had happened, telling me how she liked watching and being watched, before getting to the point. “I hope you've given up any idea of getting Julia to go dogging with you”. I assured her I had. She laughed “No you haven't. You’re just weighing it up. Are the risks worth the consequences?” How the hell did she know that. My face gave me away. “Look, I've told you I don't want her going, OK. Forget it”. She then continued, “There is another option if you really want to go. I'll go with you, I used to go with one of my boyfriends and always enjoyed it”. I couldn't say yes quick enough, a point emphasised by my stiff cock. She took a couple of pillows and propped herself up at the other end of the bed, spread her legs wide, using her fingers to hold her cunt open she teased me, describing how she was going to be fucked, the number of cocks she would have rammed in her cunt or the men she'd suck until they shot in her mouth. I was wanking my prick and said I wanted to fuck her but she refused again. Using a small finger vibrator on her clit as we masturbated, watching each other until we both came and she once again licked my spunk off my stomach and cleaned my prick with her tongue before she went to her own bed. Julia came in from work around 7 am and I heard Carol leave shortly afterwards. I had an hour or so before I had to leave. After her mum's teasing the night before I was desperate for a fuck and fingered Julia until she was wet and begging to be fucked, giving her a good hard shag and a cunt full of spunk, all the time thinking about Carol taking cock in her pussy if we went dogging.

If Julia was on shift, Carol would come to bed with me and we'd watch each other masturbate or she'd toss me off while I fingered her to orgasm, some times she'd bring a vibrator or dildo and fuck herself with it, she just would not let me fuck her. It was just over three weeks before Julia’s night shifts coincided with a weekend and Carol asked if I still wanted to go dogging with her. After a great deal of thought, about a nano second, I said Yes. I expect some of you will have found this story a bit boring as I haven't fucked Carol so let me know if you want me to continue.